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  1. Taking someone else's documented sailing vessel from the USA to Canada and back. Any
  2. Importing a sailboat with diesel engine to the US
  3. HF transmission on ham frequencies while sailing through a foreign country
  4. VAT on pleasure craft (UK)
  5. Greek permit availability
  6. Registering a UK boat in Spain?
  7. Pick up passengers in Cuba?
  8. Mooring Balls in the Great Lakes
  9. Legal Questions: Buying a foreign flag boat in the States
  10. Foreign Vessel registered in U.S?
  11. Question for a Work of Fiction: Port Authorities—NOLA and Grand Cayman
  12. Where art thou? Mooring76' Trumpy in Florida Keys
  13. Finally a good idea from the politicians
  14. Ooooops
  15. Clearing in to Venice, Italy
  16. Brexit and Finnish Customs
  17. Paperwork and other to enter Cuba
  18. Officials tracking Schengen time
  19. Saint Vincent & the Grenadines flag radio equipment requirements
  20. Boat Insurance for international cruising
  21. Boat Name requirements
  22. Clearing into the Bahamas
  23. Dinghy registration
  24. Customs at W Palm Beach
  25. Underwriter wants invoices -Port Risk
  26. Any problems w/ Colombian Crew passport?
  27. Clearance in Cuba
  28. Purchased boat, now notice Documented number
  29. changing destination underway
  30. Passport Issues
  31. Is a passport required for an overnight anchorage in Canada?
  32. Boat registration
  33. Yacht Registration
  34. New Boat and changing the name
  35. Coastal Maine and Colregs
  36. Met tugboat; I blinked
  37. Yacht Radio License
  38. North Channel Regulatory Q's
  39. Flare Requirements for UK boats under 13.7M
  40. USCG documentation questions
  41. Aussies applying for Spain/Italy/French/Maltese Visas
  42. Pros and Cons for BVI Registration vs Canadian
  43. USCG Approved Life Jackets -- Required on Foreign Flag Vessels?
  44. WA decals - AK cruising permit
  45. St. Barts anchoring fees
  46. Clearing in to Canada on St Lawrence River
  47. Liferaft in France really mandatory?
  48. Motor boat pulling alongside a sailing boat - which side?
  49. If a crew member throws something in the water while racing...
  50. Dodgy Gas Compliance certificate
  51. Tonnage measurement for Canadian registration overseas
  52. Boat registration NY or Florida
  53. Refusing Arrival Fees
  54. Boat ownership in charter company
  55. Safety equipment for pleasure vessels?
  56. Change to non-EU flag, lose VAT status?
  57. Dinghy & outboard - restrictions in Europe?
  58. Collision regulations 1960?
  59. Florida House Bill 703 (2016)
  60. Pilot Flag
  61. Seychelles Intnl Bus Co. VAT ??
  62. Reptile Pets and International Travel
  63. Australian Registered Ship
  64. Cruising formalities compared to the 90s
  65. Australian built boat
  66. SSB in Mexico?
  68. Updating an existing FCC ships license
  69. ATTN: Canadians - You now NEED a cruising permit to enter the US
  70. Required Decal-DTOPS
  71. Italian De-listing
  72. VIDEO: Checking into cuba. 2015, as an American
  73. Helpless To Stop Thieves Removing Property From Stranded Yacht
  74. Ships License for AIS?
  75. Lake Champlain grey water issue
  76. San blas cruising fee increase?
  77. Gulf of Mexico crossing.
  78. Liability of Adrift Vessel
  79. New Zealand Arrival Levy
  80. Changing flags..
  81. Clearance to Bahamas
  82. Cuba .. . Fine
  83. USCG documentation vs. state registration
  84. Bahamas Insurance or Rider
  85. Port clearance issues...
  86. Encounters of the Submarine Kind
  87. Charter in Virgin Islands
  88. Australian rego, licence, MMSI etc for yacht not in Aus
  89. Entry with US State registration in French Caribbean Islands?
  90. Rules for boating the Ganges?
  91. Insurance For The Boat in Cuba
  92. Leaving and returning to a country?
  93. New Indonesian Visa / Clearance
  94. What Can We Do About Drones?!?
  95. Caribbean to EU
  96. Anchoring in Key Largo Sound
  97. Can a dog stay onboard and not enter Morroco?
  98. Boat with Dutch Flag I got a ticket notice in Portugal
  99. Buying in Mexico Redux
  100. Mexican consulate in San Diego doesn't do tip?!
  101. Mexican Temporary Import Permit Inspections
  102. Interesting collision captured on AIS
  103. Register a dinghy while cruising USA
  104. Maldives?
  105. SMCP - Standard wheel orders
  106. Netherlands Sound Signal Confusion
  107. Flag: USA or AUS?
  108. Buying a boat in Mexico
  109. What papers are need?
  110. sailboat storage puerto-rico
  111. Extortion for “illegally” entering a country.
  112. Roundtrip Atlantic from Europe - insurance
  113. Isle of Man registration
  114. How Long to Get Certificate of Documentation
  115. Handgun onboard on ICW
  116. Florida Anchoring Restrictions are Back on the Table
  117. LED Bulbs Invalidate Insurance
  118. List of insurers that don't require a survey
  119. Sailing the Caribbean with Vietnamese partner
  120. Importing a Boat From Canada
  121. Insuring US Vessel In Cuba
  122. Squatting at dock
  123. Flashing Anchor Lights
  124. Tax law in Italy - export
  125. Avoiding California tax (legally)
  126. How long can I cruise FL without tax?
  127. Aug. 2015 firearm check in experience- Isle de Providencia,Colombia
  128. Flare guns
  129. USCG Documentation Services
  130. Crew list template? St Vincent & Grenadines
  131. Dont declare firearms in the Bahamas, Ouch!
  132. USCG Documentation and Which State to use
  133. Complying with Florida Law/Taxes For Winter
  134. USCG Certificate of Documentation
  135. Boat taxes in US
  136. Duties at Caribbean US territories
  137. USCG Documentation Gone Awry
  138. Mexico enforcing its rules of entry
  139. Electronic Distress Flares
  140. Bridge Radio Comms - automatic announcements - bet
  141. Passport cards?
  142. School me on crossing National boundaries
  143. Should I have called the Coast Guard
  144. July 2015 Honduras Firearm check in Experience
  145. Documented Vessel Name Change
  146. Safety Management System
  147. Flags in Carribean area
  148. Miami Beach eliminates shore access by dinghy
  149. LNG Ship Safety Zone
  150. Murder at Sea
  151. US residence for cruiser with no ties to land?
  152. From Midwest to Florida liveaboard: Loan questions
  153. Immigration and Cruising permit for Bahamas
  154. LED Flare alternative approved
  155. HIN clarification
  156. Duty, etc. on Canadian boat in US waters
  157. American registering a Boat in Europe
  158. Sailing Gibraltar to Uk.
  159. Sailing ALONG A Narrow Channel
  160. Removing from UK flag
  161. VAT again !
  162. registed a sailboat
  163. Clearing into Baja Mexico
  164. World Marinas
  165. Keeping a Proper Lookout -- A Cautionary Tale
  166. VAT, 18 months exemption and channel Islands
  167. Do you need a license for FRS/GMRS Radios in Germany
  168. Clearing in and out and customs
  169. Customs Procedures - What to Sign up for Etc
  170. Transporting mast on trailer.
  171. All about the Colregs no 3 - single handed sailing and keeping a look out
  172. Flying into St Maarten without return flight ticket...
  173. Help please. Application for vessel identification number
  174. VAT and export issues
  175. Cruising Permit Fee For Bahamas
  176. What to do if you arrive in a new country after hours
  177. Registration in Maryland
  178. VAT Explained And Customs Bond
  179. COLREGS and navigations lights
  180. Boat register in Florida
  181. Private moorings for sale, USVI/BVI
  182. Boat Registration Regulations
  183. Entering Canada (east coast)
  184. Long term storage in Argentina?
  185. Saba and dogs
  186. how can i register a ship in the netherlands?
  187. Checking out of Thailand
  188. US Coast Guard Museum
  189. Transferring yacht registration to an offshore registered company
  190. Sailing while waiting for USCG Documentation Exchange
  191. USCG Exam Question: Apparent Wind
  192. Traveling to the Caymans without USCG documentation
  193. Phuket! I have "Right of Way"
  194. Florida pontoon boat rental/currents/crab island
  195. Thousand Islands
  196. Traveled to 9 countries without a passport
  197. Do you think recreational boats should be licensed?
  198. Cuba customs rules for guns on the boat
  199. Scary Night Encounter with Homeland Security
  200. USCG Vessel Doc Online Renewal
  201. USCG documentation?
  202. Late (past 30 days) re-USCG documentation ?
  203. Does a Coast Guard Certificate Re-documentation Renew the Certificate?
  204. All things COLREGS no 2
  205. All things COLREGS
  206. Waiting for USCG registration
  207. Anchoring restrictions introduced in Florida bill
  208. Multi-year USCG documentation renewals being considered
  209. USCG licence equivalent to ICC?
  210. Do i need a build form?
  211. Australian Customs officials board illegal Patagonian toothfish poaching boat
  212. Gibraltar registered Boat
  213. Foreign registered boat in EU waters
  214. South African Regisration while on RTW cruise
  215. Exposed Wiring In the Bilge?
  216. Bahamas with neither USCG nor State documentation
  217. Importing a boat from US into Canada after a delay period
  218. EU VAT, one more time...
  219. Buying Boat In/Near Mexico
  220. Puerto Rico Import Duty
  221. Crew or Passenger?
  222. Canada - Alaska border
  223. Do you think we have been cheated?
  224. Sales Tax and registration
  225. Insured War Risks
  226. New Sewage Discharge Rules in Sweden
  227. Colregs Test Yourself
  228. Cruising But Not The Registered Owner
  229. Abandon Boat in Marina in Florida
  230. USCG Documentation but no Hull ID
  231. Legal paper reqd for son to take/cruise fathers boat?
  232. Shengen Question IV
  233. U.S. Shipper Exportation Document
  235. FREE Jan 6th Webinar on Florida Anchoring
  236. Buying / Registering a sailboat
  237. Mexican Fishing Permits
  238. Anchoring without visa?
  239. courtesy vs national flag
  241. Cuba! for Americans
  242. Canadian cruising US Permits and Rules
  243. Importing antique boat into Canada
  244. Yellow fever vaccine and malaria pills in Morocco?
  245. Altering USCG Documentation
  246. Nexus Canada US
  247. New Visa laws for Schengan Europe
  248. Crew List Forms?
  249. Poll Guess Schettino’s Bill
  250. Nav Lights For Less Than 22' And 7 Knots