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Threads: 122, Posts: 2,011
by akopac
09-03-2024 23:49 Go to last post
Need help using our site? Post your questions about our software and using the forum interface here.
Threads: 1,226, Posts: 11,404
by raffa
12-04-2024 22:01 Go to last post
Meets & Greets (1647 Viewing)
New to sailing or just new to this board? Say hello and introduce yourself to the community, we promise, we don't bite ... :-)
Threads: 11,585, Posts: 94,896
by GordMay
10-04-2024 02:19 Go to last post
Our Community (202 Viewing)
General boating and cruising topics
Threads: 4,431, Posts: 93,154
Today 07:42 Go to last post
Area to find and share information about emergent problems, dangerous conditions, hurricanes, lost boats, missing people and natural disasters that affect the sailing community.
Threads: 480, Posts: 13,498
Cruising News & Events (32 Viewing)
Stay in touch with news and events that pertain to blue water cruising.
Threads: 1,783, Posts: 52,049
Destinations (393 Viewing)
Threads: 12,644, Posts: 158,375
by leboyd
Today 06:23 Go to last post
Threads: 714, Posts: 8,497
by GordMay
11-04-2024 09:56 Go to last post
Challenges (31 Viewing)
Brain teasers, and brain storming. This is the place if you want to challenge your skills as a cruiser, be it from a mechanical, seamanship, or practical knowledge point of view.
Threads: 706, Posts: 20,119
28-02-2024 22:48 Go to last post
Stories on things that went wrong while cruising. Such tales can sometimes be amusing, but more importantly, the rest of us can learn from them.
Threads: 829, Posts: 29,591
by bbalan
08-04-2024 02:00 Go to last post
Dollars & Cents (38 Viewing)
Boating related money matters. Insurance, financing, purchasing and buyers guidelines
Threads: 2,341, Posts: 45,351
The Library (14 Viewing)
Cruising related useful info. Reference materials, books and websites (no commercial posting allowed).
Threads: 589, Posts: 5,482
Float your tall tales, fish stories and general topics related to cruising that don’t fit elsewhere. Political comments, discussions of general government policy, weaponry, religious and social issues are considered jetsam and should be offloaded to other social media sites; they are off-limits in this forum.
Threads: 3,083, Posts: 120,359
The Fleet
Monohull Sailboats (1177 Viewing)
Discussions on monohull sailboats
Threads: 14,765, Posts: 275,416
Today 07:51 Go to last post
Multihull Sailboats (589 Viewing)
Discussions on multihull sailboats like catamarans and trimarans
Threads: 7,818, Posts: 194,369
Yesterday 06:37 Go to last post
Powered Boats (115 Viewing)
Discussions on Cruisers, Trawlers & Motoryachts. If it's big and powered primarily by power, then this is the place.
Threads: 2,432, Posts: 33,067
General Sailing Forum (3674 Viewing)
General discussions on sailing not covered elsewhere on the board
Threads: 14,602, Posts: 311,144
Manufacturers Forums (92 Viewing)
Threads: 3,082, Posts: 44,193
Today 05:46 Go to last post
Life Aboard a Boat
Galley tips, drinking water issues, planning and procurement
Threads: 1,787, Posts: 50,439
Discussions about the joys and challenges for cruising families.
Threads: 1,114, Posts: 25,333
Scuba, water sports, games, and other pastimes and activities while cruising.
Threads: 1,329, Posts: 29,270
Today 06:26 Go to last post
Discussions on how to make an income while cruising. Tips and tricks.
Threads: 1,676, Posts: 33,598
Liveaboard's Forum (512 Viewing)
Are you living aboard a boat and wanna tell us about it?
Threads: 5,496, Posts: 135,946
by OS2Dude
Today 08:06 Go to last post
Seamanship, Navigation & Boat Handling
Discuss the art and skill of managing a boat or ship - from Basic Boat Handling and sailing to the complexity of Offshore Passagemaking.
Threads: 2,625, Posts: 83,132
Discuss weather. Patterns, predictions and particulars.
Threads: 537, Posts: 13,143
Navigation (182 Viewing)
Charts, software, systems, tools and tips
Threads: 5,151, Posts: 83,886
OpenCPN (179 Viewing)
OpenCPN is a robust and free navigation software platform. Create concise charts, participate in development discussions, troubleshoot or get support help here.
Threads: 7,210, Posts: 136,175
Discuss topics having to deal with proficiency in sailing in this forum.
Threads: 841, Posts: 11,838
Threads: 2,172, Posts: 51,412
Discussions on necessary paperwork for bluewater cruising
Threads: 2,350, Posts: 58,652
Cruisers Forum Sponsors
Our vendors help support our community and they offer amazing deals to our members. Check this forum often for all the specials, deals and announcements.
Threads: 418, Posts: 9,444
Mantus Anchors (1 Viewing)
Threads: 27, Posts: 2,985
08-10-2021 12:30 Go to last post
Engineering & Systems
This forum is for discussing methods & materials for keep your boat in good shape and restoration topics.
Threads: 16,903, Posts: 241,008
Please review special rules before posting to this forum
Threads: 1,881, Posts: 24,065
Marine Electronics (346 Viewing)
On-board computers, AV gear and communication equipment. Purchase, installation and repair.
Threads: 11,525, Posts: 147,448
The modern sailor needs electricity onboard. What's the best way? Discuss your experiences here. Wind generators, solar panels, ...
Threads: 11,729, Posts: 210,391
Lithium Power Systems (42 Viewing)
Lithium is a great option for extended life, energy dense charging systems.
Threads: 583, Posts: 28,856
Gas, diesel, hybrid and electric
Threads: 12,452, Posts: 173,643
Outdrives, IPS drives, saildrives etc..
Threads: 2,157, Posts: 27,604
Electric Motors, Electric Propulsion, Drives and Non-ICE propulsion.
Threads: 67, Posts: 5,290
by mbianka
26-03-2024 06:19 Go to last post
Freshwater systems , Watermakers, Waste systems, fixtures, HVAC & Refrigeration
Threads: 6,796, Posts: 104,636
Threads: 6,232, Posts: 86,739
Threads: 2,299, Posts: 35,089
by Fuss
11-04-2024 11:00 Go to last post
Anchoring & Mooring (170 Viewing)
Threads: 3,140, Posts: 82,524
Cruising Business & Commerce
Boats, dinghies and trailers! Find that amazing vessel here, free ads for CF members. Boat sales ads will be archived after 120 days if not still active.
Threads: 3,253, Posts: 19,290
by CatSai
Today 03:20 Go to last post
Items for sale and trade. Parts, gear and other marine related items. Our classifieds is a great FREE place to advertise what you are selling (or want to buy)!
Threads: 25,789, Posts: 102,677
by bccoast
Today 07:56 Go to last post
A great crew can make cruising so much more enjoyable. Look for your perfect fit here.
Threads: 11,791, Posts: 57,798
by Cobu
Today 05:11 Go to last post

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