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Threads: 117, Posts: 1,910
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Meets & Greets (8 Viewing)
New to sailing or just new to this board? Say hello and introduce yourself to the community, we promise, we don't bite ... :-)
Threads: 10,622, Posts: 87,486
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Our Community (18 Viewing)
An open forum to share whatever is on your mind!
Threads: 3,484, Posts: 74,708
Discussions about Coronavirus / COVID-19. Impacts for the Boating community, travel updates and general concerns. No Politics Please. Now go wash your hands.
Threads: 161, Posts: 16,163
Area to find and share information about emergent problems, dangerous conditions, hurricanes, lost boats, missing people and natural disasters that affect the sailing community.
Threads: 246, Posts: 6,997
Cruising News & Events (13 Viewing)
Stay in touch with news and events that pertain to blue water cruising.
Threads: 1,699, Posts: 49,561
Destinations (71 Viewing)
Threads: 11,402, Posts: 142,325
Threads: 330, Posts: 2,830
Challenges (4 Viewing)
Brain teasers, and brain storming. This is the place if you want to challenge your skills as a cruiser, be it from a mechanical, seamanship, or practical knowledge point of view.
Threads: 628, Posts: 18,595
by MD7
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Stories on things that went wrong while cruising. Such tales can sometimes be amusing, but more importantly, the rest of us can learn from them.
Threads: 751, Posts: 25,986
Off Topic Forum (44 Viewing)
This forum is for stories, jokes & other general topics. Off Topic content should still remain loosely related to boating.
Threads: 2,889, Posts: 98,734
Dollars & Cents (16 Viewing)
Insurance, financing, purchasing and buyers guidelines
Threads: 2,055, Posts: 39,557
The Library (3 Viewing)
Useful links, books and reference materials
Threads: 566, Posts: 5,300
The Fleet
Monohull Sailboats (235 Viewing)
Discussions on monohull sailboats
Threads: 12,460, Posts: 228,646
Multihull Sailboats (77 Viewing)
Discussions on multihull sailboats like catamarans and trimarans
Threads: 6,786, Posts: 168,016
Powered Boats (42 Viewing)
Discussions on Cruisers, Trawlers & Motoryachts. If it's big and powered primarily by power, then this is the place.
Threads: 2,038, Posts: 28,637
General Sailing Forum (117 Viewing)
General discussions on sailing not covered elsewhere on the board
Threads: 12,251, Posts: 260,627
Manufacturers Forums (21 Viewing)
Threads: 2,707, Posts: 41,089
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Life Aboard a Boat
Galley tips, drinking water issues, planning and procurement
Threads: 1,585, Posts: 44,024
Discussions about the joys and challenges for cruising families.
Threads: 1,034, Posts: 23,806
by Popeye2
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Scuba, water sports, games, and other pastimes and activities while cruising.
Threads: 1,194, Posts: 26,734
Discussions on how to make an income while cruising. Tips and tricks.
Threads: 1,463, Posts: 28,542
Liveaboard's Forum (76 Viewing)
Are you living aboard a boat and wanna tell us about it?
Threads: 4,819, Posts: 121,154
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Seamanship, Navigation & Boat Handling
Discuss the art and skill of managing a boat or ship - from Basic Boat Handling and sailing to the complexity of Offshore Passagemaking.
Threads: 2,280, Posts: 70,817
Discuss weather. Patterns, predictions and particulars.
Threads: 410, Posts: 9,325
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Navigation (34 Viewing)
Charts, software, systems, tools and tips
Threads: 4,383, Posts: 71,536
OpenCPN (30 Viewing)
OpenCPN is a robust and free navigation software platform. Create concise charts, participate in development discussions, troubleshoot or get support help here.
Threads: 5,524, Posts: 112,959
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Discuss topics having to deal with proficiency in sailing in this forum.
Threads: 693, Posts: 9,592
Threads: 1,922, Posts: 45,933
Discussions on necessary paperwork for bluewater cruising
Threads: 2,040, Posts: 50,731
Cruisers Forum Sponsors
Our vendors help support our community and they offer amazing deals to our members. Check this forum often for all the specials, deals and announcements.
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Links: Website, Shop, News
Threads: 3, Posts: 15
Threads: 26, Posts: 2,971
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Threads: 3, Posts: 665
Engineering & Systems
This forum is for discussing methods & materials for keep your boat in good shape and restoration topics.
Threads: 14,058, Posts: 195,660
Please review special rules before posting to this forum
Threads: 1,627, Posts: 20,545
Marine Electronics (84 Viewing)
On-board computers, AV gear and communication equipment. Purchase, installation and repair.
Threads: 9,356, Posts: 120,969
The modern sailor needs electricity onboard. What's the best way? Discuss your experiences here. Wind generators, solar panels, ...
Threads: 9,466, Posts: 172,429
Lithium Power Systems (3 Viewing)
Lithium is a great option for extended life, energy dense charging systems.
Threads: 192, Posts: 15,312
Gas, diesel, hybrid and electric
Threads: 10,085, Posts: 140,276
Outdrives, IPS drives, saildrives etc..
Threads: 1,740, Posts: 22,840
Freshwater systems , Watermakers, Waste systems, fixtures, HVAC & Refrigeration
Threads: 5,341, Posts: 83,205
Threads: 4,976, Posts: 67,312
Threads: 1,937, Posts: 29,926
Anchoring & Mooring (39 Viewing)
Threads: 2,579, Posts: 68,853
Cruising Business & Commerce
Boats, dinghies and trailers! Find that amazing vessel here, free ads for CF members. Boat sales ads will be archived after 120 days if not still active.
Threads: 1,970, Posts: 11,970
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Items for sale and trade. Parts, gear and other marine related items. Our classifieds is a great FREE place to advertise what you are selling (or want to buy)!
Threads: 21,965, Posts: 88,364
Want To Buy:   Wanted Barient 22 - Self...
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A great crew can make cruising so much more enjoyable. Look for your perfect fit here.
Threads: 10,677, Posts: 51,179
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