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  1. Crew Wanted: Lets Go
  2. Crew Wanted: Cross Channel (England to France) August 22 - 25th 2014 37ft Oceanis
  3. Crew Available: joey2songs
  4. Crew Available: Looking to crew in Indonesia
  5. Crew Available: Meteorologist Looking to take some Time Off
  6. Crew Wanted: Richardsbay to Capetown
  7. Crew Available: Tonga to wherever
  8. Crew Wanted: Annopolis To Lake Erie leaving around july 25
  9. Crew Available: Experienced Med Sailor in the US for a few Months
  10. Crew Wanted: Port Grimaud to Falmouth.
  11. Crew Wanted: Figueira Da Foz, Portugal to Isle of Arran, Scotland - July/August 2014 - Lagoon 420
  12. Crew Available: NYC / Tri-State Area
  13. Crew Wanted: 2014 Atlantic Crossing
  14. Crew Available: Couple looking to get to USVI
  15. Crew Wanted: male crew
  16. Crew Available: ONWARD FROM AUSTRALIA
  17. Crew Wanted: From les Sables-d'Olonne to Sicily
  18. Crew Available: 2 for South & Central America Cruising
  19. Crew Available: North Carolina coast crew available
  20. Crew Available: Central America to anywhere in Pacific
  21. Crew Wanted: MD to Caribbean/FL; Fall/Winter 14
  22. Crew Available: East Coast United States / Paramedic
  23. Crew Available: Willing To Crew Nov. 2014 and Onward!
  24. Crew Wanted: Crew needed
  25. Crew Available: SAILING TO ASIA
  26. ONLY 1 BERTH LEFT San Francisco - Vancouver
  27. Crew Available: St Kilda, Scotland
  28. Crew Available: Experienced couple in Tahiti available NOW!
  29. Crew Available: Line Handler for Panama Canal
  30. Crew Wanted: Galveston to Guatemala via Tampa, KW, Cozumel
  31. Crew Available: Mate/Skipper/Captain
  32. Crew Available: Take us with you on your next sailing/yachting adventure...short notice ok!!
  33. Crew Wanted: Virginia to Florida aboard 40" trimaran July 20
  34. Crew Wanted: Opportunities for yacht skippers/captains wanting to make a difference in the world
  35. Crew Wanted: Crew for Noumea and to Australia Coffs Harbor
  36. Crew Available: Hawaii to Africa?
  37. Crew Available: Dingy Sailor looking to get offshore
  38. Crew Available: Crew in Los Angeles
  39. Crew Wanted: Seek crew- Bella Sirena Pacific Seacraft 40 Voyagemaker Cutter 1999
  40. Crew Wanted: Looking For Sailing Partner,
  41. Crew Available: Experienced sailor available from Europe to East Coast US
  42. Crew Available: Australian Crewman available ASAP in Suva, Fiji.
  43. Crew Wanted: Potentially 2 deliveries
  44. Crew Available: Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed
  45. Crew Available: San Diego Sailing
  46. Crew Available: Couple willing to crew
  47. Crew Available: California to Hawaii
  48. Crew Wanted: Aug to Nov 2014: Philippines, PNG, Solomons, Australia
  49. Crew Available: Luca experienced italian crew available from october
  50. Crew Wanted: South Africa to Cyprus
  51. Crew Available: Austrian cook/hostess is looking for a job
  52. Crew Available: Experienced Crew in Seattle Available Werkends
  53. Crew Available: Central Florida sailor
  54. Crew Wanted: Sicily To England
  55. Crew Available: Newbie looking to get experience
  56. Crew Available: Available to crew in Brazil - Uruguay - Argentina
  57. Crew Available: Reg uk Paramedic Close Protection officer looking to assist in short trips.
  58. Crew Wanted: Clearwater to Galveston 3rd crew member
  59. Crew Available: Deckhand/Steward
  60. Crew Available: Looking to crew down to Panama
  61. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted Sydney to Indonesia and beyond
  62. Crew Available: 2014 ARC crew/engineer
  63. Crew Available: Finding a vessel for the ARC
  64. Crew Available: Hey. We are looking for a sailboat to live)))
  65. Crew Available: Crew available May'15 onwards
  66. Crew Available: Newbies like to learn
  67. Crew Available: for racing or delivery (short-distance)
  68. Crew Available: Charter Crew Advice Sought
  69. Crew Available: Looking to sail med in July
  70. Crew Wanted: crew needed immediatly
  71. Crew Available: Anyone looking to hire a Deckhand/Stew
  72. Crew Available: Uruguayan young woman, seeking short adventure in the Med, midjuly!
  73. Crew Available: visiting seward, ak through July 8th
  74. Crew Available: looking for boat to cross with ARC
  75. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted: Erie Canal, Waterford To Buffalo, And Back To Florida.
  76. Crew Wanted: Sailing trip in Croatia, a week in August
  77. Crew Available: Crew in the Philippines
  78. Crew Wanted: Savannah to Oriental July 30
  79. Crew Wanted: Chesapeake Bay to Miami
  80. Crew Available: WSV
  81. Crew Wanted: Sailing Whitsundays Great barrier reef
  82. Crew Wanted: East coast Australia
  84. Crew Wanted: USA East Coast through Caribbean November 2014
  85. Crew Available: Experienced, capable, and reliable crew available
  86. Crew Available: Flexible Head Chef looking for Caribbean job
  87. Crew Wanted: FYI
  88. Crew Available: Harvest Moon Regatta
  89. Crew Available: future biologist, female, going anywhere in the fall
  90. Crew Available: My wife needs her sea legs
  91. Crew Wanted: Rarotonga/Fiji to Australia and then Indonesia
  92. Crew Wanted: Gold Coast to Whitsundays
  94. Crew Available: Married 30 Something...Hot As Hell Female...Seeks Older Man With A Boat
  95. Crew Available: US to Panama Nov 2014
  96. Crew Available: Young Male Crew Available in Vancouver to sail north to Alaska!
  97. Crew Wanted: Sailing around Fiji in July, to Vanuatu in August, then to Malaysia by November
  98. Crew Available: Atlantic Crossing from Europe to South America
  99. Crew Wanted: One crew needed. Ft. Lauderdale to NY July 1st
  100. Crew Available: Caribbean, Central America available
  101. Crew Available: Two Responsible Females Searching for an Adventure
  102. Crew Available: Crew Hand Available
  103. Crew Available: Young, experienced, enthusiastic crew available in Canada, Fall, 2014
  104. Crew Wanted: Captain for delivery from Tortola to Annapolis, MD
  105. Crew Available: Experienced FREE Crew Virgins Islands South
  106. Crew Wanted: Crew for leisurely Ionian Cruise
  107. Crew Wanted: Mediterranean, Caribbean , Panama ,Galápagos Islands
  108. Crew Wanted: gold coast to whitsundays and back
  109. Crew Wanted: Kiel to Tallin 14 days
  110. Crew Available: strong, positive, crew member looking to get to Colombia.
  111. Crew Available: crew available
  112. Any PNW Nor'Sea owners willing to take a couple daysailing?
  113. Crew Available: Experienced Captain Available for Delivery -power or sail
  114. Crew Wanted: One crew needed. Ft. Lauderdale to NY July 1
  115. Crew Wanted: Victoria BC to Mexico, need experienced crew
  116. Crew Wanted: NY to boston - 3 week trip.
  117. Crew Wanted: crew wanted
  118. Crew Available: Circumnavigator delivery captains available
  119. Crew Available: For cruising around Fiji and/or onwards to Australia
  120. Crew Available: available in cuba
  121. Crew Available: USA/Bahamas to Trinidad/Grenada?
  122. Crew Wanted: Whitsunday Islands then north along Great Barrier Reef and Islands.
  123. Crew Wanted: Day sailing out of Edmonds WA
  124. Crew Wanted: Washington to Alaska by end of July
  125. Crew Available: Crew available in Spain/Mediterranean area
  126. Crew Wanted: American Samoa
  127. Crew Available: Looking for a new journey..
  128. Crew Wanted: Crewman wanted
  129. Crew Available: May I join you to C.A., Panama or Costa Rica
  130. Crew Available: Crew available, Maryland, with tools.... :)
  131. Crew Available: Deliveries out of South Africa
  132. Crew Wanted: Mature long term crew sought
  133. Crew Available: Mature Couple available in Malta
  134. Crew Available: Croatia/Montenegro/Albania/Corfu/Lefkada
  135. Crew Available: Boat Shifter...
  136. Crew Wanted: Sail with PtitFilou in Thailand Phuket
  137. Crew Available: Chef, Skipper, Deckhand available in SE Asia
  138. Crew Wanted: New York to Maine - 3 weeks cruise.
  139. Crew Wanted: getting ready for epic journey
  140. Crew Available: Florida Newbie Available, Happy to go Anywhere
  141. Crew Wanted: St Thomas-Miami-Late Next Week
  142. Crew Wanted: Sag Harbor, NY to Rockport Maine 6/20-6/28
  143. Crew Available: USCG Captain availablel to crew East Coast-US
  144. Crew Wanted: ARC Baltic Rally July6 Hanse 505
  145. Crew Wanted: Boat and Croissants
  146. Crew Available: from around the virgins to down island end of june
  147. Crew Available: CG Capt wants to sail!
  148. Crew Wanted: Puerto Rico to Dominican Republic
  149. Crew Available: in Costa rica wanting to sail
  150. Crew Wanted: New York to Maine - 3 weeks.
  151. Crew Wanted: Captain and Chef/Mate - VI
  152. Crew Wanted: 36-ft ketch, Vero Beach to Mystic CT
  153. Crew Wanted: Sailing holiday in cork
  154. Crew Available: Professional couple wanting winter Canary isles Catamaran
  155. Crew Available: ARC crew, good odds?
  156. Crew Available: USCG Cert. 100-Ton Capt. SOCAL looking to go anywhere...
  157. Crew Available: OFFERED 2 MEMBER CREW
  158. Crew Available: Experienced Crew Available ASAP from AUS to Anywhere!!
  159. Crew Available: For cruising around Fiji and onwards to Australia
  160. Crew Wanted: Annual trip up and down the Forgotten Coast.
  161. Crew Available: Looking for Keel Boat Experience in Seattle
  162. need a ride
  163. Crew Available: 25 year old male looking to crew
  164. Crew Available: Available in Alaska to wherever
  165. Crew Wanted: Puerta Vallarta to Seattle
  166. Crew Wanted: A Lady
  167. Crew Wanted: Caribbean Charter
  168. Crew Available: Deckhand for hire, college educated
  169. Crew Wanted: Daysailing Hudson River Plus Cruise
  170. Crew Wanted: Day or multiple nights Southport, NC
  171. Crew Available: Los Angeles sailing
  172. Crew Available: Fort Lauderdale/Anywhere - Anywhere
  173. Crew Wanted: FROM HAMBURG TO STOCKHOLM - JUNE 2014
  174. Crew Wanted: Miami to Beaufort June 9, 2014
  175. Crew Wanted: fort lauderdale to boston
  176. Crew Wanted: Sailing San Diego
  177. Crew Wanted: Announcing! Images! Images!
  178. Crew Available: From Australia To New-Caledonia July 2014
  179. Crew Available: Line-handler in Panama
  180. Bali Papua Solomon Vanuatu Fiji trip
  181. Crew Wanted: South Coast Cuba From Grand Cayman
  182. Crew Wanted: Catamaran Texas to Florida
  183. Crew Wanted: Late Notice - Sicily to Mallorca June 7
  184. Crew Available: CATAMARAN ENTHUSIAST
  185. Crew Available: Anywhere, Immediate Availability
  186. Crew Available: Experienced and Licensed Captain
  187. Crew Available: europe sailing
  188. Crew Wanted: New York to Maine - 3 weesk cruising.
  189. Crew Wanted: Mexico to New Orleana
  190. Crew Wanted: Caribbean - Chile
  191. Crew Available: Two Dutchies (29/32) willing to work their way through Indonesia
  192. Crew Wanted: Leaving Nova Scotia to Florida/Bahamas Aug
  193. Crew Available: July from malta or italy to france or england
  194. Crew Available: French Crew In St Lucia To Go North
  195. Crew Wanted: 40' Sailboat Delivery - Ft. Lauderdale to NY
  196. Crew Available: Dominican Republic - July & August 2014
  197. Crew Wanted: Vancouver BC to San Francisco and/or San Diego
  198. Crew Wanted: Chesapeake to Falmouth,
  199. Crew Wanted: East Coast to West Coast
  200. Crew Wanted: West Palm Beach, FL to Newport, RI
  201. Crew Available: in: Southern Africa, Mozambique, South Africa
  202. Crew Available: Malta -All July-experienced
  203. Crew Available: Awesome Crew is SE Asia recommended by ME!
  204. Crew Available: French Crew in Trinidad to Go North
  205. Crew Available: Crossing the Atlantic in 2015
  206. Crew Wanted: New York to Maine - 1 month.
  207. looking for a delivery skipper
  208. Crew Wanted: Tampa to Panama Feb 2015
  209. Crew Available: Croatia June 2014
  210. Crew Wanted: Key West to Fort Walton Fl
  211. Crew Available: captain position
  212. Crew Available: Smart, Fit, Responsible Crew Ready for Some Passagemaking
  213. Crew Wanted: ft meyers to rio dulce
  214. Looking for a Captain
  215. Crew Wanted: 1-2 person ready to go -> Panama-Galapagos-Marquesas.
  216. Crew Available: 24 year old paramedic searching for a position.
  217. Crew Available: Have Captains Licence new to Sailing
  218. Crew Available: Female available for crewing
  219. Crew Wanted: Caribbean - Chile
  220. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted: Tahiti to Indonesia
  221. Crew Available: NYC Day/Weekend Sailing
  222. Crew Wanted: Cruise: Thailand (Jomtien) to Cambodia
  223. Crew Available: Able body for hire
  224. Crew Wanted: Ft. Lauderdale to NYC -- Competent Captain needed
  225. Crew Wanted: Crew for small sailboat june 1 Ft. Myers to Antigua
  226. Crew Available: SoCal to Baja
  227. Crew Available: Transatlantic ARC 2014
  228. Crew Available: Fit-slim-adventurous looking for boat in Fiji
  229. Crew Wanted: Tampa to Columbia
  230. Crew Wanted: Chesapeake Bay multihull sailing beginning June 20
  231. Crew Available: Wanted to Sail from Europe to America
  232. Crew Wanted: Maryland to California and beyond
  233. Crew Wanted: Sail NYC to Block Island, June 17
  234. Crew Available: Transatlantic crossing 2015
  235. Crew Wanted: Cruising Mass. to Novia Scotia
  236. Crew Wanted: We are looking for crew from Boston to Irland
  237. Crew Wanted: Exuma, Bahamas to Fort Lauderdale June 8 to 21
  238. Crew Wanted: Shotly, Ipswich to Caernarfon.
  239. Crew Wanted: female crew wanted
  240. Crew Wanted: Florida to Isla Margarita
  241. Crew Available: Azores to the Old Continent (Portugal-Spain or France)
  242. Crew Available: New to Sailing
  243. Crew Available: Seeking Blue Water
  244. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted For Atlantic Crossing ASAP
  245. Crew Available: Looking for a boat going from French Polynesia to NZ or Australi
  246. Crew Available: Golfito to?
  247. Crew Wanted: Deckhand/Watchstander Wanted(Marathon to Deltaville)
  248. Crew Wanted: Early June: Offshore From Ft. Pierce, FL To Chesapeake Bay
  249. Crew Wanted: Crew for Crete to Malta/Italy
  250. Crew Wanted: Arctic Norway - Lofoten Islands Senja - crew needed asap