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  1. Crew Wanted: Rethink of route Caribbean Victoria via Panama AND HAWAII
  2. Crew Wanted: eagean to blacksea
  3. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted for Florida Keys
  4. Crew Wanted: Australia to Solomon Islands
  5. Crew Available: Lady sailor in SW Florida
  6. Crew Wanted: Caribbean - Vctoria BC Leaving March
  7. Crew Available: Peru NORTH
  8. Crew Available: Sailing from Europe to South Africa
  9. Crew Available: Sailing from Europe to South Africa
  10. Crew Wanted: St Augustine - moving a boat there soon - HELP!
  11. Crew Available: Eager to crew anywhere from S.Florida ASAP!
  12. Crew Available: Just asking for some advice please!
  13. Crew Wanted: Adelaide North Up East Coast to Sydney
  14. Crew Available: Looking to crew from florida or in caribbean
  15. Crew Available: experience crew in Caribeans
  16. Crew Available: Able bodied crew available in Tahiti
  17. Crew Available: looking to sail with anyone going from europe to south america or that general area
  18. Crew Available: available to crew
  20. Crew Wanted: BVI to Bahamas / Abacos
  21. Crew Available: For Phuket - RYA Yachtmaster, Dive Instructor looking for a job on boats
  22. Crew Available: Late 2014 to anywhere. In the states.
  23. Crew Available: Looking for Experience
  24. Crew Wanted: Townsville to Darwin to Perth Australia
  25. Crew Wanted: Italy to Turkey
  26. Crew Available: Looking for deckhand position / delivery
  27. Crew Wanted: Auckland to Australia (Mar-Apr 2014)
  28. Crew Available: Crew Helper Available, Looking to sail from New England, Cape Cod Area and South
  29. Crew Wanted: Cook/Cleaner/Deckhand for Lagoon 450
  31. Crew Available: Adventure time!
  32. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted for trip to Panama, through canal, and to South Pacific
  33. Crew Wanted: Stewardess/ Deckhand
  34. Crew Available: looking for a start up
  35. Crew Available: Experienced and Licensed US Couple Seeking Next Adventure
  36. Crew Wanted: 2014 Circumnavigation
  37. Crew Available: Texas to Florida
  38. Crew Available: Experienced deckhand available west coast USA
  39. Crew Wanted: Interviewing for crew Portland, Or to Mexico then beyond
  40. Crew Wanted: Skipper from Bundaberg to Adelaide needed
  41. Crew Available: Availible to cruise
  42. Crew Available: Chasing a dream!! need your help :)
  43. Crew Available: 26-y.o. Aus guy wanting crew position out of AUS April onwards
  44. Crew Available: Experienced Skipper in Fiji
  45. Crew Wanted: Puerta Vallarta to Charleton, SC Island Trader 46 Motorsailor
  46. Crew Available: Couple Available For Caribbean Sailing
  47. Crew Wanted: Crew from Madagascar to S. Africa et beyond
  48. Crew Wanted: General Question for Captain - Texas to Florida Keys
  49. Crew Available: Available and ready
  50. Crew Available: Freelance Delivery skipper
  51. Crew Wanted: Seeking Captain, Bamahas - Panama, January/February, expenses paid
  52. Crew Available: Delivery skipper available for worldwide.
  53. Crew Available: looking to join
  54. Crew Available: From NZ to New Caledonia Australia Indonesia South Pacific french male 33yo
  55. Crew Wanted: Darwin to San Diego
  56. Crew Available: Experienced couple available in the carribean
  57. Crew Available: Crew Available Looking to Advance Experience
  58. Crew Wanted: SFO Bay Motor Yacht Crew Wanted
  59. Crew Available: Caribbean
  60. Crew Available: Captain available for deliveries
  61. Crew Available: delivery crew transatlantic
  62. Crew Available: Crew Available in Costa Rica
  63. Crew Available: Available for Florida to Bahamas/Caribbean
  64. Crew Wanted: Cook/stewardess
  65. Crew Available: Australia or New zealand to Indonesia and beyond
  66. Crew Available: China/HK/SE Asia
  67. Crew Available: Wow, so many people have excellent experience.
  68. Crew Available: BVI crew available 01/15/14
  69. Crew Wanted: Crew for Abaco Islands Feb 4th 2014
  70. Crew Available: Experienced Bluewater Sailor - Available anywhere in Argentina/Chile Feb 2014
  71. Crew Wanted: Daysails - LA Harbor
  72. Crew Available: Inexperienced, following dream.
  73. Crew Available: 2 Weeks in March. Anyone Need Help?
  74. Crew Available: New England to the Keys, Puerto Rico, UVI??
  75. Crew Wanted: S.E. Asia, and Taiwan, Yap, Palau, aboard Big Trimaran
  76. Crew Wanted: Ocean Passage Opportunity
  77. Crew Wanted: Caribbean/Central Am Sailing
  78. Crew Available: Dad And 12 Year Old Son - Australia / January
  79. Crew Available: From St Thomas
  80. Crew Wanted: Phuket to Sumatra, surfing, return
  81. Crew Available: Looking to Crew Worldwide March - June 2014
  82. Crew Available: Delivery wanted on east coast US
  83. Crew Available: In Shape, Organic Dude looking for Crew
  84. Crew Available: Looking to do some sailing over the summer
  85. Crew Wanted: Circumnavigation 2014 - 2018
  86. Crew Wanted: Captain license student
  87. Crew Available: Seeking passage from Panama to Columbia
  88. Crew Wanted: Coasting 2014, Spain, Portugal, N Africa
  89. Crew Available: Single sailor, readily available
  90. Crew Wanted: seeking couple to sail with us in january: florida to Bahamas
  91. Crew Available: 31 years, Australian Male, ex-Navy Submariner
  92. Crew Wanted: Dominican Republic to Miami in March 2014
  93. Crew Available: From the Med to the Sea of Cortez
  94. Crew Wanted: St. Martin Feb 2-9
  95. Crew Available: East Coast Australia
  96. Crew Available: Crew Available
  97. Crew Available: Cape Town to South America or Caribbean
  98. Crew Wanted: Trinidad to Aruba and beyond
  99. Crew Available: wanted berth from july 2014
  100. Crew Available: Get me out of New Caledonia, I'll pay for it :)
  101. Crew Wanted: Casual San Diego Bay Sailing
  102. Crew Available: Experienced sailor looking to crew in 2014
  104. Crew Available: Unpaid volunteer for Pacific crossing mid-2014
  105. Crew Wanted: Bundaberg to Adelaide
  106. Crew Available: Looking for job on a sail yacht
  107. Crew Available: La Paz, Baja & PV
  108. Crew Available: hey captain! wanna sail the carribean??
  109. Crew Available: Israel
  110. Crew Wanted: Panama to Florida
  111. Crew Available: NZ to ???
  112. Crew Available: Female Student Looking to Sail to the Pacific or the Caribbean
  113. Crew Available: During Christmas Break
  114. Crew Available: Engineer, 2014 Pacific Crossing from US
  115. Crew Available: Argentina/Chile/Uruguay, crossing the sea to Europe, Asia, Africa.
  116. Crew Available: Panama to Colombia
  117. Crew Available: Delivery skipper available..
  119. Crew Wanted: NZ to Tahiti 2014
  120. Crew Wanted: Non-stop from Tobago to Tortola
  121. Crew Available: West coast to Alaska
  122. Crew Available: need to find a ride
  123. Crew Available: Help Make Sure Its for me
  124. Crew Wanted: Crew available in Langkawi
  125. Crew Available: Nicaragua to Colombia or Cuba?
  126. Crew Available: Male, 32, Semi Experienced. South East Asia
  127. Crew Available: Volunteer for unpaid position
  128. Crew Wanted: Clothing Optional in the Gulf of Thailand in Summer 2014
  129. Crew Available: In the Cabo San Lucas area Feb
  130. Crew Available: Grenada going north
  131. Crew Available: Seeking adventure, Florida to Belize
  132. Crew Available: Dutch couple looking for new position
  133. Crew Available: Two for Central/South America
  134. Crew Available: Afganistan Veteran
  135. Crew Wanted: 2014 NZ to Tahiti
  136. Crew Available: Looking for the next adventure
  137. Crew Available: Looking for experiance
  138. Crew Available: Ready for another sailing adventure!
  139. Crew Available: Blue Waters Make Me Happy
  140. Crew Available: Experienced sailor
  141. Crew Wanted: Denmark to the Med August 2014
  142. Crew Available: Crew from Canary Islands
  143. Crew Wanted: 2014 circumnavigation
  144. Crew Available: Auckland, NZ - Seeking offshore experinece and trans-Pacific
  145. Crew Available: Caribbean sailing.
  146. Crew Wanted: Morocco to Brisbane, Australia
  147. Crew Wanted: Opua to Tutukaka, New Zealand
  148. Crew Available: Atlantic Crossing wanted
  149. Crew Available: Freelance Delivery Skipper Available...
  150. Crew Wanted: Day sailing partners wanted near Oriental NC
  151. Crew Available: West Coast USA --> New Zealand/Australia (August-October 2014)
  152. Crew Available: For Voyages Departing Florida beginning Mid-December
  153. Crew Available: Sailing Girl
  155. Crew Wanted: Caribbean 2014: BVI/Aruba/BVI
  156. Crew Available: Captains looking for Pacific Crossing
  157. Crew Wanted: Vancouver/Squamish bc canada
  158. Crew Available: Panama Channel & something else
  159. Crew Available: South Carolina and surrounding areas.
  160. Crew Available: Panama Canal transit
  161. Crew Available: Pacific Crossing Southern Cali to Australia March 2014
  162. Crew Available: Skipper available in South Pacific
  163. Crew Available: Film director and photographer with sailing experience ready to help
  164. Crew Available: Experienced offshore delivery captain
  165. Crew Wanted: Panama To French Polynesia
  166. Crew Available: Experienced crew available 4 Atlantic adventures
  167. Crew Wanted: Member who was looking for solo skipper
  168. Crew Wanted: Stuart to Sarasota, FL - leaving Monday Dec 2nd
  169. Crew Available: PNG & Solomon Islands Jan - Feb 2014 or maybe later
  170. Crew Available: Looking for Coastal Sailing Experience
  171. Crew Wanted: greece and west of turkey
  172. Crew Available: Fun, fit, friendly crew of 2 available for Mexico, Central America and Caribbean
  173. Crew Available: Hard Working Crew Available - Hawaii to Costa Rica in Jan/Feb
  174. Crew Available: Boat Sitting in Melbourne
  175. Crew Available: Crew or Boat Sitter available
  176. Crew Wanted: S Florida via Keys to Gulf Coast Short Notice
  177. Crew Available: Single 27 yr old Male looking for sailing experience
  178. Crew Available: St. Martin
  179. Crew Wanted: Delivery Captain Wanted - Les Sables d'Olonne, France to Southern Spain
  180. Crew Wanted: Female vegetarian wanted for Bahamas cruise
  181. Crew Wanted: Sydney to Port Stevens
  182. Crew Available: Want to multihull crew in Miami-Ft Lauderdale
  183. Crew Wanted: Delivery crew, short notice.
  184. Crew Available: Looking trip from Florida to Central/South America
  185. Crew Available: April 2014 Japan Area
  186. Crew Wanted: Mooloolaba- North of Brisbane
  187. Crew Wanted: Crew/Captain Wanted - Charleston, SC to Nassau (Paid)
  188. Crew Available: Are you sailing UK > Med March/April 2014?
  189. Crew Wanted: Phuket to Hong kong Mid Febuary
  190. Crew Wanted: ARC Baltic Rally 2014
  191. Crew Wanted: Not so grumpy man!
  192. Crew Available: Skilled crew available in Canary Islands
  193. Crew Available: East Coast - No Exp - Share Expenses & Work
  194. Crew Wanted: New Caledonia to Brisbane Australia
  195. Crew Wanted: Panama to Tahiti or beyond
  197. Crew Wanted: Early Call for Skipper and Crew to return ship from Caribbean to Spain in April 2016
  198. Crew Wanted: Delivery from NJ to FL
  199. Crew Available: East coast Australia anytime
  200. Crew Available: experienced crew available NOW in St Maartin
  201. Crew Wanted: Sydney to Hobart..not the race!
  202. Crew Available: South Africa to the United States 2014
  203. Crew Available: Transpac 2014
  204. Crew Available: Luminasea
  205. Crew Available: Crew available in Antigua next week
  207. Crew Available: Ready to go, January and beyond!
  208. Crew Available: Skipper / Mate-Hostess (AVAILABLE NOW)
  209. Crew Available: now until christmas !
  210. Crew Available: Experienced crew available NOW-your convenience
  211. Crew Wanted: south to la paz
  212. Crew Available: looking to crew for any trips up to 2 weeks
  213. Crew Wanted: Catamaran cruising the Med.2014
  214. Crew Wanted: Georgetown Exuma to Rio Dulce anytime
  215. Crew Wanted: Argo a CT 54 from Ta Chiao is Sailing to Florida
  216. Crew Wanted: India to Oman
  217. Crew Wanted: Mooloolaba to Sydney in Dec 13
  218. Crew Available: volonteer professional available
  219. Crew Wanted: Two day hop from Fernandina Beach to Stuart, Florida
  220. Crew Available: Crew, Deck, Watch, Captain
  221. Crew Wanted: to Guatemala winter
  222. Crew Available: Offshore Hand
  223. Crew Wanted: Sail with us in the Philippines 2014
  224. Crew Wanted: Mature Long Term Crew Wanted
  225. Crew Available: Crew Member Available to Sail Caribbean Coast
  226. Crew Wanted: Caribbean to Maryland April
  227. Crew Wanted: sailing partner for Caribbean...Are you an Independent female
  228. Crew Wanted: Windstrutter needs crew to Panama and beyond
  229. Crew Available: West Coast to Pacific
  230. Crew Wanted: Looking for 1 or 2 additional crew members
  231. Crew Available: Looking for offshore sea time
  232. Crew Available: Deck/Delivery crew Cape town to Caribbean
  233. Crew Available: Deck/Delivery crew Cape town to Caribbean
  234. Crew Available: Newbe looking for experince sailing
  235. Crew Available: West Coast USA to South Pacific
  236. Crew Wanted: South Africa to Barbados
  237. Crew Available: RYA Day Skipper & Cook
  238. Crew Wanted: down the west coast
  239. Crew Wanted: Sailing to Indonesia
  240. Crew Wanted: Columbia 28 - Sandy Hook - south
  241. Crew Available: East Coast crew for any adventure or trip
  242. Crew Available: Turks & Caicos --> Puerto Rico / STT
  243. Crew Wanted: Pacific Crossing
  244. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper...
  245. Crew Wanted: Look after TRAMP in Langkawi
  246. Crew Available: Ready to go south NOW!
  247. Crew Available: South Africa to Caribbean
  248. Crew Wanted: Alameda, Ca
  249. Crew Wanted: sailing partner for Caribbean...Independent female
  250. Crew Wanted: Virgin Islands 2014