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  1. Where did Rogelio, Baja Naval, Go?
  2. Florida boaters: Engage your marine industry vendors to fight the anchoring proposals
  3. Florida Anchoring Survey
  4. Hailing an unknown vessel
  5. New Florida Anchoring Regulation Survey Available
  6. What is the current FL anchoring policy?
  7. Firt Lauderdale Arrival Procedure?
  8. Courtesy Flags in US territories?
  9. Hurricane safe marina in bahamas
  10. Langkawi Registration
  11. How much cash?
  12. Is it ok to bring a machete aboard?
  13. Panama Zarpe
  14. Forum Rules of the Road
  15. Contagion spreads from Florida to Exumas
  16. Schengen caution on the North Atlantic circuit
  17. How do I visit the USA for 6 months...visa requirements?
  18. Checking into Puerto Rico
  19. sail by lee and starport tack
  20. Drunk skipper founders his yacht
  21. Long-term keeping boat in Uruguay?
  22. What COLREG rule was broken here (video) - 2 ships collide in Suez Canal
  23. Keeping boat in Brazil
  24. Marine Lawyer around Deltaville, Va.
  25. Philippines Yacht Charter - Foreign Flagged and Crew
  26. CPB-Form-1300 Help
  27. De-Registering in India Anyone????
  28. Registration/Documentation for charter
  29. Small Vessel Reporting System
  30. The Florida Question
  31. De-registering before buying in the US
  32. To Document or not
  33. USA Federal Documented question
  34. Grenada Immigration
  35. Finally got some good use out of my Boat Stamp
  36. FCC Ship's License application
  37. Any Legitimate Reason for FWC to...
  38. Customs in Friday Harbor Wa USA
  39. Delaware registration for non US citizen
  40. AIS now compulsory for foreign yachts in Thailand
  41. Any Canucks know about a U.S. Cruising Permit?
  42. Laws/ Advice for Setting a Private Mooring in Niceville/Destin FL
  43. VAT tax in Bahamas Starting Next Year
  44. Exporting a boat from Florida to Bahamas
  45. Colreg Signaling Devices
  46. Advantages of a Used Motor Yacht with European VAT Paid
  47. Change hailing port on USCG documentation
  48. USCG Interior Numbers
  49. Welland Canal down bound advice
  50. Are there any Laws that State a Vessel can take Refuge in a Marina for a Storm?
  51. Flags, registration, and licenses
  52. How Much do Visas & "Just Visiting" Fees Cost to Travel through Countries?
  53. Taking my HAM SSB on Charter Boat in Turkey
  54. Clearing in Panama - Flying Home.
  55. Ideal state for documentation
  56. Checking out of Schengen For Non-EU Citizens
  57. USCG Requirements For Foreign Boats
  58. Florida Dinghy and Registration Numbers
  59. Legalities, Bimini On a Boat Not In My Name
  60. Florida/Panama City Beach long term anchoring laws
  61. Sound Signals when at Anchor in Restricted Visibility
  62. You Can Run but you Can't Hide
  63. US Coast Guard Preemption
  64. Sovereign Immunity of foreign vessels
  65. A Thread for Jim and Anne Cate Including Boat Porn
  66. Flag Etiquette Question
  67. Get ready for new anchoring regulations in Florida
  68. Money Changing & Acquisition
  69. Canadian Customs and a DUI
  70. Collision course, radio and procedures
  71. bahamas in by air out by boat
  72. What papers are needed to cross Pacific
  73. Foreigner Buying a Sailboat
  74. Rebel Heart Lawsuit
  75. I Think I had Right of Way...
  76. Cruising Columbia
  77. CG Documentation - Name/Hailing Port Display?
  78. State Registration with CG Documentation?
  79. Schengen Bilateral Agreements
  80. Overtaking Vessel Wanting you to Speed Up
  81. Broker Referral
  82. Australian legislation on boat rental
  83. Schengen Question
  84. Deregistration in France
  85. Tonnage Certificate for new Lagoon 450
  86. "Hooking" your Boat in NYC
  87. Newport RI Anchoring Ordinance
  88. International Code of Signals - Two-letter signals
  89. Motor Sailing Display
  90. Narrow channel poll...
  91. Name change on new to me boat
  92. When is a Boat Passing from Behind not Overtaking? Narrow Channel Part II
  93. Narrow Channel Overtaking and Sailing
  94. Panama Visa Update for Vessels
  95. Bareboat crew list question
  96. Winchelsea Control Area WG Torpedo Went Missing?
  97. Schengen overstay: Canary Islands
  98. Customs clearance
  99. Registering a boat bought in France in the U.S.
  100. Salinas, Puerto Rico .. clearing in?
  101. No Anchoring in Kaiula Bay
  102. SAMSA advice
  103. Dual passports
  104. Data Pirates of the Caribbean?
  105. Preferred Mortgage on USCG Documented Boat
  106. Why Port Side of Channel?
  107. Fajardo to St John USVI
  108. Wrong call sign on USCG documentation
  109. Anybody Fight CA over Hailing Port/Tax BS?
  110. Maritime Letter of Authorization, Mexico
  111. Sea Shepherd Ocean Protectors
  112. ALERT: Another amendment to restrict anchoring in Florida!
  113. Bringing dogs into Panama
  114. Registration/licence for punt
  115. Cruising to Russia
  116. Florida Taxes for 48 Day Stay
  117. Buying a boat in Mexico
  118. DR (Luperon) arrival requirements?
  119. British owner of non USCG American boat - can I expect problems?
  120. California SB 941?
  121. Paperwork Requirements
  122. Closest USA customs port of Entry to Sidney, BC, Canada
  123. Entry into Marquesas questions
  124. Red over white....
  125. Guatemala Rio Dulce Cruising permits
  126. Question for American expats re: USCG documentation
  127. Is this a tar baby?
  128. Non US Friend Bringing Boat to US
  129. USCG Documentation Renewal Fee?
  130. Insurance for Mexico
  131. Need to sympathetic US customs agent!
  132. NOT refitting
  133. Baja
  134. Florida Sales Tax and Exit Fees? Can You?
  135. Florida Boaters Unite: defeat HB 955 and SB 1126
  136. Washington State proposed NDZ
  137. Moving to Chennai India...
  138. Bahamas Serious About Proper Clearance
  139. Taking portable AIS / Handheld VHF on Flight
  140. Florida Consumer Protection Rules Help.
  141. Flag of Convenience
  142. Turks and Caicos Advice
  143. Certificate of Competency for Leisure Yachts
  144. Confusion in Phuket
  145. Countries Wihout Extradition/ Dual Citizenship
  146. Insurance
  147. Living trust vs clearing-in complications
  148. USCG Legal Search Question?
  149. Has Thailand changed the Length-of-Stay for foreign-flagged yachts?
  150. Holding tank in Alaska?
  151. Anchor light while med moored?
  152. Mexican SAT officials in San Diego presentation
  153. Canadian Boat Crusing in US
  154. USCG vs US State Registration for customs
  155. Navigation lights on Runners
  156. Crash landing in the USA
  157. Boat registration: UK or Gibraltar Part 1
  158. Traveling thru countries in the caribbean
  159. one way ticket to mexico?
  160. Documenting for Coastwise Service
  161. Anchor light as mast head light under power?
  162. Showing Up In French Polynesia With an Old-ish Zarpe
  163. Sound signals question
  164. Australian registered yachts using British Berths Long term
  165. Needing a Captain Letter
  166. Mexican TIP info from Mexican Cruiser
  167. question about a 6-pac license
  168. Car Insurance for Cruisers
  169. inshore, offshore, ocean classification and insurance
  170. NOAA seeking public comment on nautical chart printing and distributing
  171. Has The Cruisers Forum Sold Out?
  172. Dual Citizenship, where to register, and how that effects travel in the Med?
  173. California Quagga and Zebra Mussel Infestation Prevention Program fee
  174. UK paid crew onboard US ship entering US ?
  175. Clearing out of Mexico (east coast) Heading South
  176. Impounded boats in Mexico
  177. Looking for lease/purchase Catamaran (direct deposit)
  178. Buying a Boat Outside the USA
  179. Visa Problem for Crew
  180. Can AIS Be Used To Track All Vessels So Equipped?
  181. Florida Holding tank and head / Y valve compliance questions
  182. Do Customs and Immigration close in Ensenada during Christmas week?
  183. How much Third Party Liability Coverage?
  184. Yet Another VAT Question
  185. Head Y Valve Locking? What is accepted by Law Enforcement Officers?
  186. Increased entry period for international yachts visiting New Zealand bonus for marine
  187. Checking out of the US
  188. Retirement Planner Wanted
  189. Manatee pocket anchoring -Stuart Fl
  190. Civil Rights Attorney Needed Marathon FL
  191. Out of water in France
  192. USCG Documentation Search by Builder Name
  193. Entering Alaskan Waters from BC
  194. USCG Documented, live in VA...help please
  195. Boat Registration
  196. Consulting firm to help start charter business?
  197. US Citizen sailing to Puerto Rico
  198. Visa's
  199. Visiting Puerto Rico by Sailboat Non US Citizens
  200. stuck in cuba
  201. New (to me) Boat Registration and Refit Questions
  202. Marina wants to be on my Insurance?
  203. When Someone Crashes into You
  204. RCD Forbids Small Ocean Going Boats
  205. Do USCG safety regs apply to foreign flagged vessels
  206. I am new to sea travel and have a few questions.
  207. USCG Annual Documentation Delayed
  208. DOC papers
  209. New Caledonia Customs
  210. Satellite phone in Cuba?
  211. FBI Took His Boat
  212. Checking into Costa Rica-Atlantic Side
  213. BVI-Culebra-BVI Roundtrip
  214. colreg unmanned vessel rules
  215. Biscayne Bay during govt shutdown
  216. Boarded by the Coast Guard..Terminated Voyage
  217. Overnight Mooring/ Anchoring in the Caloosahatchee River
  218. Question about selling an imported yacht and VAT
  219. How many is too many
  220. Registering Outside the US
  221. US and florida anchoring laws
  222. Certifying a boat for a 6-Pack license.
  223. Inland rules Puget Sound
  224. cannons
  225. Banking in Mexico?
  226. Registration
  227. entering US with b1b2 visa by flight?
  228. Entering Thailand
  229. Lateral beacon adopted as clearing mark
  230. East River Closure for UN Meeting 2013
  231. The Keys are getting a crackdown.....
  232. Florida Mooring and Anchoring Pilot Program Survey
  233. Registration fee distribution
  234. I'm Working On A Book...
  235. North Carolina Documented boat owners read this
  236. Recreation or Commercial documentation and clearing in
  237. Courtesy Flags Needed
  238. Few Years in Mexico, FMM or What?
  239. Importing Boat into the US
  240. Canadian boat in us water permanently?
  241. International Certificate of Competency
  242. What Nerve
  243. Big Brother Is Watching
  244. Florida registration for federally documented boats
  245. Monroe wants to close Upper Keys Dock to Dingys
  246. Logbook (Paper)
  247. Greek Odyssey
  248. McBarge Vancouver?
  249. Carrying an ultralight aircraft
  250. Living Abroad, do you bring Cash or Credit Cards?