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  1. Canada/Us border crossings
  2. Selling a South African Boat Abroad
  3. Registration - Which Flag?
  4. US Customs Issue
  5. French Long Stay Visa
  6. Sticky Issue
  7. Help Request - Please :)
  8. "Dock Lines will be Cut!"
  9. Ok, Ushuaia, Argentina
  10. Php Enforcing 40% Tax on Overstaying Yachts?
  11. Which to make for in Cape Horn area?
  12. Aussies in French Polynesia
  13. Another Schengen Thread
  14. 3rd Party Only Insurance - Monthly?
  15. Coast Guard Detains Uncooperative Boater After Chase On SF Bay
  16. SSR registered boat in Spanish waters
  17. NZ and Foreign Flagged Vessels
  18. Ohio Law Restricts Boardings
  19. Service Dog
  20. US Registration.
  21. Random Stops of Boaters Unconstitutional
  22. Docking "Rules" in Fla
  23. Documentation question
  24. I Keep Peeving Tugs.
  25. If your not convinced New Zealand is the nanny state Cop this stupid new law!!!
  26. RTW Yacht Charters - legally possible?!
  27. BVI clearance and imigration.
  28. Captain, Crew or Passenger?
  29. South Pacific National flags
  30. Thai Partner
  31. Paperwork & Red Tape & Ignorance!
  32. Indiana Boat Construction Codes
  33. UK (maybe EU) VAT issue?
  34. New Zealand Immigration Officer Making Wild Claims
  35. Deregistering a DMV registered boat for import in to Fiji
  36. A nifty way to keep your slip, when evicted
  37. Doing the Corinth canal
  38. Going for a Record
  39. NOAA Drones Busting Boaters
  40. buy a boat in the usa as a german
  41. Cruising Japan-Does anybody do it?
  42. Panama Canal Transit
  43. Australian Boat Registration Requirements - Anyone Know?
  44. Registration number location
  45. Do you pass up dead bodys and leave them stay?
  46. Canadian Boaters Card Equivalency?
  47. Dominican bureaucracy
  48. License requirements to skipper charter with paying customers in the caribbean
  49. Pacific Crossing and Immunisations, and Noseeums?
  50. Clearing out of Bahamas??
  51. Save your receipts!
  52. CA vs. USCG
  53. USVI State registration
  54. Have you ever be cited for using VHF?
  55. Traveling abroad without a passport
  56. Reporting to Social Security????
  57. Small Dog Life Jacket
  58. Buying and Towing a boat?
  59. Wrong fuel type in Certificate of Ownership (Gasoline as opposed to Diesel)
  60. Buying boat with expired registration (pink slip) in 2005
  61. Passports, and how much info gets back to your home government?
  62. Right Courtesy Flag for UK
  63. Visa Requirements for a Canadian entering the US on a UK boat
  64. Permit regulations by country
  65. Anyone using a "Seaman's Passport"
  66. Canadian and American buying a boat in US
  67. The Med and Taxes
  68. Pet Policies -World Cruising
  69. Anchoring Restrictions in Magothy River
  70. Need an attorney!
  71. Entering ports, sovereign waters, protected areas
  72. Accuire Documentation number for Vessel no longer owned?
  73. What are (Canadian) Ships Papers?
  74. Time limits when visiting Caribbean Islands
  75. Is random boarding of vessels unconstitutional?
  76. A canadian boat going to UK
  77. Operating a Business in International Waters
  78. where is the best place to register our boat
  79. Have a cigar? Be careful!
  80. Fishing Trader runs into Canadian Navy ship
  81. Derelict boats in Florida
  82. Best Practice for Boat Lettering for Name, Port, Registration?
  83. Documented Boats Lapsing Renewal
  84. 2013 Insurance Premiums
  85. How to secure a deal
  86. question about tax in the US
  87. Sleeping While at Sea
  88. Beaching a Multihull
  89. To galapagos without a zarpe?
  90. USCG to Implement Fee to Renew Documented Vessels
  91. Navigation Light on less than 7m(22foot)
  92. Nav Lights Cheat Sheet
  93. Al Khasab, Oman Clearance
  94. US National Med Clearance
  95. aussie cits visa req for med cruising??
  96. owner permission....
  97. LBO check in north of Ft.Pierce
  98. Taxes and Boat Registration
  99. Live plants and customs in the Caribbean
  100. Who has right of way?
  101. Changing Crew in Cuba
  102. Checking out of BVI
  103. Change registration to US to avoid foreign government confiscation?
  104. Paying tax on boat purchase
  105. Blue Water Insurance + Med Insurance
  106. foreign registration concerns
  107. Leaving the US
  108. Documentation "case processing dates" page question.
  109. Shipping repaired dingy from Malaysia to Thailand?
  110. Banking questions for Canadians/Americans in the Med
  111. AAIC Accounting Authority Registration
  112. Insurance Companies
  113. Guanica Puerto Rico - Need location customs office
  114. bahamas cruising permit question
  115. Question re: A Buyer's Broker
  116. German S/V in Panama Bought and Brought to USA
  117. Permission to sail letter
  118. Importing boat to Australia
  119. Foreign Registered Vehicles & State Regulations
  120. US/Canadian Expats
  121. British buying US boat and never taking boat to the UK
  122. Customs/Immigration locations returning to US from Bahamas
  123. Reclaiming VAT
  124. VAT Amount Due? "PLEASE Pick ONE Answer" 1, 2 or 3?
  125. Buying a Boat in the Bahamas...I need the How to do it info
  126. Boat Buying. VAT, Import, Export Current condition *UPDATE"
  127. Australian Vessel Marking
  128. VAT Buying a boat advice required. (No evidence)
  129. In-Bond
  130. Motor Cruiser Charter and Scuba Diving
  131. Coast Guard Role in UFO's
  132. How to warn some other boat?
  133. UK courtesy flag
  134. USCG Documentation Issues
  135. Sailing the world insurance
  136. One Way Ticket to US, Leaving by Boat
  137. New Red Tape in Gibraltar
  138. Longe Range Radio Certificate
  139. Using a symbol (that resembles a letter) in name board
  140. Is it easier to be Married?
  141. Extended tour in the EU, Med, Schengen for Yanks?
  142. leaving boat in St Martin
  143. Customs Procedures
  144. DHS seizes boat because owner won't lie
  145. Broker or no broker, that is the question.
  146. Florida Boat/reg questions - new owner
  147. World Passport?
  148. Visa Waiver Q- SD to Japan via Hawaii
  149. California Bans Fishing
  150. buying a boat in america
  151. Australian Registration state?
  152. Dollars to Euros
  153. Is state reg required for a USCG Documented vessel while offshore?
  154. "Yacht in Transit" - tax free deliveries, FRANCE
  155. Customs questions
  156. Yacht Location Reporting
  157. Where is your Boat Registered?
  158. I need some advice here...
  159. Tax Implications
  160. Pavillon Hollandais (Belge)
  161. Tax Avoidance
  162. Insurance in the Med! Recommendations?
  163. Licensing/businesses in Caribbean
  164. In By Air/Out by Boat Sint Maarten
  165. clearing in to Belize
  166. leave in US charter but with OZ registration?
  167. Leaving Australia
  168. Aussie Kiwi skippers, US vessel, where to register?
  169. Buying a boat out of this country
  170. Returning to the States from Bahamas.
  172. Problems getting insurance
  173. Obstacles faced while clearing in on a flag of Convenience
  174. Enforcement of black water regulations in the Med
  175. Environmental Impact Fee?
  176. Ethics
  177. Requirement to sell U.S. Goods in Mexico
  178. MARPOL Annex V Changes
  179. Where to moor Australian registered yacht near Australia
  180. Purchasing a boat in the USA and bringing it back to Canada
  181. AMSA Registered Ship
  182. Citizenship and Mcafee
  183. Documentation
  184. duty in Curacaco
  185. Clearing in , Isla Mujeres Mexico?
  186. So many rules in So Cal!
  187. Documenting Cal 2-27... Tonnage?
  188. You Can Colide With Another Boat and Not Be Aware
  189. Veterinarian near Lake Worth, WPB for Bahamian trip
  190. Greek Immigration / Visa issue.
  191. Canadians buying a boat in grenada
  192. Maltreatment By Homeland Security
  193. So what happened to the boat
  194. How to verify a new boat is "chemically (drugs) clean"
  195. Anchoring in Coves, etc.
  196. Mooring balls in Drakes bay Ca
  197. U.S. Boat Registration...
  198. Warning - DOCUMENT YOUR BOAT! and request for advice
  199. New to crewing need advice
  200. Bridge Etiquette?
  201. need info about American sailboat cruising in Brazil
  202. BVI Registration - Doing it yourself
  203. USCG Documentation/ State Registration
  204. Uk National With Hassle At Immigration
  205. Taking a SailBoat to Bermuda
  206. UK Part 1 registration via UK company by a non UK person
  207. Blue Water Insurance Inquiry
  208. how to kill a yachting industry
  209. Schooner Lord Jim Held Hostage by Boatyard for 4 years!
  210. Boat Registration In Cook Islands
  211. Looking for cruising insurance
  212. Foreign National buying a boat in the US
  213. How covered are you with your insurance coverage?
  214. Australian Registration w/ US bank loan?
  215. paperwork for dinghies
  216. Boat Held Hostage By Marine Transport Company
  217. These donkeys give cruisers a bad name
  218. Aussie boat with AIS from the US
  219. Insurance for Caribbean islands
  220. FCC Station Licensing
  221. Colregs Puzzle
  222. Ripped Off by CBP!!!
  223. First Voyage, the Legal Side?
  224. UK Resident Buying in USA
  225. Watch keeping at anchor
  226. Insurance Info......Going Through the Canal
  227. Republic of Ireland Courtesy Ensign
  228. Flag & Registration of EU Exported Boat
  229. Courtesy Flags for Eastern Caribbean
  230. Registration USA to Australia
  231. To Reflag or Not, That is the Question
  232. Customs and Picking up Visitor in St. Thomas
  233. Yacht, Not Under Command
  234. Crossbow on Boat?
  235. Zarpe Requirement In Panama
  236. Authority To Disembark
  237. Registration of Used Sailboat
  238. Mount Gay Rum Hats
  239. Dog in the BVI ?
  240. Bringing an Outboard in Checked Luggage
  241. Me European, Going to Crew in US
  242. Copy of USCG Documentation
  243. St Augustine Cruisers VOTE Support Bob Kee
  244. Just A question.
  245. State Small Craft Registration: Legal as Documentation?
  246. Bahamas Cruising Permit Question
  247. Chartering Liveaboard Vagabonds.
  248. We Are Being Terrorized
  249. US Citizen Buying Canadian Boat in Panama
  250. Re-entering the USA After 7 Years Away