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  1. Crew Available: Currently in West Coast of South America willing to go anywhere!
  2. Crew Wanted: La Cruz to Huatulco March 15+-
  3. Crew Wanted: Islands of Atlantic France & Rias of Spain
  4. Crew Wanted: NC to St John USVI
  5. Crew Available: $$$$ Offered for Pacific Ride to Asia
  6. Crew Available: Any CF Member in Catalina this Weekend ?
  7. Crew Available: 32 y/o Female Seeking Recreational Sailing in Caribbean
  8. Crew Available: Coming North? Need some help with your MV??
  9. Crew Wanted: To Crew on Bavaria 38C Portuga l- Sweden
  10. Crew Available: Mediteranean
  11. Crew Wanted: Sail the Caribbean
  12. Crew Available: In Euorpe now... I'll go anywhere, almost..
  13. Crew Available: To Crew and Race in Antigua week 2012
  14. Crew Wanted: Skipper for 17m Jongert Sailing Yacht MED
  15. Crew Wanted: Spain to Turkey ( March / April / May )
  16. Crew Wanted: Yacht captain for Abu Dhabi, UAE
  17. Crew Available: San Francisco/Santa Cruz/Monterrey Bay weekends
  18. Crew Available: Free Help with Craft and Food
  19. Crew Available: Skipper Available
  20. Crew Available: Portugal in June 2012
  21. Crew Available: Portugal / Spain to Caribbean June 2012
  22. Crew Available: Thailand to India
  23. Crew Available: Looking for a Sail off this Continent ( North America , West Canada )
  24. Crew Available: from South America to New Zealand/Australia
  25. Crew Wanted: California to Australia
  26. Crew Available: Experienced sailing couple looking for delivery
  27. Crew Available: 25 y/o Male in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil trying to head north
  28. Crew Available: Couple Looking for Sailing Adventure
  29. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper Available in May 2012
  30. Crew Wanted: Panama / Galapagos to Marquesas / Tahiti
  31. Crew Wanted: Florida to Chesapeake Bay
  32. Crew Wanted: Surfing Cruise - Sumatra, Banyak, Nias, Telos
  33. Crew Available: Couple crewing from NZ to Pacific Islands & points North
  34. Crew Wanted: Day Sailing , and Some Coastal Trips - Melbourne, FL
  35. Crew Available: Bahamas or near across the Atlantic
  36. Crew Available: Looking for trans-atlantic crewing position
  37. Crew Wanted: Falmouth, UK to Galicia - Late May , June
  38. Crew Wanted: Leewards to Virgins and Northward
  39. Crew Wanted: Lake Charles to Miami
  40. Crew Wanted: USA to the Mediterranean in June or July 2012
  41. Crew Wanted: Curacao to USA
  42. Crew Wanted: From Grenada to Florida
  43. Crew Wanted: CREW WANTED - KEY WEST, FL to SPAIN
  44. Crew Wanted: Caribbean to Australia (April to July)
  45. Crew Available: Do you want a fun , hardworking crew member ?
  46. Crew Available: Puerto Vallarta Sailing Week of June 23, 2012
  47. Crew Wanted: La Cruz Huanacaxtle Mexico - Going South ...
  48. Crew Wanted: Valencia to Plymouth Uk April/May 2012
  49. Crew Available: Professional Yacht Captain available
  50. Crew Available: Girls Weekend in April !
  51. Crew Available: Captain Available
  52. Crew Available: Short notice : "crew" available.
  53. Crew Wanted: Florida or Cuba or Bahamas to Tenerife
  54. Crew Available: Panama Canal Line Handler
  55. Crew Wanted: Saint of Circumstance
  56. Crew Available: UK to anywhere, July-Sept
  57. Crew Wanted: Tahiti to Galapagos
  58. Crew Available: I can cook and try to help anyway i can
  59. Crew Available: Excellent crew with references
  61. Crew Wanted: Going South, First Mate needed
  62. Crew Wanted: Miami to Virgin Islands 3/14
  63. Crew Wanted: Leewards to Virgins Feb 25
  64. Crew Wanted: Pacific in March - June 2012
  65. Crew Available: Experiened Delivery Skipper/Mate &Trainer
  66. Crew Wanted: Cape Verde to Canary Islands
  67. Crew Available: Ladies Afloat - How to Search ?
  68. Crew Available: Pacific Northwest to Central or South America
  69. Crew Available: Anyone Crossing the Atlantic to N. America / Antilles Before Summer ?
  70. Crew Wanted: Mature Woman Sought
  71. Crew Wanted: Long Island to Brunswick GA
  72. Crew Available: I'm Your Next CREW Member - Available NOW!!!
  73. Crew Available: 23 y/o Healthy Male Looking to Gain Experience on or Near West Coast Waters
  74. Crew Wanted: Companion Wanted
  75. Crew Available: Panama to South America
  76. Crew Wanted: Mooloolaba to Whitsundays
  77. Crew Wanted: Sailing Whitsunday / PNG / Solomon Islands
  78. Crew Wanted: Grenada to St Maarten / Martin
  79. Crew Available: Sailing in Maine / Free Labor
  80. Crew Available: Skipper Available + Crew if Necessary
  81. Crew Available: 2 Linehandlers for Panama Canal Available 2/19 - 2/24
  82. Crew Wanted: Delivery Captain Wanted
  83. Crew Available: Flordia to where ever ready to leave in the next few months
  84. Crew Wanted: Lake Michigan to East Coast / Carribbean
  85. Crew Available: Experience Needed Young couple
  86. Crew Available: Exchange Labour for Sailing Experience
  87. Crew Wanted: Atlantic Crossing West to East
  88. Crew Wanted: Pacific Stroll
  89. Crew Wanted: Looking for Adventure , Sea Time and Fun ?
  90. Crew Available: Bahamas Experienced Kiwi and Son
  91. Crew Available: East Coast --> Europe!
  92. Crew Available: Practical and Entertaining Couple ARC 2012
  93. Crew Wanted: Mazatlan to Ensenada
  94. Crew Wanted: Lake Charles, La to Miami
  95. Crew Available: Need Help with your Trawler/Tug?
  96. Crew Wanted: La Paz to Tahiti and Beyond
  97. Crew Available: Crew Available Now to End of April
  98. Crew Available: Florida to Anywhere
  99. Crew Available: Retired Firefighter / Paramedic - Experienced Crew
  100. Crew Wanted: Phuket to Langkawi Mid March
  101. Crew Wanted: Lima Peru to Brisbane Australia
  102. Crew Available: 1st Mate - Carribean
  103. Crew Wanted: skipper,deckhand
  104. Crew Available: Newport/Balboa Harbor-
  105. Crew Available: Two Looking for Europe --> Caribbean
  106. Crew Available: TEXAS=>
  107. Crew Available: The Dream ...
  108. Crew Available: Chica Looking for Some Sailing Experience and Adventure
  109. Crew Available: Looking for experiance and adventure.
  110. Crew Wanted: Nassau or Abacos to NC/ Norfolk in April
  111. Crew Available: Looking to sail to Hawaii summer/fall 2012
  112. Crew Available: Deckhand, Steward, South of France
  113. Crew Available: Looking for Open Water
  114. Crew Available: Some Experience - Looking for Trans-Atlantic Passage
  115. Crew Wanted: NZ to TONGA and South Pacific Islands
  116. Crew Available: ARC Events and South Pacific
  117. Crew Available: Colombia - US
  118. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted Sea of Cortez, Mexico May to August
  119. Crew Available: From Panama to South Pacific & Australia/NZ
  120. Crew Wanted: BVI to Med
  121. Crew Wanted: East Coast Australia - Cruising Couple
  122. Crew Wanted: Delivery trip Azores/UK MidApril 2012
  123. Crew Wanted: Ireland to Canaries
  124. Crew Available: No Experience
  125. Crew Available: Experienced Team/Couple Looking for Employment in the Caribbean
  126. Crew Wanted: Sydney to Melbourne
  127. Crew Wanted: Kota Kinabalu - Brunei - Langkawi
  128. Crew Wanted: CREW WANTED, Sail Costa Rica to Mexico
  129. Crew Wanted: 2012 Med
  130. Crew Available: Americas / Caribbean / South Pacific
  131. Crew Available: Caribbean - Anywhere for Kiwi sailor and Son
  132. Crew Available: Personable Captain - 36 years' and 50,000 miles experience!
  133. Crew Wanted: Panama PTY west to Tahiti, Oz, Seth Efrica 2012
  134. Crew Wanted: Madagascar to Thailand
  135. Crew Available: crew available NOW in Eleuthera/Bahamas
  136. Crew Available: Mexico or Central America to South America
  137. Crew Wanted: Gulf Shores AL to Charleston SC
  138. Crew Wanted: Day sailing
  140. Crew Wanted: Catamaran Skipper Required Mid April from Le Sables France for 7 to 10 Days
  141. Crew Available: Dayskipper looking for boat: july and august
  142. Crew Available: Experienced Captain Available
  143. Crew Available: Aug-Sept 2012 Pacific
  144. Crew Wanted: Sailing 2012 - UK to Med
  145. Crew Available: Mediterranean Agean and Black Sea Cruising
  146. Crew Wanted: Crew Opportunity - Transatlantic / Pacific
  147. Crew Available: Crossing the Pacific Ocean
  148. Crew Available: Looking for Blue Water
  149. Crew Available: Looking to Sail Northward Windwards - I Will Pay You
  150. Crew Wanted: Mileage Builder - Kos Greece to Koper Slovenia
  151. Crew Available: Central / South America - Anywhere
  152. Crew Available: Experienced and profesional crew couple looking for job on sailing boat
  153. Crew Available: Delivery / Charter Couple
  154. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper Available
  155. Crew Available: New Orleans to Central our South America
  156. Crew Available: Skipper from Russia for Sailing and Yacht Charters
  157. Crew Available: Couple Crew Sharing Costs
  158. Crew Available: West Palm Beach Florida to Anywhere ...........
  159. Crew Available: 2 Person From NZ or Australia to Around Pacific
  160. Crew Available: Mexico
  161. Crew Available: Sailing Crew
  162. Crew Wanted: Sail the Baltic Sea 2012
  163. Crew Wanted: Thailand to Australia
  164. Crew Available: Motor Yacht - Dominican rep. to Cape Verde
  165. Crew Available: Trini Girl in South Florida Ready To Go
  166. Crew Wanted: Couple Looking for Crew on Charter
  167. Crew Available: South Florida to Puerto Rico
  168. Crew Available: Down to South America
  170. Crew Wanted: Crew or Buddy Boating
  171. Crew Wanted: Caribbean & Beyond - March 2012
  172. Crew Wanted: NZ and the Pacific Islands
  173. Crew Available: Bahamas Delivery For Almost Free (Airfare Home)
  174. Crew Available: Crewing Opportunity Wanted in the Caribbean
  175. Crew Available: 100 Ton master for delivery around the GOM.
  176. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted - Charleston to Abaco - Feb 16
  177. Crew Wanted: Tartan 34 C West to East Atlantic Crossing
  178. Crew Available: In Melbourne
  179. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper Available 1st June Onwards
  180. Crew Available: Water Woman and Pup Want to Cruise
  181. Crew Available: I Want Experience and Adventure !
  182. Crew Wanted: Delivery Capt Needed
  183. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted - La Paz Mexico to Seattle - Early April 2012
  184. Crew Available: Trini Girl Ready to Set Sail
  185. Crew Available: Aussie girl and US guy in Florida looking to head south
  186. Crew Wanted: Florida to Belize, Early February
  187. Crew Wanted: Louisiana to Miami
  188. Crew Available: In Ft Lauderdale Going Anywhere South ( can also use advice )
  189. Crew Wanted: Atlantic in May 2012 Bermuda - Portugal
  191. Crew Available: Woman Seeks Sailmate to Share a Very Slow Circumnavigation
  192. Crew Available: Pick Me - Pick Me !
  193. Crew Available: Captain available
  194. Crew Wanted: The Western Caribbean
  195. Crew Available: Racer Wants to Become Cruiser
  196. Crew Wanted: Cruising Mexico Feb 1 - June 1
  197. Crew Available: Crew position wanted
  198. Crew Wanted: LA to Phillipines 8000 Nautical Miles
  199. Crew Wanted: Northwest Passage 2012 - Open Berths
  200. Crew Available: Crew Available June - Sept 2012
  201. Crew Wanted: Skipper for Carribean (starting from St Maarten)
  202. Crew Wanted: Visit Papua New Guinea
  203. Crew Available: Dominican republic to Cape Verde
  204. Crew Available: Pacific crossing
  205. Crew Wanted: Vessel Delivery - Ballina to Gold Coast
  206. Crew Wanted: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
  207. Crew Available: Passage from Hong Kong!
  208. Crew Available: Competent Crew Available
  209. Crew Wanted: New Zealand to Hawaii
  210. Crew Available: Couple Looking to Join a Boat Sailing in Fiji ASAP
  211. Crew Available: Panama Canal . English / Spanish Speaking Line Handler / Info Provider
  212. Crew Available: Tom Montagu
  213. Crew Wanted: Jacksonville to Miami
  214. Crew Available: US Licensed 100 Ton Boat Captain looking in Honduras Guatemala
  215. Crew Available: Ready to start a new- need expirience before I buy
  216. Crew Available: Crew in Ireland available to go tomorrow
  217. Crew Wanted: Long Term Cruising Partnership - Not Just Crew
  218. Crew Available: Mexico to Panama (Jan 2012 onwards)
  219. Crew Wanted: Trinidad and Tobago Onwards
  220. Ahoy from the California Delta
  221. Crew Available: Competent Crew Available for Jan & Feb
  223. Crew Wanted: Bi or Gay Crew Wanted
  224. Crew Available: American Couple - Early 50s
  225. Crew Wanted: Helene and Andre Boning
  226. Crew Wanted: ARC Regatta 2012 + ARC Europe 2013
  227. Crew Available: Florida to...??? Experienced sailor looking for a new gig!
  228. Crew Wanted: Needing Crew for 45 Foot Catamaran St Lucia to OZ and Beyond
  229. Crew Available: crew/passengers available - Caribbean
  230. Crew Available: Western Australia, good watchkeeper, cook.
  231. Crew Available: fit,38yrs old, good watchkeeper, cook.
  232. Crew Available: Too cheap to pay for find-a-crew premium membership
  233. Crew Available: Ready to Set Sail
  235. Crew Wanted: St Thomas - Chile
  236. Pacific to Australia
  237. Crew Available: Looking to Crew Across the Atlantic
  238. Crew Available: Seeking deckhand position
  239. Crew Wanted: s/v Noe Mar, Seagoer Yawl
  240. Crew Available: Pacific Aug to Sept 2012
  241. Crew Available: Experienced sailor for captain or crew
  242. Crew Available: Florida to Carribbean/etc.
  243. Crew Available: 32yr Aussie seeking Caribbean to Pacific (Oz?) passage - In St Lucia and ready to go.
  244. Crew Available: St. Thomas Crew Hand available immediantly
  245. Crew Wanted: Delivery Captain Rates ?
  246. Crew Available: Firefighter/paramedic, experienced crew
  247. Crew Available: Experienced Sailor available now in Dinner Key,Fl.
  248. Crew Available: Training Skipper or Mate
  249. Crew Available: Early Spring Atlantic Crossing?
  250. Crew Available: Couple looking for opportunity to travel to Caribbean