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  1. Crew Available: Cairns
  2. Crew Available: Maryland, D.C. and Virgina Cruising Crewman
  3. Crew Wanted: New Orleans Louisiana Crew needed
  4. Crew Available: south east asia
  5. Crew Available: Experienced couple available long term from Europe
  6. Crew Available: Queensland, Australia - Cruising Yachts
  7. Crew Available: Coastal Skipper- Australia-Europe
  8. Crew Wanted: Huatalco, Mexico, to Panama
  9. Crew Available: Ride
  10. Crew Available: Ready to get back to sailing
  12. Crew Wanted: Holland-Canaries-W.Indies
  13. Crew Available: delivery crew available - aus to anywhere
  14. Crew Available: Free Crew for Noank & Mystic
  15. Crew Available: Female Master Captain looking for catamaran position
  16. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted Sail Indonesia
  17. Crew Wanted: Need a crew member or two ASAP from SW FL for two week Bahamas trip!!
  18. Crew Wanted: Trainer Captian Needed in Panama City or other W Fla Area
  19. Crew Wanted: 15m Cat to Whitsundays
  20. Crew Available: Time on my hands and an interest in the sea
  21. Crew Available: Two crew members available to sail Pacific from Tahiti from Aug 13th
  22. Crew Available: Where best to pick up crewing in S Pacific?
  23. Crew Wanted: Seeking cruising couple from Chesapeake Bay to OZ and beyond
  24. Crew Available: Experienced coastal delivery skipper available for crew
  26. Crew Wanted: Toms River, NJ to Marblehead - late August or Early Sept
  27. Crew Wanted: France (Crouesty) to England (Weymouth) - for the Olympics (21. - 28. 7.)!!!
  28. Crew Available: Volunteer line handler - Panama canal - July 2012
  29. Crew Wanted: Sydney to Batemans Bay
  30. Crew Available: RYA Day skipper tidal available.
  31. Crew Available: November 2012 trans atlantic east to west
  32. Crew Available: Panama to South America
  33. Crew Wanted: Post hurricane season cruise FL to Bahamas
  34. Crew Available: Paramedic Wants To Crew
  35. Crew Available: Crewman Available
  36. Crew Wanted: France to USA
  37. Crew Available: fiji to tonga?
  38. Crew Wanted: daysailor Lake Michigan:August and September
  39. Crew Available: Bimini-Need a boat to crew/stay on 7/23-8/6
  40. Crew Wanted: maztlan to la paz
  41. Crew Available: Ideally South Pacific or Thereabouts
  42. Crew Wanted: Boston Harbor
  43. Crew Available: Skipper available in Hawaii
  44. Crew Wanted: Couple wanted to cruise full time
  45. Crew Available: 2 fit Novices for Feb/Mar 2013
  46. Crew Available: Former USMC
  47. Crew Wanted: Sailing CROATIA CREW WANTED
  48. Crew Available: College Student Looking to Crew with a Family
  49. Crew Wanted: Need 1 or 2 people from Dominican Republic To Panama
  50. Crew Available: Spain sailing hours needed
  51. Crew Wanted: Visiting polynesia : any volunteer ?
  52. Crew Wanted: Move Sailboat from Everett WA to San Diego
  53. Crew Available: Hong Kong or China shore to Taiwan
  54. Crew Available: Transatlantic? Pick me pick me!!!
  55. Crew Available: US. Captain in Dominican Republic available
  56. Crew Wanted: Fit 20-35 year old Female Sailor wanted
  57. Crew Available: Do You Want a Noob On Your Boat?
  58. Crew Available: Vancouver to south pacific
  59. Crew Available: some sailing experience, former fisherman, carpenter, etc. US to Europe. Please
  60. Crew Available: Hardworking girl looking to join a crew
  61. Crew Available: Bali, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia to anywhere!
  62. Crew Available: southern florida to nyc
  63. Crew Available: Darwin to anywhere
  64. Crew Wanted: Florida to UK leaving this week.
  65. Crew Wanted: Question: I'm not ready to leave till August, is that too late to find a boat?
  66. Crew Available: Question: I'm not ready to leave till August, is that too late to find a boat?
  68. Crew Available: USVI or Puerto Rico to Panama or Costa Rica?
  69. Crew Available: East Coast USA to Europe
  70. Crew Available: STRONG CREWMAN, Available for Deliveries New york/Rhode Island
  71. Crew Wanted: Crew needed for shakedown
  72. Crew Wanted: From Portugal to Italy
  73. Crew Available: Man & Dog Seeks Passage to Panama...
  74. Crew Available: Lake superior to anywhere, really
  75. Crew Wanted: Ocean Passage : Falmouth to Canaries
  76. Crew Available: Florida lady available for southbound crew
  77. Crew Available: Florida lady available for southbound crew
  78. Crew Available: Mediterranean crew or share costs
  79. Crew Wanted: Seattle to San Diego/Mexico July 25th
  80. Crew Wanted: New Zealand to Fiji and back
  81. Crew Available: Free Crew Available!
  82. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted soon Azores to England
  83. Crew Available: San Diego to central America
  84. Crew Available: Picky. Picky.... I know
  85. Crew Available: catamarancrew
  86. Crew Available: Wanted Day Sailing Around Malta
  87. Crew Available: Captain and Crew Team Avalible for Delivery
  88. Crew Available: SE Asia: Indonesia Jan-Feb 2013
  89. Crew Wanted: 2 girls need a one-way to virgin islands!
  91. Crew Available: Looking to crew from SF to Hawaii this summer
  92. Crew Available: USCG Captain available for free(sorta)!
  93. Crew Wanted: crew wanted Honolulu to Hanalei Bay
  94. Crew Wanted: Experienced sailor for free needed. BVI to ST Augustine - beginning July 2012
  95. Crew Available: Europe to Canada/USA, late 2012
  96. Crew Wanted: US Canada Azores Europa and Back to the Caribbean for the Winter
  97. Crew Wanted: Vancouver to San Francisco
  98. Crew Wanted: Darwin - townsville delivery
  99. Crew Available: Swede available for the Atlantic or other longer trip
  100. Crew Wanted: Help needed in NZ
  101. Crew Available: A Girl and Her Dog
  102. Crew Available: Seattle or BC
  103. Crew Available: I'll Crew. ANYWHERE! Well almost! 2012
  104. Crew Available: South East Asia
  105. Crew Available: From Cairns to PNG in mid to late June
  106. Crew Wanted: Florida to Nassau and on
  107. Crew Available: headed to bolivia. need ride south from CA
  108. Crew Available: 2 will Crew for Passage! US => Europe
  109. Crew Wanted: Crew needed: Delivery from the Algarve to South UK
  110. Crew Wanted: Cape Horn and Falklands - November 2012 - Jan 2013
  111. Crew Available: Important: Read Before Posting -- E-mail Addresses in Crew Positions Forum
  112. Crew Wanted: Long-term cruising/circumnavigation.
  113. Crew Available: Nanny/Childcare Available
  114. Crew Wanted: Nova Scotia - Bermuda - Caribean
  115. Crew Available: Catamarancrew.com
  116. Crew Available: Female Crew Offered - Colombia into the Caribbean
  117. Crew Available: ARC 2012
  118. Crew Wanted: Curious about cost
  119. Crew Available: Bilingual couple ready to crew from So California
  120. Crew Wanted: Skipper/Competent Person. Delivery - Sydney to Batemans Bay
  121. Crew Wanted: In Panama, now
  122. Crew Wanted: SW FL to Berry Islands (Bahamas) and back July 16-30
  123. Crew Wanted: 2013 Turn: Texas - Yucatan - Panama Canal - Galapagos - South Pacific
  124. Crew Available: East coast to Europe
  125. Crew Available: Europe to Americas
  127. Crew Available: Have Guitar, Will Travel anywhere.
  128. Crew Wanted: Delivery: Monterey, CA to SOCAL - PAID
  129. Crew Available: Capt Bill Tracey
  130. Crew Available: Cruising around the Jersey Shore
  131. Crew Available: Costa Rica/Panama July 2012
  132. Crew Available: Queensland, Australia - Cruising Yachts
  133. Crew Available: East coast Australia, Miles for yachtmaster logbook
  134. Crew Available: Crew Available NOW!! USA
  135. Crew Available: Rio Dulce, November
  136. Crew Available: Crew Available | July 2nd | Puerto Rico/VI
  137. Crew Wanted: Training wanted June 13-23 Hayes, VA
  138. Crew Available: Crewing position wanted.
  139. Crew Wanted: Grenada to Alaska
  140. Crew Available: Crew Available from Tonga or nearby
  141. Crew Available: Calling All Florida Captains/Skippers
  142. Crew Available: Ft. Jefferson, Dry Tortugas
  143. Crew Wanted: BAHAMAS TO NEW ENGLAND
  144. Crew Available: Want to sail!: NJ/NY/CT
  145. Crew Available: Delivery crew 12000 Nm available from Canaries to Europe
  146. Crew Available: Mechanical Repairs in Vancouver, BC
  147. Crew Wanted: Tartan 42 Bermuda to Beaufort North Carolina
  148. Crew Available: Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
  149. Crew Available: Looking For Boat Headed South Out Of Honduras June / July 2012
  150. Crew Wanted: Duluth, MN to New York and then return
  151. Crew Wanted: Marathon to Isla Mujeres, Mx.
  152. Crew Wanted: Antigua Sailing
  153. Crew Available: Looking for Experience
  154. Crew Available: looking for competent crew in dec/jan in south Africa?
  155. Crew Available: Cycling Couple Looking to Cross the Darien Gap or More (End June 2012)
  156. Crew Available: Carib 1500
  157. Crew Wanted: Abacos to Norfolk Va
  158. Crew Available: Australia to South Pacific
  159. Crew Available: crew available in PANAMA- cross the Pacific.
  160. Crew Available: Looking for Experience
  161. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper avail panama to NW caribbean- July / Aug
  162. Crew Available: New Sailor Yearning for Experience
  163. Crew Available: Two Girls from Copenhagen Seeking Boat from Tahiti to Australia Next Year
  164. Crew Available: Athens, Greece to ANYWHERE
  165. Crew Available: Novice sailor looking for crew position Carribean in August
  166. Crew Available: Helicopter Pilot
  167. Crew Available: Canadians in Southeast Asia
  168. Crew Wanted: Cat in Early June from Goldcoast to Tonga
  169. Crew Available: Two men available to transfer, assist in transfer, your vessel.
  170. Crew Available: Ma Nh area
  171. Crew Available: Looking for experience sailing
  172. Crew Available: Australia -> NZ -> Americas
  173. Crew Available: Looking for Day Sailing or Short-Term Crewing Opportunity in June
  174. Crew Wanted: King's Cup Dec 2012
  175. Crew Available: Crew Available
  176. Crew Available: Turgutreis approx 14th June
  177. Crew Available: Crew member available
  178. Crew Available: Amatuer crew member looking for boat in SE Wisconsin
  179. Crew Available: RYA DS looking for mile-building (Europe)
  180. Crew Available: From Australia to Hawaii
  181. Crew Available: Sydney to Hobart 2012
  182. Crew Wanted: Prickly Bay Grenada to Trinidad
  183. Crew Wanted: crew wanted
  184. Crew Wanted: Day sails out of Fairhaven, MA
  185. Crew Wanted: Charleston to Southport / Beaufort NC Monday / Tuesday
  186. Crew Wanted: East Coast Australia
  187. Crew Wanted: Bermuda to Beaufort NC
  188. Crew Wanted: Bermuda to Europe
  189. Crew Wanted: San Diego CA to Tampa FL
  190. Crew Available: Competent Helmsman Available
  191. Crew Available: Grenada to Panama?
  192. Crew Available: competent crew, happy to crew for the experience.
  193. Crew Available: England during August
  194. Crew Available: still looking for a chance
  195. Crew Available: Pacific
  196. Crew Wanted: NJ to Noank CT - Bristol 24
  197. Crew Available: Malaysia Based
  198. Crew Wanted: Greece to Spain...
  199. Crew Wanted: FIJI, MICRONESIA, INDO and beyond!
  200. Crew Available: Based in Hervey Bay 'till End of July
  201. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted from San Diego, CA to Tampa, FL
  202. Crew Wanted: Fast trip from NJ to Block Island this weekend!
  203. Crew Wanted: Looking for crew teammate
  204. Crew Wanted: cruising the Windward Islands, Caribbean
  205. Crew Available: Ready and Able Crew Member
  206. Crew Available: Experienced Swede wanting to cross the Atlantic
  207. Crew Wanted: Northern FL to Beaufort / Chesapeake
  208. Crew Available: Caribbean: what island do I have most chances of finding people looking for crew?
  209. Crew Available: Caribbean - Jul/12 and Aug/12
  210. Crew Wanted: Rodney Bay to Trinidad
  211. Crew Wanted: South Africa to Brazil and then Caribbean
  212. Crew Available: July 24-Sept 1 couple with exper. alaska/NW or great circle-deliveries ok as well
  213. Crew Wanted: Bermuda to SE US East Coast
  214. Crew Wanted: Catalina 42, Florida to NYC then Lake Champlain
  215. Crew Wanted: USA to Germany
  216. Crew Wanted: St Maarten to UK via Azores
  217. Crew Wanted: Fl to Bermuda
  218. Crew Available: Crewing in Guam
  219. Crew Available: Experience Wanted! Queensland, Australia
  220. Crew Available: Crew Wanted? - looking for a ride from New Zealand
  221. Crew Available: Mate with all my paper work,Looking for paid positions
  222. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted
  223. Crew Available: Wanted 2 week Carribean Stay in November WILL PAY
  224. Crew Available: 2 Women willing to sail the world (Santa Barbara to anywhere!!)
  225. Crew Wanted: Sailing 25' C&C from NJ to Block Island
  226. Crew Available: Ready to Depart from the U.S.
  227. Crew Available: free to go when and where
  228. Crew Available: Newly qualified ASA available for summer crew on East Coast / Caribbean
  229. Crew Wanted: experienced sailor/skipper for spain-sweden passage
  230. Crew Wanted: Florida to New York - 58' Sailing Catamaran
  231. Crew Wanted: MED2 or MED3 needed in Australia
  232. Crew Wanted: floating from australia to south east asia..
  233. Crew Available: School Teacher Deckhand Over Summer Break
  234. Crew Available: From USA, Caribbeans... to europe!
  235. Crew Available: Need Blue Ocean Experience
  236. Crew Available: Longest Way Home ---> Europe/SE Asia to California??
  237. Crew Available: looking for a boat Spain-Central America Oct 12
  238. Crew Available: Going by hispaniola?
  239. Crew Available: Crew Available
  240. Crew Wanted: Captain & Crew Needed for Alaska Trip
  241. Crew Available: After August 1, 2012
  242. Crew Wanted: Immediate crew port st joe fl to nassau
  243. Crew Wanted: Day Sailing & Short Cruising from NY
  244. Crew Available: Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Carib, Malaysia, Oceans transfer
  245. Crew Available: Available Anywhere On The East Coast
  246. Crew Available: Competent Crew looking to sail in eastern med late June (Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, etc)
  247. Crew Wanted: Tuscany Italy
  248. Crew Available: 20yo female Bali/Darwin to Christmas/Cocos Islands
  249. Crew Wanted: Kauai to San Francisco
  250. Crew Available: Depart en Mer