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  1. Crew Wanted: [Position Filled] Tampa to Key Largo
  2. Crew Available: Interested to crew Pacific coast to S. Pacific Spring 17
  3. Crew Wanted: Norfolk to Puerto Rico
  4. Crew Wanted: ronrpy44
  5. Crew Available: Looking for a transatlantic from Europe
  6. Crew Available: West Coast delivery Crew
  7. Crew Available: Sailing Across the Altantic (America to Europe)
  8. Crew Wanted: Progreso Mex to Isla Mujeres 3 days dec 1
  9. Crew Available: Florida to Anywhere Caribbean - Ready now
  10. Crew Available: Atlantic crossing E/W January 2017
  11. Crew Available: Crew member available from Havana
  12. Crew Available: take me )) ready crew
  13. Crew Available: Available for berth this winter in Carribbean
  14. Crew Available: CHS Area Crew available local or East Coast
  15. Crew Wanted: Turks & Caicos to BVI
  16. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper available
  17. Crew Wanted: Bermuda to Antigua Nov 18 -27
  18. Crew Wanted: Turks & Caicos to BVI
  19. Crew Available: Sail Baja-La Paz November-April
  20. Crew Available: destination Cuba in March 2017
  22. Crew Wanted: Pensacola to Columbia
  23. Crew Available: Tampa Bay early December
  24. Crew Wanted: Hilton Head to Stewart Fl.
  25. Crew Available: Seeking Ship To Hawaii from California
  26. Crew Available: In Key Largo ready for anywhere.
  27. Crew Available: Singapore Strait Regatta 2017
  28. Crew Available: Experienced blue-water sailor seeks passage
  29. Crew Wanted: BVI
  30. Crew Available: Pleased to Recommend Rob Kreit for East Coast deliveries
  31. Crew Available: Looking to crew.
  32. Crew Wanted: Going To Need Skipper From Where I Find My Boat to Portugal or Kerala
  33. Crew Available: December-January Most Anywhere
  34. Crew Available: Interested in hiring an experienced captain for your voyage?
  35. Crew Wanted: West Palm to Bahamas, Keys starting soon, NO SAILING EXP REQUIRED :)
  36. Crew Wanted: CharlestonSC to NYC June 2017
  37. Crew Wanted: St. Pete to the Bahamas in November
  38. Crew Available: from Panama to New Zealand
  39. Crew Wanted: looking for crew
  40. Crew Wanted: Crew needed-Fort Myers
  41. Crew Wanted: Looking for crew
  42. Crew Wanted: Key Largo to Key West Thanksgiving Week
  43. Crew Wanted: Vancouver to San Francisco
  44. Crew Available: CREW AVAILABLE IN CANADA - BC
  45. Crew Available: November 24 to December 4
  46. Crew Available: Wanting to crew before embarking on my own.
  47. Crew Wanted: Looking for experienced help from Oriental NC to Mobile AL
  48. Crew Wanted: Florida to Bahamas - Seeking Fun, Fit, Responsible Crew
  49. Crew Wanted: Sail Cat To Bahamas, Need 1
  50. Crew Available: Vancouver BC / 1 Day to 2 Weeks
  51. Crew Available: Captain Available, Master Near Coastal + Sail + Tow
  52. Crew Available: November / December up to two weeks
  53. Crew Wanted: Newport R.I. to Kinsale, Ireland July 1, 2017
  54. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper available..
  55. Crew Available: CREW AVAILABLE IN BC - CANADA
  56. Crew Wanted: Missionary Work
  57. Crew Available: Playa Blanca Lanzarote - everywhere
  58. Crew Available: Ex Merchant Marine Electrical & Electronics Officer
  59. Crew Wanted: Experienced crew wanted
  60. Crew Wanted: Annapolis to Palm Beach Oct 27th
  61. Crew Wanted: looking for crew
  62. Crew Wanted: NYC-Bermuda-Caribbean on Hallberg-Rassy 46 Scattergood
  63. Crew Wanted: Experienced Crew Wanted NY To Norfolk, then ICW
  64. Crew Wanted: Seattle and British Columbia Cruising
  65. Crew Available: Sailing opportunity June, July & August.
  66. Crew Available: Crew Available In Carribbean
  67. Crew Available: Not Sure this is possible but going to ask....
  68. Crew Wanted: 26 tanzer, crew must furnish outboard as mine in currently out of commission
  69. Crew Available: America to Europe: Spring 2017: Experienced sailor offering services
  70. Crew Available: Need lift to Freeport Bahamas
  71. Crew Available: Ushuaia/Puerto Williams
  72. Crew Wanted: West Palm Beach, FL to Freeport, Bahamas
  73. Crew Wanted: Ny to Miami asap
  74. Crew Wanted: Florida Crew/Owners Wanted!
  75. Crew Wanted: Sailing from BVI to Bahamas and Ft Lauderdale
  76. Crew Wanted: Seychelles to Madagascar
  77. Crew Available: Married couple looking to volunteer beginning Spring '17
  78. Crew Available: From anywhere to anywhere
  79. Crew Available: Available to crew Cape Town to Brazil (free)
  80. Crew Available: North Eastern US - Anywhere
  81. Crew Wanted: "LIFE ON A BOAT"
  82. Crew Wanted: Annapolis - BVI
  83. Crew Available: Panama-Ecuador => South to Peru/Chile/Argentina
  84. Crew Wanted: St Augustine to St Simons October 16 - 19
  85. Crew Available: Looking for short term boat rental in Kroatia
  86. Crew Available: Short term/Last Min...A'otay! Boat sitting FL! I'll also crew!
  87. Crew Wanted: Annapolis to Marsh Harbour, Abacos delivery
  88. Crew Available: Yottie needed to take filmmakers across the Atlantic. Will Pay. Spring '17
  89. Crew Wanted: Atlantic crossing on new Lagoon 450 catamaran
  90. Crew Wanted: Hudson River to Norfolk
  91. Crew Available: Cashed up Crew inverview
  92. Crew Available: Boat delivery service U.S. to Central America
  93. Crew Wanted: SV Seeker (The Boat the Internet Built)
  94. Crew Available: Experienced Skipper/Crew BVI mid February2017
  95. Crew Available: Europe to N Americas(ish)
  96. Crew Wanted: Atlantic Crossing - Tenerife to Antigua, via Cape Verde
  97. Crew Available: CREW AVAILABLE IN CANADA
  98. Crew Available: Deck Hand Available
  99. Crew Wanted: Bahamas Cruise Nov. 15, 2016 on
  100. Crew Wanted: Panama to French Polynesia
  101. Crew Wanted: Sailing from Honolulu to San Diego ASAP
  102. Crew Available: Dirk Hartog- Fremantle to Geraldton Rally
  103. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper Hawaii
  104. Crew Wanted: Spain - Canarys - Cape Verde.
  105. Crew Wanted: One more crew for Norfolk, VA to Aruba - Nov 16 - Jan 17
  106. Crew Available: Will work for Practice
  107. Crew Available: Pro Skipper/Coach for Fall/winter deliveries etc.
  108. Crew Available: Southern California Sailing
  109. Crew Available: Experienced Couple Seeking Lagoon 380 Delivery USA/Caribe
  110. Crew Wanted: Punta Gorda to the Keys Nov/Dec 2016
  111. Crew Wanted: Experienced Crew Needed: NY to Norfolk, then ICW to Savannah
  112. Crew Wanted: Oct ~15-22 Dubrovnik-Split
  113. Crew Wanted: Interviewing for crew N. California to Mexico - ready now
  114. Crew Wanted: Ventura, CA -> Panama Canal
  115. Crew Wanted: Vlogger? sailing around the world, wanna join? or please pass along to one who might
  116. Crew Available: Lower Time Sailor Looking For Cruising Experience
  117. Crew Available: Florida Pan handle/possible Miami area
  118. Crew Available: newzealand to australia
  119. Crew Available: Offshore Delivery Captain Available
  120. Crew Available: I have to sail please pick me I'm willing to do anything please!
  121. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted from Exumas Bahams to BVI's mid-late October. 45ft Morgan-Catalina
  122. Crew Wanted: One Crew Wanted - Panama to New Zealand
  123. Crew Wanted: Jamaica to Panama
  124. Crew Available: Looking to escape the British winter and build my sailing resume
  125. Crew Wanted: crew will be needed this spring
  126. Crew Wanted: Greenport NY to Luperon Dominican Republic in October.
  127. Crew Wanted: Maryland to Florida in November
  128. Crew Available: Crew Available in Canada
  129. Crew Wanted: Cruising Caribbean winter 16-17
  130. Crew Available: Sailing in Mediterranean Summer 2017
  131. Crew Wanted: Block Island Rhode Island to Norfolk first and then Savannah
  132. Crew Available: I'm available for deliveries
  133. Crew Wanted: 2000 Islands International Regatta, South Korea
  134. Crew Available: Available for Deliveries... if you need a Skipper.
  135. Crew Available: 50 Ton Master Available
  136. Crew Wanted: Volunteer crew, Mexico to Panama
  137. Cross Atlantic and Learn Sailing from Instructor/Skipper
  138. Crew Wanted: Ft Pierce, FL to Lower Chesapeake
  139. Crew Available: Boat Sitter/Pet Sitter available at no cost
  140. Crew Available: Best Yacht Delivery Price to be Found
  141. Crew Available: Boat sitting & Caretaking
  142. Crew Wanted: Panama Canal Agent Reference
  143. Crew Wanted: Downhill Run from LA to La Paz
  144. Crew Available: Boat sitting & Caretaking
  145. Crew Available: Professional crew. Anytime. Anywhere.
  146. Crew Wanted: Experienced skipper wanted
  147. Crew Available: Experienced skipper wanted
  148. Crew Available: Want Offshore Experience Washington Oregon Seattle Area (Willing To Travel)
  149. Crew Available: CREW AVAILABLE IN CANADA
  150. Crew Wanted: Chesapeake/New England
  151. Crew Wanted: Spain - Canarys-Cape Verde..Atlantic Crossing..Caribbean
  152. Crew Available: Experienced Delivery Skipper/Crew available immediately
  153. Crew Available: Looking for a cruise Sept 10/11 Toronto area
  154. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted Cairns to Darwin
  155. Crew Wanted: Kemah to new orleans
  156. Crew Wanted: ICW Trip to Florida
  157. Crew Available: Snowbird Migration
  158. Crew Available: Is this even realistic?
  159. Crew Wanted: Transport from Panama (pacific side) to San Diego
  160. Crew Wanted: Lagoon 42 from France to Florida - short notice
  161. Crew Available: Willing to work for experience
  162. Crew Wanted: From Panama to Dominican Rep via Colombia (December)
  163. Crew Available: Anywhere in the world, March 2017
  164. Crew Available: Experienced Crew Available
  165. Crew Available: How likely is it to get on as crewman?
  166. Crew Wanted: crew
  167. Crew Wanted: Partnership for traditional charter / cruising vessel
  168. Crew Available: Will work for knowledge
  169. Crew Available: Looking For Work/Passage in Caribbean
  170. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper available..
  171. Crew Available: ICEW
  172. Crew Wanted: Long weekend delivery Jacksonville to Miami
  173. Crew Available: Available in and around puget sound
  174. Crew Wanted: Annapolis to Virgin Gorda
  175. Crew Wanted: Fall Deliveries by Veteran Skipper
  176. Crew Wanted: Windsor ON to Tobermory and Parry Sound ON
  177. Crew Wanted: 2017 Connecticut to Azores
  178. Crew Available: After the ARC in St Lucia
  179. Crew Wanted: Fort Lauderdale USA to British Virgin Islands
  180. Crew Available: Looking to crew (Great Lakes)
  181. Crew Wanted: hawaii tahiti
  182. Crew Wanted: princess grace
  183. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted
  184. Crew Available: Out of Newport Harbor, California
  185. Crew Wanted: Cuba! South coast sail/dive trip mid-Sept
  186. Crew Available: Offshore, Sep/Oct 2016
  187. Crew Available: Need 1 way to Hawaii, Please help
  188. Crew Available: Couple Team Available
  189. Crew Available: A.B. & QMED wants Offshore sailing experience
  190. Crew Wanted: Canaries - Barbados/Guadeloupe/Martinique
  191. Crew Available: Bermuda + Bahamas + Caribbean
  192. Crew Available: Seeking Atlantic sail crossing spring/summer 2017
  193. Crew Wanted: Maine to Baltimore leaving Labor Day
  194. Crew Available: NJ - NYC crew available
  195. Crew Available: Happy to help with deliveries, passages in Europe
  196. Crew Wanted: Circumnavigation, making a Web Series
  197. Crew Available: Inspired
  198. Crew Wanted: Volunteer Crew - Bahamas to Puerto Rico
  199. Crew Available: Australia - South Pacific
  200. Crew Wanted: ICW Loop and Around Again
  201. Crew Available: non paid crew in Europe
  202. Crew Wanted: New York to the med
  203. Crew Wanted: Detroit to Toronto via Welland Canal
  204. Crew Wanted: Crew needed to go South
  205. Crew Wanted: Goldcoast to Sydney
  206. Crew Available: Looking for offshore experience NY to Florida
  207. Crew Wanted: Jamaica to Panama
  208. Crew Available: West Coast to Hawaii
  209. Crew Wanted: San Diego to Puget Sound
  210. Crew Available: available summer 2017
  211. Crew Available: Great Lakes or NE Canada or NE USA
  212. Crew Wanted: Croatia and the Adriatic
  213. Crew Available: Annapolis/Newport to Caribbean
  214. Crew Available: Catamaran crew for NC Coast
  215. Crew Available: Captain and Circumnavigator in Training looking for sea time
  216. Crew Wanted: Novice Sailor, owns 37 cutter. Crew needed
  217. Crew Available: Canarias to Cabo Verde to Atlantic crossing
  218. Crew Wanted: Quick 100 in Marina Del Rey
  219. Crew Wanted: Jamaica to Panama
  220. Crew Available: Crew available from Europe to Caribbean
  221. Crew Wanted: earluy planning stage. Florida to Greece.
  222. Crew Available: Crew available from europe/morocco to Caribbean
  223. Crew Available: Best Yacht Delivery Price to be Found
  224. Crew Available: virgin sailor!
  225. Crew Available: Fall Deliveries to Florida and Caribbean.
  226. Crew Available: Med and Atlantic crossing 2016
  227. Crew Available: Ahoy
  228. Crew Available: Looking for sailing opportunities, short & long term.....
  229. Crew Wanted: How to tell who the scammers are on here?
  230. Crew Available: Looking to crew in Tampa, St. Pete Area.
  231. Crew Wanted: Crew Needed Milford Haven To Cardigan
  232. Crew Available: captain stew/cook 10 years experience ( gunboat , swan, oyster )
  233. Crew Available: Capt. Marlena in Norfolk.
  234. Crew Available: Looking for boat in Panama/Colombia
  235. Crew Wanted: Placida, FL ---> Charleston, SC in late Aug/Sep
  236. Crew Wanted: Caribbean to mainland US
  237. Crew Wanted: Tampa to NJ Or Part Way
  238. Crew Wanted: Jamaica to Panama
  239. Crew Wanted: Delivery Skipper Required Sardinia - Denia, Alicante, Spain
  241. Crew Available: Airlie Beach race week
  242. Crew Available: Looking to crew from San Francisco to San Diego before this year’s Baja Ha Ha
  243. Crew Available: Crew looking for boat in oceania/south east asia
  244. Crew Wanted: Looking For Experienced Sailor To Move A Boat
  245. Crew Available: Captian available
  246. Crew Available: Captain Denis considerable experience available in Cancun Mexico
  247. Crew Available: Captain Marlena Is Available.
  248. Crew Available: Crew vailable based in Sydney can travel
  249. Crew Wanted: Annapolis to BVI
  250. Crew Wanted: Transfer Plus Sicily and Lefkada's Holiday