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  1. Solution to GPS failure
  2. Running the Inlet at Fernandina
  3. Iridium Go Data Download
  4. Savannah to Norfolk - Why go in a Beaufort?
  5. Route from Queensland (AUS) to Panama
  6. iPad crashes running Navionics +AIS
  7. where is the forward looking sonar at?
  8. Gordon's Pass, Florida Looking for Depth Updates
  9. Old Navman GPS plotter
  10. Recommended base in the straits of Georgia
  11. Raymarine e80 gps system
  12. Gulf of Mexico.......pirates?
  13. C-MAP MAX-N vs MAX-N+
  14. B&G vs Raymarine
  15. Charleston to Nassau
  16. CPN700i Standard Horizon chartplotter
  17. Garmin AIS600 - repair old or buy new?
  18. Mobile chart app
  19. How to input new anchorage Active Captain
  20. Solar Storms & Navigation
  21. Antique Cary sextant
  22. Yakker and ICOM MA-500TR
  23. Iridium Go Predict Wind Grib for OpenCPN?
  24. La Vagabonde's crossing - videos! (next part)
  25. Sailing across the Med East to West
  26. Patagonian Cruising Notes...
  27. La Vagabonde's crossing - videos!
  28. Anchor allarm.
  29. Navionics V Cmap, East Coast of Australia
  30. Printed Nav Chart Advice
  31. Computer for navigation
  32. Ship’s log iPhone apps?
  33. Little Bahama Bank
  34. National Geospatial - Intelligence Agency Sailing Directions
  35. CDN chart PDF download
  36. Panama to Ft. Lauderdale
  37. The robots are coming (unmanned ocean traffic)
  38. cruising - Lake Macquarie
  39. Wider choice of satellite pictures
  40. Warrnambool harbour, Victoria Australia
  41. List of bridges between Stuart and Miami
  42. Torres Straits
  43. Navionics exporting files bug/Feature
  44. Toizaki Sextant Info Needed
  45. Sextant Maintenance
  46. Navionics - A Childrens Toy?
  47. Experience With Doppler Radar
  48. Inside passage to the keys from miami
  49. What type of iPad is required
  50. Free Downloadable Nautical Charts
  51. Celestial Navigation - how good were you?
  52. New Zealand (NZ) Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) now available
  53. AIS, OpenCPN, and iSailor
  54. alaska communication dead zones....
  55. Navionics question
  56. Is A2 an OK size for chart printing?
  57. Advice requested on PC route-planning
  58. Possible GPS outages in South East US This Month
  59. GPS jamming in Flordia
  60. Key West to Waderick Wells
  61. Traditional or digital navigation - which is safer?
  62. Polar's for Predict Wind
  63. Best Cruising Guides Rhode island to Pensacola
  64. GPS hazard alert
  65. B and G Vulcan 7 transducer options?
  66. Monitor for navigation
  67. 2020 Tide Tables (UK)
  68. Plastic Sextant
  69. FURUNO or B&G
  70. Depth at Boca Raton Inlet
  71. Where to Purchase Paper Charts
  72. RUT955 Teltonika NMEA to OpenCPN
  73. Maryland to Key West to Maryland
  74. New old boat in need of updated electronics
  75. Calculating set & drift electronically
  76. Old Bahamas Channel
  77. Fix from two points on chart & course made good
  78. Help for a navigation noob please
  79. Sailing South from Charleston to West Palm Beach
  80. Sailing from Islamorada to Knoxville, TN
  81. B&G Precision 9 rate compass
  82. Weather apps: Am I alone in distrusting them?
  83. Cruising the DR in April 2021
  84. SF Bay Info Needed
  85. Sailing from Panama to San Diego
  86. Aqua Map users, what Tablet R U using?
  87. French Canals UK to the Med
  88. Online celestial navigation courses?
  89. Sailing from Miami to Grand Caicos
  90. Chartplotter recommendation
  91. Portsmouth England to Oban, Scotland - any advice?
  92. Garmin GPSMap182c
  93. Sailing Directions in Canadian Waters
  94. Radio troubles of a sailor and the promises of software defined radio (SDR)
  95. Update on using an SDR dongle to AIS reception
  96. Courtesy when giving way
  97. Popular routes from Miami to panama
  98. Planning routes on PC and transferring to Chartplotter
  99. NJ ICW Atlantic City to Cape May
  100. Garmin 17.10 Update Disabled WiFi??
  101. Fish Mode on Navionics
  102. True Vs Magnetic
  103. Panama to Marquesas - paper chart shallow spot
  104. ENC Chart Plotting and Android
  106. Marine traffic
  107. Advice, palmetto to Miami
  108. What can you do with a smartwatch?
  109. chromebook and tablet for echarts
  110. Blossom Channel
  111. Northwest Channel Tides
  112. Atlantic crossing westbound
  113. Chartbool for St. Martin
  114. Autopilot compatibility
  115. From Miami to Fernando de Noronha - What´s best route?
  116. Sailing from the Cheasapeake to The Bahamas
  117. NOAA Plans to Stop Producing Traditional Paper Charts
  118. Question about Suunto KB-20 hand-bearing compass
  119. La Vagabonde's crossing
  120. Ft Lauderdale to Tavernier Keys
  121. MacBook chartplotter software
  122. Need Outside US East Coast guide
  123. How did ga get away with anchoring permits?
  124. What Do We Know About That Galileo Outage?
  125. Savannah to St Augustine
  126. What kind of charts?
  127. Tides
  128. Ft Lauderdale to Ft Myers
  129. TimeZero Pro v4 - Longitude and Latitude lines
  130. Navigating the Potomac?
  131. Moving boat from FL to Grenada
  132. OpenPlotter with OpenCPN hardware and screen
  133. Are antique sextants any good?
  134. New Jersey Atlantic coast best inlets?
  135. Keeping track of chart corrections
  136. Old school navigation is fun and rewarding!
  137. Passage website
  138. Conservative Sail from NYC to Detroit
  139. Poll on using an MFD vs a smart device
  140. Grib viewer to show sea surface temperature in color
  141. ICW Great Bridge Locks & Bridge
  142. Memory Rock or Sand Cay cut?
  143. Gulf Stream Model Validation
  144. Westport 125 slams into Port Angeles WA docks and boats
  145. Timing; NY to FL
  146. Autopilot choice
  147. sandy hook to cape may but gail coming in
  148. Comparison of Navionics app vs iNavX app on iPad and iPhone?
  149. AIS registration
  150. AICW Alligator Bridge closed
  151. Printing B&G plotter Zeus 2 tracks
  152. Galileo constellation expands.
  153. Diesel Fuel Availability in Bahamas near Marsh Harbor (After Hurricane Dorian) ?
  154. Website for Sea Distances
  155. Predict Wind 500mb?
  156. Chronometers and watches
  157. Sirius vs. Inreach for coastal cruising N. Am. ?
  158. Hurricane Lorenzo to Hit the Azores
  159. Ais Silent Mode
  160. PredictWind? Weatherfax? What weather system do you recommend for crossing oceans?
  161. Most ECONOMICAL ways to equip cruising sailboat w/ nav equipment + backups?
  162. The US Coast Guard may cease broadcasting of NAVTEX (Navigational Telex)
  163. Advantage of Class B+ AIS on a sailboat?
  164. Trent-Severn waterway in a sailboat - lessons learned
  165. Calculating tides at locations without stations
  166. cruising guides Alaska, Mexico, Central America
  167. Traditional Polynesian voyage from Tahiti to New Zealand completed after 24 days
  168. Raymarine Axiom charts for Mexico (Baja)
  169. Fishing workplace in Timezero Professional
  170. Comer Channel Tides
  171. Salvegem Grande
  172. Chart app
  173. round the world....
  174. Repeater Instruments
  175. WATERPROOF ipad (gen 5 or 6) (7.9) Case
  176. Advice on navigating Newburyport, MA
  177. Most reliable internet option for cruising in Caribbean
  178. Radar or no radar?
  179. Sextant adjustment
  180. Getting a grip file via Iridium mail into OpenCPN
  181. Sextant to Learn Navigation Old School
  182. Crossing South of Andros towards Cuba?
  183. Grenada Ancorages
  184. St Johns river, Florida
  185. Where can I find a free online database for navigational charts anywhere in the world
  186. Enroute navigation approach
  187. loop info for Calumet Harbor to Mississippi
  188. Bob the weather guy for the South Pacific
  189. West to East
  190. Navigating and Communicating..
  191. Restricted in ability to maneuver?
  192. Garmin inReach
  193. How to download Navionics on PC
  194. Can't Access Navionics SonarCharts on Raymarine a125
  195. SailLogger, a self-made system & app for logbook
  196. Sailing without AIS or Radar
  197. How to check if AIS is transmitting??
  198. Iran jamming GPS signals
  199. UKHO Admiralty vs French SHOM Charts
  200. Simple Navigation and Weather Station
  201. Ft Lauderdale to Marathon
  202. Port recommendations
  203. Wagner S50 Autopilot wanted
  204. Navionics
  205. overuse of AIS
  206. SC and GA destinations
  207. Rio dulce to florida
  208. Autopilot
  209. Can I ditch my SSB radio for an Sat Phone type Iridium Go?
  210. Marina/Break Down Support
  211. Navigation through the strait of Gibraltar from west to east
  212. Fire Island Inlet advice?
  213. Canadian Navionics CF Charts Needed
  214. Fastseas - anyone has used it?
  215. Transporting Charts
  216. Clearing Canadian customs
  217. From Panama to Sea of Cortez
  218. Galileo (European GPS) id down
  219. Garmin GPS 182
  220. Simrad NSE chart display options
  221. South shore of Long Island, New York
  222. Automated celestial navigation
  223. What charting systems do you use?
  224. Lake Ontario to Maine... the long way
  225. RM Quantum Radar Performance
  226. Need advice on electronics upgrade.
  227. A note from Garmin Active Captain..
  228. OpenCPN on Android vs Navionics boating app?
  229. OpenCPN charts for S. Pacific
  230. Navionics CF Card wanted
  231. Best passage planning books
  232. Panama to Florida passage??
  233. Garmin Bluechart G2 alternatives for handheld
  234. Paper Charts or Just Electronic
  235. Anchoring off Cornfield Point in CT
  236. Cape May to Block Island advice needed
  237. Sailing to Block Island
  238. Batemans Bay to Sydney NSW advice wanted
  239. Ritchie Explorer compass - filling fluid?
  240. Shoalwater Bay Closure
  241. Chesapeake Restricted Area- Is it real?
  242. Maine to NH cruise question
  243. Seeing at Night
  244. Compas ajusting
  245. Maretron N2K Server / Viewer Thoughts?
  246. Polar files collection
  247. Raymarine SL72 radar: wireless broadcast to tablet?
  248. Capt. Cooks Pacific Map ‘Unlocked’
  249. Mac vs. PC
  250. Davis Mark 15 sextant - is this normal?