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  1. Crew Wanted: URGENT - looking for crew, Wellington NZ to Melbourne Aus
  2. Crew Available: Corona, Hurricane Season, and moving boats
  3. Crew Available: When this global mess is over...
  4. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted: Saint Thomas, USVI to USA in May
  5. Crew Available: Sumatra now
  6. Crew Wanted: City Island, NYC to Miami, FL
  7. Crew Available: Looking to crew anywhere starting later in year
  8. Crew Available: 23 year old Looking to Learn to Sail
  9. Crew Wanted: San Diego to New Zealand
  10. Crew Available: Available crew male anywhere NE Florida!
  11. Crew Available: Green Crew Member Available - Male age 33
  12. Crew Available: Crew available in May
  13. Crew Available: Delivery Captain
  14. Crew Available: Atlantic crossing
  15. Crew Available: Suspending Service for April
  16. Crew Available: Covid 19 and Yacht Deliveries
  17. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted Tampa Bay to the Keys
  18. Crew Available: Experienced American couple--France to USA
  19. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted - Florida to Panama
  20. Crew Wanted: St Francis 44 catamaran : Ft Pierce to Mystic
  21. Crew Available: Yacht Deliveries
  22. Crew Wanted: Nova Rose
  23. Crew Wanted: Antigua to Greece Departing Soon!
  24. Crew Wanted: Need a ride to Europe?
  25. Crew Available: Looking for crewing opportunities
  26. Crew Available: San Diego Sailor looking for crew opportunites.
  27. Crew Wanted: Crew required for short southern English boat move
  28. Crew Available: Delivery Capt/Crew Avail
  29. Crew Wanted: FL To CT IP 420 Late April/Early May
  30. Crew Wanted: Australia, Pacific potential long-term crew wanted
  31. Crew Wanted: June 2020 delivery France to Trieste
  32. Crew Available: Anyone need crew in Asia, Oceania, Europe or The Mediterranean?
  33. Crew Wanted: Paid rigger
  34. Crew Wanted: Veteran’s Race Team needs participants
  35. Crew Wanted: Hawaii to Seattle - May - paid crew
  36. Crew Wanted: Newport, RI, August 28, 2020, One Week Charter
  37. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted - Erie PA to Maine
  38. Crew Available: Yacht Deliveries
  39. Crew Wanted: Deck hand wanted
  40. Crew Wanted: 7 days sailing for 1 or 2 persons - Croatia on Oceanis 51
  41. Crew Wanted: Who can give us Sailing lessons onboard catamaran
  42. Crew Available: Ready to crew with experience to share
  43. Crew Wanted: Cruise to Norway
  44. Crew Available: Panama Canal/Panama Island Crew/line-handler available
  45. Crew Available: Crew to Hawaii
  46. Crew Wanted: Colon Panama to Fort Lauderdale
  47. Crew Available: French parisian gay handsome
  48. Crew Wanted: Raiatea, FP, April 10-May 2, 2020
  49. Crew Wanted: Queensland Coral Coast. April to August.
  50. Crew Wanted: 2 needed from West Palm to Grenada
  51. Crew Available: Crew or paying pax - Croatia July
  52. Crew Available: Couple in Fort Lauderdale will trade work for sail practice.
  53. Crew Wanted: Cruising French waterways
  54. Crew Available: Crew available in Panama
  55. Crew Available: I missed the sail...
  56. Crew Available: Pacific Crossing - CA to South Pacific
  57. Crew Available: 100 Ton USCG Master/ ASA Instructor
  58. Crew Wanted: Room for one or two from Pensacola to Clearwater
  59. Crew Wanted: job for cruisers
  60. Crew Available: Crew Available in Costa Rica
  61. Crew Available: Some Experience, Looking for More...
  62. Crew Wanted: Teaching young people to enjoy sailing
  63. Crew Available: Couple 50s to crew Great Lakes
  64. Crew Available: Portugal Sailing Crew Opportunity
  65. Crew Wanted: Sailing south to Panama a step at a time
  66. Crew Available: Captain Mate/Chef
  67. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper: Qualified and Experienced
  68. Crew Wanted: Searching for a captain and a teacher
  69. Crew Wanted: Sailing friend/Partner
  70. Crew Wanted: Mate Needed ANNAPOLIS-sailboat tours
  71. Crew Wanted: Bahamas in and around Spring 2020
  72. Crew Wanted: Tampa/St Petersburg/Sarasota sailing
  73. Crew Available: Looking to crew for Atlantic crossing Sept-Dec 2020
  74. Crew Wanted: Capt Seeking 1st Mate/Cook for Charter out of George Town, Bahamas
  75. Crew Available: Crew Available in South Mexico west coast
  76. Crew Available: Looking for work
  77. Crew Available: Offering my services
  78. Crew Wanted: Ponce Inlet to Saint Augustine
  79. Crew Wanted: Licensed Captain
  80. Crew Wanted: Seeking First Mate/Cook on 42’ Sailing Cat
  81. Crew Wanted: Paid captain position
  82. Crew Available: East coast small boat sailor looking for cruising experience
  83. Crew Available: Hawaii Maui February/March
  84. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper Available.
  85. Crew Wanted: Croatia to Turkey - End March
  86. Crew Wanted: Southport, NC to Key West
  87. Crew Wanted: VOLUNTEER SOLAR PROJECT, Louisede Archipilago PNG, DIVE, FISHING
  88. Crew Wanted: Oregon to Georgia in April - Via Panama Canal
  89. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted - Los Angeles to Caribbean
  90. Crew Available: RYA Yachtmaster Captain Available
  91. Crew Available: from now until end of febuary to canary, cap verde or southamerika
  92. Crew Wanted: Mediterranean this April
  93. Crew Available: Southbay Los Angeles
  94. Crew Available: Available Crew From Philly
  95. Crew Wanted: Newport, RI, June 27, One Week Charter
  96. Crew Available: 24 year old Swede in search of sailing adventure
  97. Crew Wanted: atlantic crossing starting 15/02 from portugal
  98. Crew Wanted: Summer 2020 crewing Long Island J40
  99. Crew Available: West Coast/East Coast/North or South???
  100. Crew Wanted: Crew St Augustine to Fort Lauderdale
  101. Crew Available: Central America (Mexico) in April l 2 People
  102. Crew Wanted: Key west to Bahamas and beyond
  103. Crew Wanted: Volunteer crew wanted, 50’ Cat from Saint Thomas USVI to Ft Lauderdale ETD Jan-16
  104. Crew Wanted: Deliveries In Australia And The South Pacific
  105. Crew Available: From the Philippines to anywhere
  106. Crew Available: Charleston SC - motivated crew
  107. Crew Available: Day Worker
  108. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted for Sailing in Central Florida
  109. Crew Available: Southern Atlantic
  110. Crew Available: Single lady (sixties)......ready now
  111. Crew Wanted: Experienced Racer for 30' Spinnaker Boat in Southwest Florida
  112. Crew Available: Morocco, Tunisia, or in the Med
  113. Crew Available: Crew available in Mexico west coast
  114. Crew Wanted: Free “Learn to Cruise” course, March 2020 in the Virgin Islands
  115. Crew Available: to Carriacou in Feb/2020
  116. Crew Available: Freelancer chef in miami
  117. Crew Wanted: Fun Crew Wanted Subic Bay around 11th Jan
  118. Crew Available: Female novice ready to depart in Guadeloupe for the Caribbean
  119. Crew Available: sail me out of Cuba
  120. Crew Available: Indonesia
  121. Crew Wanted: Crew needed
  122. Crew Available: Looking for a Partnership Opportunity
  123. Crew Available: Bermuda (Caribbean) to Azores (Europe)
  124. Crew Available: USVI/BVI in January or February 2020
  125. Crew Wanted: Engineer (Experienced)
  126. Crew Wanted: Florida Keys to Grenada/Trinidad
  127. Crew Available: Cape Town heading north
  128. Crew Available: Looking boat from Tenerife to Cape Verde, Caribbean. Experienced German Electrician
  129. Crew Wanted: Tortola, BVI, Apr 18, One week
  130. Crew Available: IN BVI,finished a delivery from Bermuda, anybody need a hand?
  131. Crew Wanted: caribbean 43 foot beneteau
  132. Crew Available: Going to Caribbean? Jan 2020
  133. Crew Available: Anywhere to Australia (max. 2 weeks)
  134. Crew Available: Crew available in Mexico
  135. Crew Wanted: Thailand To Singapore
  136. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted
  137. Crew Wanted: crew wanted for day-sails & trips to Bahamas
  138. Crew Wanted: Trimaran adventures and employment opportunity
  139. Crew Wanted: Florida to Honduras
  140. Crew Available: UNL MASTER, Florida-region deliveries - FREE
  141. Crew Available: Delivery skipper available.
  142. Crew Available: for Atlantic crossing 19/20
  144. Crew Wanted: Capt,crew,from Bahamas to Hollywood Florida
  145. Crew Available: New Zealand to Chile
  146. Crew Available: Anyone need crew in Asia or Oceania?
  147. Crew Wanted: Bermuda to BVI
  148. Crew Available: 2 crew: Ushuaia - Anywhere.
  149. Crew Wanted: Australia to Indonesia
  150. Crew Available: Crew Available in Mexico
  151. Crew Available: for Christmas
  152. Crew Wanted: Herrington Harbor, MD to somewhere warmer south
  153. Crew Wanted: Unpaid Crew Wanted: Pittwater to Portland or....
  154. Crew Wanted: Delivery - East coast Australia
  155. Crew Wanted: Rio Dulce to South Florida
  156. Crew Available: San Diego weekends
  157. Crew Wanted: Auckland - Opua
  158. Crew Wanted: NZ to Australia
  159. Crew Wanted: new adventure awaits
  160. Crew Wanted: Cape Coral to Bahamas and south
  161. Crew Available: Atlantic crossing US to Europe, Winter '20
  162. Crew Available: experienced offshore delivery crew
  163. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted Noumea to Brisbane
  164. Crew Wanted: Deck Hand Day Work
  165. Crew Wanted: Considering Private Charter (Start Up ) in Tampa area - Looking for the Right Partner
  166. Crew Wanted: Trip to the Caribbean early 2020.
  167. Crew Available: Crew Available in Mexico
  168. Crew Available: what to go from Europe to Peru/ Carabbien
  169. Crew Wanted: Zadar Croatia to Corfu Greek Islands
  170. Crew Available: Australian looking to build sea miles.
  171. Crew Wanted: Able body female
  172. Crew Wanted: Delivery from New Caledonia to Seattle
  173. Crew Available: atlantic crossing from Brazil to Europe
  174. Crew Wanted: Crew for Georgian Bay
  175. Crew Available: Crew available in Mexico
  176. Crew Available: Best island/marina in the Canary Islands to find a boat for Atlantic crossing
  177. Crew Available: Puerto Rico
  178. Crew Available: Hi from "Down Under"....we are hoping to crew next May 2020.
  179. Crew Available: Professional Skipper in Croatia
  180. Crew Available: Crew Available - Semi-Retired USCG 100 ton Master
  181. Crew Available: Timid USCG Master Available for Deliveries
  182. Crew Wanted: Cape Coral to Glades marina (la bellle) to haulout fl
  183. Crew Available: Looking for a boat from Fort Lauderdale to Carribbean
  184. Crew Wanted: Hope Town to keys
  185. Crew Available: Single Crew available
  186. Crew Available: available from new england to carribean
  187. Crew Wanted: Urbanna, VA to Vero Beach, FL
  188. Crew Available: One Step Closer
  189. Crew Wanted: Halifax NS to Morehead City NC
  190. Crew Available: Available now! No schedule problem, can fo anywhere,
  191. Crew Wanted: San Diego to San Carlos quick trip
  192. Crew Wanted: Atlantic sailing opportunity
  193. Crew Wanted: FL to Exumas
  194. Crew Available: January 6th ~ May 2020
  195. Crew Wanted: New Boat owner looking for day sail crew with local knowledge of Patapsco river area
  197. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted for hazardous journey
  198. Crew Wanted: Looking For Crew
  199. Crew Wanted: Catamaran Crew member wanted male or female
  200. Crew Available: Deck hand available
  201. Crew Available: Experienced & Qualified Yacht Skipper E Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean
  202. Crew Available: Crew available in Mexico
  203. Crew Wanted: Halifax to Bermuda end of October
  204. Crew Wanted: Halifax to Bermuda end of October
  205. Crew Available: Going east from Mexico, Texas
  206. Crew Wanted: Newport to Norfolk leaving October
  207. Crew Available: West Coast / PNW Availability Oct 15-30
  208. Crew Wanted: Australia East Coast crusing
  209. Crew Wanted: Free Sundancer Adventure Trip
  210. Crew Available: looking to rent a berth for the ARC 2019
  211. Crew Available: Line handlers end of October
  212. Crew Available: Crew chef available in fernando de Noronha Brazil to USA
  213. Crew Wanted: Grenada to Dominican Republic
  214. Crew Available: Crew available in Mexico
  215. Crew Available: Westcoast sail
  216. Crew Available: kite Cruise or Atlantic Crossing November
  217. Crew Wanted: 9 months trip
  218. Crew Available: Experienced Crew for Pacific Crossing (March 2020)
  219. Crew Available: Atlantic Crossing to Europe - Spring 2020
  220. Crew Available: november
  221. Crew Available: Crew available for Atlantic crossing November-January
  222. Crew Available: looking for a boat starting mid November going anywhere
  223. Crew Available: Novice Sailor for West Coast Crewing
  224. Crew Wanted: Trinidad to Panama
  225. Crew Wanted: Tortola BVI Charter
  226. Crew Available: Tahiti to Hawaii Nov 2019
  227. Crew Available: retired commercial sailboat skipper; cats and monos.
  228. Crew Available: Heading to the Caribbean this Fall and need Crew?
  229. Crew Available: available
  230. Crew Available: Planning for 2020
  231. Crew Available: Electrical engineer+mechanic, drone photographer
  232. Crew Wanted: Clearwater to Canaveral
  233. Crew Available: Crew Available in Mexico
  234. Crew Available: Atlantic crossing 2020
  235. Crew Wanted: End of season sailing
  236. Crew Available: 30-something guy in the Carolinas
  237. Crew Wanted: The tampan crossing
  238. Crew Wanted: Commencing search for crew
  239. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper
  240. Crew Wanted: boat leaving Grenada first week in October
  241. Crew Wanted: Moving boat from Florida to NJ
  242. Crew Available: Hard working keen learner
  243. Crew Available: crew available from Miami-Bahamas/Caribbean
  244. Crew Wanted: South America> SGI> Cape Town
  245. Crew Wanted: NYC to north FL leaving mid October
  246. Crew Available: WannaBe Sailor
  247. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted - texas to Florida
  248. Crew Available: Dorian relief crew available
  249. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper Available..
  250. Crew Available: US Army Vet looking to learn to sail