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  1. Crew Available: Captain available
  2. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted Grenada to St Martin
  3. Crew Wanted: American Deckhands And Cook needed For Tallship Work In Cuba.
  4. Crew Available: 15,000 mile+ crew available for Atlantic passages to Europe in 2016
  5. Crew Wanted: Two Crew Needed Florida to Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Possibly Cuba
  6. Crew Wanted: San Diego to La Paz to French Polynesia
  7. Crew Wanted: Exumas
  8. Crew Wanted: Isla Mujeres to Rio Dulce
  9. Crew Available: Scuba Instructor with Sailing Experience seeking Crew Position
  10. Crew Available: Captain for crossing the Atlantic. Boston - Europe. Available.
  11. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted
  12. Crew Wanted: Sailing Tenerife 28.02-05.03
  13. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted For Caribbean Sun Sail Charter for Week in December Split Costs
  14. Crew Available: looking for crew position in new Zealand
  15. Crew Wanted: LFC - Boston to Galveston Immediately
  16. Crew Available: Captain or crew, Yachtmaster ocean, kite surf instructor
  17. Crew Available: Stcw,eng1 looking for job/volunteer around Gib
  18. Crew Available: Early 2016 available
  19. Crew Wanted: Subic Bay to Leyte, Philippines
  20. Crew Wanted: San Fransico to San diego
  21. Crew Wanted: Sailing Friends
  22. Crew Available: Couple available
  23. Crew Available: In Airlie Beach - Destination, anywhere north please
  24. Crew Available: SaillingWilly
  25. Crew Wanted: Opportunity to sail around Greece to Turkey
  26. Crew Available: Crew! November 2015- until
  27. Crew Available: Available for deliveries again..
  28. Crew Wanted: Crew and Partners Wanted
  29. Crew Available: crew available (2) currently in FL keys
  30. Crew Wanted: Fathers Grace-45' Leopard
  31. Crew Wanted: Crew needed Baltimore to Caribbean
  32. Crew Available: Heading South & West of UK....Destination Pacific
  33. Crew Wanted: NYC to Charleston Nov 1-8; Charleston to Boca Nov 12 -15
  34. Crew Wanted: need a British skipper
  35. Crew Available: Singapore Strait Regatta
  36. Crew Wanted: Portsmouth, VA to Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas
  37. Crew Wanted: Looking for some crew
  38. Crew Wanted: Sailing soon; Annapolis area down the ICW to FLA
  39. Crew Available: California to Central America
  40. Crew Wanted: Florida to Grand Cayman
  41. Crew Wanted: Need 1 captain for few hours GENOVA,IT 19th/10/2015
  42. Crew Wanted: Adelaide to New Zealand
  43. Looking for Ride to Guaymas MX
  44. Crew Available: Wanting to sail inside passage Alaska.
  45. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted, Annapolis to Palm Beach, Mid November.
  46. Crew Available: Looking to Crew in February
  47. Crew Wanted: 54' sloop hopping around Sicily
  48. Crew Available: West to Hawaii
  49. Crew Wanted: Sea of Cortez - Costa Rica and Panama
  50. Crew Available: Couple avail to work the winter in the Caribbean
  51. Crew Wanted: Delivery skipper and or crew for 3-4 week trip Sweden to France, Portugal, Spain
  52. Crew Available: Canadian Female look to sail in Asia and South Pacific
  53. Crew Wanted: Crew curacao to st croix 12/2015
  54. Crew Wanted: Day Sailing
  55. Crew Wanted: Crew member wanted Vanuatu - Brisbane 13-15 Oct
  56. Crew Wanted: Crew Member wanted Vanuatu - Brisbane departing 13-15 Oct
  57. Crew Available: Going to Ft Lauderdale
  58. Crew Wanted: Cat delivery Annapolis to BVI's
  59. Crew Wanted: Boston to Florida. Short notice.
  60. Crew Available: Available Crew of 1
  61. Crew Wanted: 10/11/15 for a delivery from Tom's river NJ to Newport
  62. Crew Available: Available West Coast to Hawaii Dec/Jan
  63. Crew Available: Professional crew available anywhere, anytime
  64. Crew Wanted: Long Term Crew Wanted.
  65. Crew Available: Short-term, experienced crew in/near the Philippines in May 2016
  66. Crew Available: Experienced sailor- currently Philippines
  67. Crew Wanted: Buenos Aires (Argentina)-Colonia (Uruguay)
  68. Crew Wanted: Crete to Cyprus in November 2015
  69. Crew Wanted: Circumnavigation 2016-2018
  70. Crew Wanted: October 2015 Delivery From Seattle To Portland
  71. Crew Wanted: Sea of Cortez 2015 / 2016 Crew wanted, minimal experience.
  72. Crew Wanted: USA to BVI
  73. Crew Available: best team
  74. Crew Wanted: One exp crew wanted for Salty Dawg
  75. Crew Wanted: Tahiti - Pacific Islands - New Zealand
  76. Crew Wanted: For Atlantic Crossing
  77. Crew Available: Skipper For Your Adventure or Delivery. Open For Any Ideas and Flexible.
  78. Crew Available: Looking to crew Aus into Asia
  79. Crew Wanted: Tahiti to Pacific Islands and New Zealand
  80. Crew Available: Novice female looking for experience in Oahu
  81. Crew Wanted: New Caledonia to Australia - Mature & Experienced
  82. Crew Wanted: Mi March 2016 Puddle Jump from La Paz, Mexico
  83. Crew Available: Need To Be Free, Inexperienced
  84. Crew Wanted: Cartagena to San Blas Islands
  85. Crew Available: Sailing the Inside Passage Canada/Alaska in 2016
  86. Crew Available: Sailing
  87. Crew Wanted: Sail Surf 14 days From Nias Indonesia to Phuket in Thailand, Free Trip
  88. Crew Wanted: Couple With 2 Children Looking For Single FEMALE to Crew Tampa to Brazil
  89. Crew Available: From the Med to the Sea of Cortez
  90. Crew Wanted: Female sailor w/experience for trip south from ct
  91. Crew Available: skipper, short notice, Europe
  92. Crew Available: Free Work with a twist
  93. Crew Available: Wanting to learn to sail
  94. Crew Available: 25 y/o Male seeks to gain experience sailing
  95. Crew Available: Crew couple available for 2016 Australia (Cairns) to South Pacific island hop
  96. Crew Wanted: Chesapeake to Bermuda/maybe BVI
  97. Crew Available: Sailing to USA
  98. Crew Available: Abaco Bahamas December 2015
  99. Crew Available: Looking for Day Sail in Hawaii
  100. Crew Available: East Coast and Southeast
  101. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted Fiji to Brisbane Australia
  102. Crew Available: Highly experienced captain, crew available.
  103. Crew Wanted: Crew on a yacht, Indonesia, Philippines, Palau, etc.
  104. Crew Available: Colombia, Panama and surrounds
  105. Crew Wanted: Crusing Around the World.
  106. Crew Available: Boat Wanted
  107. Crew Available: Anyone need help within the next 72 hours?
  108. Crew Available: Passage to Antigua.
  109. Crew Wanted: SW Florida to Belize November 1, 2015
  110. Crew Wanted: Ft Myers to Isla
  111. Crew Available: Couple looking to hit the waters!
  112. Crew Available: Panama Canal
  113. Crew Available: Experienced and licensed Skipper available for motoryacht passages
  114. Crew Wanted: Dania Beach, Florida to Lake Sabine, TX
  115. Crew Wanted: Ct to Florida
  116. Crew Wanted: Hostess and crew for BVI
  117. Crew Available: 58 male UK looking for crewing position
  118. Crew Wanted: SS-GOOD-TIME
  119. Crew Wanted: SS-GOOD-TIME
  120. Crew Wanted: Escape UK for winter Sun - Lady Crew required
  121. Crew Available: Looking for passage from Spain to Canarian islands in October.
  122. Crew Wanted: Looking For 1 or 2 Crew From Trinidad to ABC's
  123. Crew Available: Crew Available Sandy Hook, NJ area
  124. Crew Available: Delivery crew available
  125. Crew Wanted: North Carolina to New Orleans LA via Key West FL
  126. Crew Wanted: France to Portugal/Canaries on 37 foot sailing yacht
  127. Crew Wanted: Pacific Islands
  128. Crew Wanted: Carolinas to Florida Oct-Nov 2015
  129. Crew Available: Move your boat for Free
  130. Crew Available: Boston Ma
  131. Crew Available: New England N of Boston
  132. Crew Available: Anywhere in Early November (Inexperienced female)
  133. Crew Available: Anywhere any time in November or later.
  134. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted Australia
  135. Crew Available: Enthusiastic Couple Available for Crew
  136. Crew Wanted: Clearwater Beach FL to Destin/Apalachicola FL
  137. Crew Available: Great lakes
  138. Crew Wanted: Key West to Cuba
  139. Crew Wanted: ARC 2016
  140. Crew Available: Experienced and available
  141. Crew Wanted: Skipper in Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba, Sinai coast and south)
  142. Crew Available: Experienced crew availale
  143. Crew Wanted: Canaries to Grenada late 11-2015
  144. Crew Wanted: Florida to Bahamas and beyond if weather permits
  145. Sailing couple offering Boat Sitting services St Maarten / St Martin / St Barths
  146. Crew Available: Keen crew available now from Brazil
  147. Crew Available: Student seeking adventure & hard work after school
  148. Crew Available: From anywhere | To anywhere | Available Now
  149. Crew Wanted: South from Solomons Island in October
  150. Crew Available: Looking for a ride from either Key West or Tampa to Charleston, SC
  151. Crew Wanted: Looking for crew, Columbia River to SF Bay.
  152. Crew Available: Capetown to St. Helena - December
  153. Crew Available: Experienced Cook/Deckhand Europe-Americas
  154. Crew Available: Well Experienced Deckhand Available Looking For A Boat
  155. Crew Wanted: [Greece] - 40 crew wanted for sailing adventure
  156. Crew Wanted: Watch captain from Houston to St. Thomas, USVI
  157. Crew Available: Looking to Crew For Gained Experience and Knowledge
  158. Crew Available: [SEATTLE] Girlfriend and I looking to crew over Laborday
  159. Crew Available: New Jersey RYA Coastal Skipper
  160. Crew Available: Healthy 24 yo male seeking to crew Baja Haha
  161. Crew Available: Skipper, crew, kite surf instructor, YM ocean
  162. Crew Wanted: R2AK x2 crew needed
  163. Crew Available: Texas Harvest Moon Regatta looking to sail
  164. Crew Wanted: Deckhand required sailing Spain
  165. Crew Available: 10,000 miles + experience. Available @ short notice on US E Coast in Sept & Oct
  166. Crew Wanted: PNW to SF - what is the best way to hire an experienced captain?
  167. Crew Available: Available Crew
  168. Crew Available: Need Reliable Crew?
  169. Crew Available: Atlantic crossing.
  170. Crew Wanted: Cairns To TI And Torres
  171. Crew Wanted: volunteer, catamaran FL - Caribbean mid Oct-Dec
  172. Crew Wanted: Looking for volunteer crew
  173. Crew Wanted: Seattle to Mexico
  174. Crew Available: Hawaii to NZ fall or winter of 2015
  175. Crew Available: Young hardworking female seeking boat Oahu to California
  176. Crew Available: Experienced Crew for South America, Patagonia
  177. Crew Available: Looking for sailing experience between Oct-Nov -Anywhere around or near Europe.
  178. Crew Wanted: Experienced sailor: Barnegat Bay NJ to New Bern NC
  179. Crew Wanted: Motor cruising companion wanted - Malaysia
  180. Crew Wanted: 2015 Australia to Philippines via Pacific Islands
  181. Crew Available: Off shore crew available
  182. Crew Available: Advice on California to Hawaii
  183. Crew Available: Crew Available
  184. Crew Available: Free cook for Atlantic crossing
  185. Crew Wanted: Docking Instruction Wanted for Sailing catamaran
  186. Crew Wanted: Crew member from Opua, NZ to Kona, HI
  187. Crew Available: Inexperienced Boat Seeker US to NZ Fall 2016
  188. Crew Wanted: Norfolk to Fort Lauderdale
  189. Crew Wanted: Sail the Baltic in September
  190. Crew Wanted: Philly,PA To Stuart,Fl
  191. Crew Available: Need your boat delivered..
  192. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted Cuba to Bahamas
  193. Crew Available: Available, experienced, flexible schedule!
  194. Crew Available: Looking For Exp. Cap'n to Learn from, will pay my own way.
  195. Crew Available: Atlantic crossing | Europe-South America | More sustainable traveling
  196. Crew Wanted: Cartagena to Panama (Update)
  197. Crew Wanted: Skipper - Vanuatu to NZ in October
  198. Crew Wanted: What do YOU charge for 'delivery'?
  199. Crew Available: Couple Available to crew 2015 Harvest Moon Regatta
  200. Crew Available: Azores East, Couple available
  201. Crew Wanted: Experienced Crew for Atlantic Crossing
  202. Crew Wanted: 2 Crew Wanted Ft. Lauderdale - Azores
  203. Crew Wanted: 2 Crew Wanted Rhode Island - Kemah, TX
  204. Crew Available: RYA Yachtmaster Ocean available for yacht deliveries
  205. Crew Available: Currently in Greece & Turkey
  206. Crew Available: Lookingfor work as a deckhand or bosun...
  207. Crew Available: For Atlantic crossing from Europe anytime Oct. to Dec.
  208. Crew Available: for BC Coast --- Have charts, will travel.
  209. Crew Available: Sailing to Bahamas Single Handed?
  210. Crew Available: Experienced Lady Sailor
  211. Crew Wanted: Naples to Greece towards end September
  212. Crew Wanted: Midcoast Maine to Cape Hatteras Sept 1
  213. Crew Available: Sailing in Texas
  214. Crew Wanted: female to share life in Bodrum and sailing in season
  215. Crew Available: Ideally in Caribbean - November/December 2015
  216. Crew Available: Warm Weather Sailing ;-)
  217. Crew Available: Free Help for the East Coast Power or Sail
  218. Crew Wanted: East Coast to remote South Pacific
  219. Crew Wanted: Surfing Crew Wanted Banyaks Nias Indonesia, Share Costs
  220. Crew Available: Blue water trip wanted. Thailand.
  221. Crew Available: Will work for time on the water...
  222. Crew Available: Skipper or crew
  223. Crew Available: Available for an Atlantic crossing -November, from Gran canaria or Cape V.
  224. Crew Wanted: exploring south coast of Newfoundland
  225. Crew Available: for Blue or Coastal Waters
  226. Crew Wanted: Darwin to Brisbane and South
  227. Crew Wanted: Sail down east coast to Caribbean
  228. Crew Wanted: Deckhand wanted Palma to Valencia
  229. Crew Wanted: Point Roberts to Ensenada
  230. Crew Wanted: Bali to South Africa
  231. Crew Wanted: S. Mex to Newport, OR now
  232. Crew Available: Looking for experience
  233. Crew Available: Looking to crew (Nov-Dec) anywhere
  234. Crew Wanted: Annapolis to Deltaville, VA and Back
  235. Crew Wanted: Sailing Adriatic sea 22.08-29
  236. Crew Available: ARC duo available!
  237. Crew Available: Available anywhere between The Netherlands and Gran canaria, also for an Atlantic cr.
  238. Crew Available: 25yr old Experienced Aussie in Europe
  239. Crew Available: US to Grenada: boat owner returning to own boat
  240. Crew Available: Kiwi in the Caribbean
  241. Crew Wanted: continuing voyage
  242. Crew Available: Beginning sailor available to help on a sail to catalina
  243. Crew Wanted: Looking for crew around October/November
  244. Crew Available: Yacht Deliveries...
  245. Crew Wanted: WEST COAST MEX & U.S. NOW
  246. Crew Wanted: Need Crew for Panama Canal Transit Aug 13th from Shelter Bay Colon.
  247. Crew Wanted: Seeking Female Crew Member for winter cruise
  248. Crew Available: What is the Best way to start working in the Sailing world?
  249. Crew Wanted: Lanzarote to Trinidad November 2015
  250. Crew Wanted: ICW #536 TO DINNER KEY