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  1. Estonian Digital Nomad Visa
  2. How to get into Australia?
  3. restricted ability to maneuver - Where to purchase stackable mast light?!?
  4. Italy banes the ICP
  5. Buying a dutch registered boat
  6. Changing a boat registration
  7. Colregs Flashing Red Light
  8. Sailing St. Lawrence Seaway - Border Issues?
  9. COLREG 35
  10. Colreg question
  11. Serving Alcohol Aboard a nonmotorized floating tiki boat in Florida
  12. Rules of the road - entering a channel
  13. Permission to Leave Australia
  14. Hello, and a USCG question
  15. Passport Renewal If Out and About
  16. Moving a Boat from Turkey to EU ... in the time of COVID
  17. Safety requirements entering new countries?
  18. Not under command signal and Robot Boats
  19. Right to safe harbour
  20. Ouch!
  21. What are the rules for the sailboat setup for leaving the country/open waters?
  22. COLREGS: Embarrass any vessel?
  23. This Is Why People Get It Wrong
  24. Below Deck tv show did you see these clowns
  25. New owner - temporary registration in MD
  26. Importing a boat to Canada from France...sort of....
  27. Third party insurance in Australia
  28. USCG deletion from documention?
  29. West Coast Global Insurance??
  30. From Hel to Klaipėda through Russia?
  31. Clearing Into the US from the Bahamas
  32. Here's an interesting near collision
  33. AIS Confusion re: boat name
  34. Rules in Colobia for boat. Need info to make it easy...
  35. Change the MMSI coded into the EPIRB
  36. Canadian buying US boat no US taxes paid
  37. Urgent: buying Canadian boat now in USA
  38. Paying European VAT on a Halberg-Rassy purchased on Carribean
  39. Sailing from US to Mexico during Coronavirus
  40. Any other Canadians stuck in the US with an expiring cruising permit?
  41. Adventure and disarmament
  42. Minimum equipment requirements when selling a sailboat
  43. Sailboat confused regarding navigation lights
  44. New to offshore sailing & have questions
  45. Expired registration
  46. Non US citizen - state registered boat - unflagged and no nationality - a good idea?
  47. Anything wrong with this boat registration plan?
  48. Registering in one state, staying in another
  49. Martha's Vineyard Capt Gets the Boot
  50. Is Guernsey ex-Vat?
  51. Entering Canada from the US. Any updates?
  52. Is there a good boat yard on the gulf coast. & transport (coastal houston area)
  53. Skipper cited for violation of rule 9.
  54. Buying a us flagged boat in Florida as U.K. Citizen
  55. Canadian buying South African cat Taxes
  56. Buying a boat in Canada and registering it in US
  57. Insured vessel Database?
  58. CG Documented Hailing Port Question
  59. Visa exemption
  60. Legal to padlock vessel to public landing
  61. GSt (General Sales tax) on pens
  62. Venezuela navy vessel sinks after 'ramming cruise ship'
  63. Self Isolation on Arrival in Australia
  64. Wanted Surveyor in Northern Croatia
  65. Rules of the road question
  66. Mooring Boat instead of Winter Storage
  67. Insurance and rules for carrying and using a dinghy around the world.
  68. Registering a Dutch boat in the US
  69. Where to build - regarding bureaucracy ?
  70. Any Tax Experts Out There?
  71. mooring buoys Canada
  72. Designated anchorage-St. Simons Sound..
  73. Certificate of Documentation Restrictions
  74. EPA Certification on Boats Imported to the US
  75. Help Understanding AIS
  76. International Purchase Documentation Agent
  77. Need advice for EU sailboat purchase
  78. License Question
  79. Clearing in at ports
  80. Schengen and the Vat
  81. Canada Radio Station License
  82. USCG documented my state registered boat, do I need to tell the state?
  83. Foreign flagged boats in Portuguese waters
  84. cruising to mexico
  85. AIS registration
  86. Importing a non-CE boat into Europe
  87. Yacht registration broker or agent
  88. SPAM
  89. Leave US, Cruise for a Bit, Return- Customs?
  90. Formerly BVI Reg & MMSI } Now USA & MMSI?
  91. Cruising permit for trailer sailor?
  92. Florida boat taxes
  93. Vessel in transit...
  94. Additional Navigation Lights--Rule 27 etc.
  95. Sailing without owner
  96. DIY USCG COD renewal. scam or not?
  97. COLREGS according to Russian & US Navy
  98. If You're Thinking of Selling
  99. Finding a right surveyor
  100. Circumnavigating with a Venezuelan Passport
  101. CBP roam app stuck in Pending state
  102. CBP roam app stuck in Pending State
  103. Russian spy ship right in my next rumb line
  104. Galapgos: Can I arrive without prior notice ?
  105. Undersea Mining
  106. Pet Permit for Bahamas
  107. Opinion Statute of Limitations for potentially fatal Collisions?l
  108. Silly Question: Anchoring French Polynesia Atoll
  109. CE Certification of vessel in Australia
  110. Registration in Panama
  111. Leaving berth - one prolonged blast?
  112. anchoring rights in Langkawi threatened !
  113. North Carolina Personal Property Tax
  114. Sales contract, a template
  115. Can a State CA vessel be without USCG doc or US Flag?
  116. Paket 35KG vom USA to Germany
  117. Greek TEPAH tax update
  118. Courtesy flags
  119. Sailor/Seamanship Certification comparison
  120. Well Done Norway! US Navy take notes!
  121. Help with Certificate of Importation (USA Specific)
  122. Transom painted with Diver Down Flag
  123. Anchoring restrictions in QLD
  124. Purchasing a new outboard in the Bahamas
  125. Clearing in prior to receiving US Coast Guard Documentation
  126. Shutting down AIS
  127. Caribbean customs with bill of sale
  128. Mexico TIP and Boat in an LLC with new owners
  129. Yacht Import
  130. Lost Title
  131. Salvaging a Mast
  132. Storage Only Boat Insurance.
  133. Guatemalan import duties?
  134. WA/OR State Registration/Insurance Issue
  135. State Registration/Insurance Issue
  136. De reg, re reg.
  137. Foil Boats, New Rules?
  138. American buying a boat in Malaysia - Registration
  139. Transfering documentation with name change
  140. Need someone knowledgeable about taxes
  141. Dropping my own mooring setup in south Florida
  142. Can anybody in Tampa/St. Pete FL can help identify this nut job
  143. Flying a Red Ensign - UK territory
  144. Boat on my mooring
  145. Drifting fishermen
  146. American living in Ukraine buying UK boat
  147. Buying a Canadian boat in the US
  148. Sardinia maritime reservation rules translation from Italian
  149. Port or starboard tack?
  150. Intergovernmental Conference on Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdic
  151. Buying uk boat in Spain
  152. ABYC Standards on Older Boats
  153. Did I have to give way? Plus short-long blast.
  154. yacht Insurance
  155. Boston ferry aground avoiding sport fish
  156. International boarding rules
  157. Leaving a country after change in ownership
  158. Malaysia Yacht Registry
  159. Flags of Convenience
  160. COLREGS and vessels propelled by oars or paddles
  161. Use of Q Flag
  162. Proof of ownership for UK registered boat
  163. Leaving a foreign yacht in USA for a year?
  164. Canadian & American Border Agents to Share Information
  165. Entering foreign port m.o.
  166. Dinghy registration and paper work for Central America
  167. Revised Shoalwater Bay Closure
  168. Exam Question Database for USCG Tests
  169. Buying a french boat with Canadian flag.
  170. Flares in Spain and Portugal
  171. Colregs Research and Understanding
  172. Bluewater Cruiser sailing THROUGH!?
  173. Think this boat owner is in trouble for his wake?
  174. International ‘Rules of the Road’ vs. Naval Operation provedures
  175. Panama Restrictions
  176. Greek Cruising Tax
  177. Danube river cruise disaster
  178. Regulation Question for Cruisers who Fish
  179. HAM licence question.
  180. International Insurance/New Caledonia
  181. Good app for studying light configs
  182. Insurance Scam?
  183. FL Registered sailing vessel... do I need to document to refer by name?
  184. Delivery Captains Boilerplate Delivery Contract
  185. When do you tip and how much?
  186. Uninspected to Inspected Vessel
  187. CBP Sticker - Details and Questions
  188. Changes in ship station licence (CallSign, MMSI, ATIS) of the Netherlands
  189. USCG safety equipment requirements for non-US vessels?
  190. Croatia in a borrowed boat
  191. Property Tax on Boat Kept in Puerto Rico
  192. Vessel Doc - USCG or Maritime Doc Center?
  193. NVDC Exchange of COD - 3 Months Out - Not in time for trip!
  194. USCG Documentation Now Offers 2-5 Years
  195. Florida without a holding tank
  196. 430% Increase in IOM Annual fees
  197. Help no hull ID number
  198. You are responsible for your wake...
  199. Brexit - UK has opened it yacht register to (most) foreign citizens
  200. Mandatory collision insurance?
  201. Do I have to clear in clear out?
  202. US Import of South African Cat
  203. US Documentation of a Foreign Built Vessel?
  204. Registration and Taxation of Yachts in Finland
  205. Do you use a Daytime Black ball at Anchor?
  206. Civitinova, le marche , italy
  207. Clearing into Croatia after Italy
  208. Death of an Anchorage
  209. Australian AMSA registered boat, which State registration to complement it?
  210. Buying a boat in Spain - lawyer needed?
  211. Changing Documented Status to State Registration
  212. $4000 adder for Mediterranean cruising / Atlantic Crossing?
  213. Cumulative effect of mandatory fees for permits, licenses, entry, exit, etc.
  214. Holding tank requirement for Panama canal transit
  215. Insuring US boat for Cuba trip
  216. French Citizen, Permanent resident in Canada buying a french registered boat in US
  217. License/registration canada
  218. Irish resident in Canada buying sailboat boat registered in South Africa. Help!
  219. do you use side lights or tricolor?
  220. Damage Waiver - Bareboat Charter
  221. Using New Zealand flag in Mediterranean
  222. Yacht registration
  223. Beaufort, NC to Lake Worth, FL - Have I left the USA?
  224. Cruising a boat internationally under an LLC
  225. VAT Paid status loss ?
  226. Registering a UK registered boat in the US or Caymans
  227. USA visas for crew
  228. US citizen/resident & EU citizen buying EU boat
  229. Catamaran in Florida Best Insurance?
  230. Clearance Form needed from previous country to enter Turks and Caicos?
  231. COLREGS and DPS
  232. Choosing a flag. Is reputation of any importance?
  233. Registering a vessel, purchased in Europe but outside EU
  234. American Modern Insurance Group
  235. Crew List In Spanish And English
  236. Minnesota DNR confirms that it is illegal to ride on the tubes of an inflatable boat
  237. How do you drop USCG Documentation
  238. documentation during gov't shutdown
  239. Container Ship Loses Up To 270 Containers
  240. Water Access Property Game Plan
  241. Lost crew captain charged
  242. Ouch: Barges cause million dollar damage
  243. Quebec tourist convicted in Cuba 2nd time after fatal boating accident
  244. Five Year USCG Documentation Guidelines
  245. Mooring in Spain.
  246. Irish cert of identity
  247. Re-Registration of 52' Ferretti
  248. Do NOT let your cruising permit expire in the Bahamas
  249. US territories
  250. Failed to clear in