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  1. Crew Available: Experienced Deckhand Available
  2. Crew Wanted: North Florida to Beaufort SC
  3. Crew Wanted: From Beaufort (NC) to Camden (ME)
  4. Crew Available: Crew available for US to EU 2016 & EU to US 2017.
  5. Crew Available: Experienced Crew available Anytime, Anywhere
  6. Crew Wanted: 2015 Australia to Philippines via Pacific Islands
  7. Crew Available: Available Immediately Based Bali....
  8. Crew Available: Looking to Crew for Carib1500
  9. Crew Available: Looking for some fun opportunities to sail
  10. Crew Available: Competent sailor in NYC
  11. Crew Wanted: Caribbean Down Island
  12. Crew Wanted: Australia to South America Dec 2015 start
  13. Crew Available: Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand
  14. Crew Wanted: Daytona to Cape May Short Notice
  15. Crew Available: LA Area Crew Available For Sailing
  16. Crew Available: New Zealand to Fiji or any Pacific Islands
  17. Crew Available: Bahamas outbound/flexible
  18. Crew Available: Looking For Expenses Paid Crew Position Leaving From Florida
  19. Crew Available: Transpac 2015 Crew available or Return trip to mainland
  20. Crew Wanted: Caribbean to Cambridge
  21. Crew Available: experienced south african male seeking any possibilities
  22. Crew Available: Boat Delivery or Skipper for your Charter
  23. Crew Wanted: Swan48 Miami to Maine June 1
  24. Crew Wanted: Everett WA to Kodiak AK
  25. Crew Available: Caribbean/Mediterranean sailing crew available
  26. Crew Wanted: Possible Crew Wanted for Baja Bash
  27. Crew Available: crew member avalible. Singapore
  29. Crew Available: Volunteer crew available in panama
  30. Crew Available: Little experience but keen to sail - north east Scotland but flexible
  31. Crew Wanted: 2x Deck Hands Required for 39 Meter Motor Sailor
  32. Crew Wanted: Penetanguishene to Toronto
  33. Crew Wanted: cruising greece/croatia
  34. Crew Wanted: Australia North, East & South Coasts
  35. Crew Wanted: Galveston to Panama 3/15
  36. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted Short notice - Savannah to Morehead City NC
  37. Crew Wanted: Halifax to Quebec
  38. Crew Available: Amateur Crew Available East Coast & Caribbean
  39. Crew Wanted: Sailing Sicily to Gibraltar with family
  40. Crew Available: USCG captain available
  41. Crew Wanted: Light Work
  42. Crew Wanted: Sailing to Western Lake Superior, looking for an experienced sailor to join me.
  43. Crew Wanted: Port Stanley Canada To Chesapeake
  44. Crew Wanted: from guatemala to cuba
  45. Crew Wanted: sailing east coast of Australia 9 June 2015
  46. Crew Available: Delray Beach, Florida
  47. Crew Wanted: Delivery Skipper
  48. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper..
  49. Crew Wanted: Skipper to deliver Oceanis 393 - Greece
  50. Crew Wanted: Late season sail Savannah to Nassau
  51. Crew Available: Skipper/crew available Capetown June
  52. Crew Available: Day Skipper in Barcelona Available from June 2015
  53. Crew Available: Divers ready to Atlantic Crossing to the Med!
  54. Crew Available: Atlantic crossing U.S./Caribbean to Europe
  55. Crew Available: crew from Noumea (mid may)
  56. Crew Available: Caribbean to Panama or Mediterranean
  57. Crew Available: Anyone looking for Crew in South West England UK?
  58. Crew Available: Mark Johnson Resume and Cover
  59. Crew Wanted: Newport to azores crew needed
  60. Crew Wanted: Southeast Alaska
  61. Crew Available: Med Sailing Summer 2015
  62. Crew Available: Experienced And Relaxed Crew - Tonga/Fiji To New Zealand In June.
  63. Crew Wanted: Looking for crew SC to MA June 1
  64. Crew Wanted: CHS Area Local Crew
  65. Crew Wanted: La Coruna (Spain) to UK
  66. Crew Wanted: Belize or Mexico to Key West - Immediately
  67. Crew Available: Competent hand for East Coast to Bahamas
  68. Crew Available: NC / SC weekend crew
  69. Crew Wanted: Looking for crew Tahiti to Tonga to Fiji Immediate
  70. Crew Wanted: Caribbean to Med end of May
  71. Crew Wanted: Lighthouse Point FL to Pensacola FL
  72. Crew Available: in cuba need your help into mexico
  73. Crew Wanted: Possible crew position available
  74. Crew Available: I would like to cruisers the Caribbean
  75. Crew Wanted: Sailing east coast of Australia June 2015
  76. Crew Wanted: Searching For Experienced Sailor
  77. Crew Available: dickfred
  78. Crew Wanted: Caribbean
  79. Crew Wanted: Charleston - BVI crew
  80. Crew Available: Brazilian Sailor in Mexico
  81. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted Grenada-Chesapeake
  82. Crew Available: Retired experienced Great Lakes sailor looking for blue water experience
  83. Crew Available: 2 crew available from panama to South Pacific
  84. Crew Available: Pythagorion, Samos Greece.
  85. Crew Wanted: Indonesian Cruise - Komodo/Sulaweisii/Bali
  86. Crew Available: 23, Male, well qualified and looking for ocean passage July-Sep // Atlantic, Pacific
  87. Crew Available: Retired Brit
  88. Crew Wanted: Carribean
  89. Crew Wanted: From (North) Spain, Portugal, anaies, Cape Verde etc
  90. Crew Wanted: Welland Canal
  91. Crew Wanted: Delivery - long island to Long Beach Island NJ
  92. Crew Wanted: Honolulu Sailing
  93. Crew Available: East Coast of the US
  94. Crew Available: STCW Abble Seaman - PADI Divemaster Avaiable in september at Miami
  95. Crew Wanted: Naples Italy to Croatia
  96. Crew Wanted: St. Thomas to Tarpon Springs, FLorida
  97. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper & Trainer
  98. Crew Available: New sailor on bird looking for ...
  99. Crew Available: Alex, offshore skipper
  100. Crew Wanted: From Key West to St.Augustine
  101. Crew Available: Southern California
  102. Crew Wanted: Ft. Myers to Pensacola
  103. Crew Available: Ex Coastie seeking deck position
  104. Crew Available: San Francisco to Southern California
  105. Crew Available: Transatlantic: Americas to Europe spring/summer 2015
  106. Crew Wanted: Australian Far North Queensland, Kimberlys onto Perth (June 2015) .
  107. Crew Available: Passage needed from Dominican Republic
  108. Crew Wanted: Miami to cuba,Mexico, central America,south America
  109. Crew Wanted: Short Notice Florida To Virginia or NYC
  110. Crew Wanted: BVIs to Boston may 1
  111. Crew Available: South Florida Cruising or Racing
  112. Crew Available: Seeking Passage up the Red Sea
  113. Crew Wanted: Sailing to Europe from US via Bermuda and Azores in May
  114. Crew Wanted: Noumea to Bundaberg Australia and south.
  115. Crew Available: Skipper or deckhand available between the 18th of April and 2nd of May.
  116. Crew Available: Day cruising in San Diego
  117. Crew Wanted: West to East Panama transit
  118. Crew Wanted: Hobart to Sydney in late May 2015
  119. Crew Available: April 20th-May14th: Carib, S. America, Florida or US
  120. Crew Wanted: Virginia to Nova Scotia, April - May, 2015
  121. Crew Available: Experienced crew available for Pacific cruise. Med area also considered
  122. Crew Available: Powerboat - Florida, East Coast, Caribbean
  123. Crew Wanted: Boat au-pair
  124. Crew Wanted: Amateur First Mate Wanted
  125. Crew Available: 2 Crew Available - French Polynesia to Australia or other
  126. Crew Wanted: Sail Bermuda -> Lunenburg on VOR60
  127. Crew Wanted: New Zealand to Fiji - May 2015
  128. Crew Available: Aussie guy available for week long trip ~12 hours flight from Australia
  129. Crew Available: Livingston Guatemala Area to Grand Cayman
  130. Crew Available: for going to CUBA!
  131. Crew Available: Available, Flexible, Smart (and fun)
  132. Crew Available: retirement job
  133. Crew Available: Free in the summer! 27 male with many skills.
  134. Crew Wanted: Wilmington NC to St. Augustine
  136. Crew Wanted: Ft Lauderdale to Croatia. Early May 2015.
  137. Crew Wanted: CRUISING THAILAND
  138. Crew Wanted: Greek Islands August 2015
  139. Crew Available: Marine mechanic/Paramedic as crew
  140. Crew Wanted: Transit from Miami to Boston
  141. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted - Transatlantic West-East May/June 2015
  142. Crew Wanted: Tauranga New Zealand to Tonga
  143. Crew Available: Super flexible 24yo rookie - Open to almost anything.
  144. Crew Wanted: Ionian, Greece June-October
  145. Crew Wanted: Offshore sailing class and adventure, Panama Canal to Rhode Island
  146. Crew Available: transantlantic crossing
  147. Crew Wanted: Experienced person only
  148. Crew Available: handliner canal panama
  149. Crew Wanted: The Atlantic Crossing
  150. Crew Wanted: The Atlantic Crossing
  151. Crew Wanted: Atlantic crossing
  152. Crew Available: Aruba to Anchorage
  153. Crew Wanted: From fort pierce to jacksonville
  154. Crew Wanted: Looking for boat in NZ to Fiji, Tonga an NC
  155. Crew Available: Bahama's job
  156. Crew Wanted: Cruise from Tahiti to Bora Bora in May/June
  157. Crew Available: Very Flexible for 1 or 2 week trips
  158. Crew Available: Voluntary crew in Ireland
  159. Crew Wanted: nassau to Stuart
  160. Crew Available: Med July -August 2015
  161. Crew Wanted: Experienced Sailor for short sail in SD
  162. Crew Wanted: Flotilla via Corinth Canal in May
  163. Crew Available: Atlantic crossing Late May/Early June
  164. Crew Available: Sail/Deck hand
  165. Crew Wanted: Casual sailing, Greece
  166. Crew Wanted: NW Passage Expedition Partners to Share Expenses
  167. Crew Wanted: 170-ft Tallship Delivery Crew
  168. Crew Wanted: Want an experienced Sailor to Crew....
  169. Crew Available: In South Australia, Can travel
  170. Crew Wanted: Amsterdam to Inverness
  171. Crew Available: Brazilian sailor available in Panama
  172. Crew Wanted: Ocean Jedi, now in Aruba, Seeks Crew mid April for trip north to Chesapeake
  173. Crew Wanted: Experienced Blue water Delivery Skipper needed
  174. Crew Wanted: electrician and deckhand needed april or may
  175. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted.....Spain to UK
  176. Crew Available: Yacht & Boat Delivery Captain
  177. Crew Available: Atlantic Ocean St. Martin - Spain April/May 2015
  178. Crew Available: Bonaire to Curacao
  179. Crew Available: from French Polynesia / South Pacific onward
  180. Crew Available: Corpus Christi to Houston
  181. Crew Wanted: Italian West Coast to Greece July August 2015
  182. Crew Available: Looking to learn more!
  183. Crew Available: Anyone in PR need crew?
  184. Crew Available: Looking to race in/from Caribbean this summer
  185. Crew Available: I am available but also need a drop between the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
  186. Crew Wanted: Mexico - Costa Rica - Panama - 48ft Farr
  187. Crew Wanted: Key West to Ft. Myers, end of April
  188. Crew Wanted: F.Lauderdale to Azores to Portugal end April
  189. Crew Wanted: Caye Caulker to Rio Dulce
  190. Crew Available: Deckhand available
  191. Crew Wanted: Cruise the Seach of Cortez 50ft Motoryacht
  192. Crew Available: Female crew in Sint Maarten looking to sail
  193. Crew Available: Stuck at Miami Airport. Anyone need crew immediately?
  194. Crew Available: Husband and Wife Competent Crew Available
  195. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper & Trainer
  196. Crew Available: NZ to Fiji, Tonga or other South Pacific Island, April 2015
  197. Crew Available: Experienced Sailor Looking for Mile Building or Trans-Atlantic Summer 2015
  198. Crew Wanted: Caribbean
  199. Crew Available: WHY NOT HIRE THE BEST?
  200. Crew Wanted: South Western Pacific Islands Sailing
  201. Crew Wanted: Ontario to Florida and Beyond May 2015
  202. Crew Available: Looking for east coast Florida Sailing!
  203. Crew Available: Puerto Rico to...? late April
  204. Crew Available: Captain and or crew in Capetown
  205. Crew Available: Auld buga available..
  206. Crew Available: Looking for sailing opportunity in canada
  207. Crew Wanted: Easy Memorial day trip Corpus Christi Bay
  208. Palau
  209. Crew Available: Please help me get some experience!
  210. Crew Wanted: ST Martin to Azores departing late April.
  211. Crew Available: To Cuba
  212. Crew Available: available transatlantic U.S. or carib. to Europe
  213. Crew Available: Transpac 2015
  214. Crew Wanted: Bahamas/Gulf Stream/BeaufortNC/ICW
  215. Crew Available: 26 year old male with mechanic and commercial fishing experience
  216. Crew Available: Free boat labour in Panama
  217. Crew Available: New Zealand to Australia, one crew member seeking a passage in early May
  218. Crew Available: N2E 2015 race
  219. Crew Wanted: Marsh Harbor,Abacos to BeaufortNC @4/24
  220. Crew Wanted: Teaching Captain Needed in BVI
  221. Crew Available: Delivery Skipper..
  222. Crew Available: European Cat Experience Wanted
  223. Crew Available: New Zealand to Pacific
  224. Crew Available: Female Crew Seeking Overseas Adventures
  225. Crew Wanted: Sailing late Apriol/early may Grenada-Bermuda and Bermuda-Nova Scotia
  226. Crew Wanted: It's that time of the Year again....
  227. Crew Available: Available From Los Angeles to???
  228. Crew Wanted: North NZ to South pacific
  229. Crew Wanted: Female crew wanted some experience, South Florida to Caribbean
  230. Crew Available: SE Asia Opportunity Wanted
  231. Crew Wanted: Cuba april 2015
  232. Crew Wanted: Puerto Rico to Grenada
  233. Crew Wanted: Crew Safety
  234. Crew Wanted: Crew Wanted for Day Work in Sarasota
  235. Crew Available: Looking for a crew position
  236. Crew Available: Passage to Europe
  237. Crew Wanted: Voluntry crew position
  238. Crew Available: From Florida South
  239. Crew Available: darwin to singapore
  240. Crew Available: Female Crew Looking For Easy-Going Cruisers April 2015
  241. Crew Available: USA to the South Caribbean/South America?
  242. Crew Available: Dive Instructor w/ sailing ex, anywhere out of Belize
  243. Crew Wanted: Circumnavigation
  244. Crew Available: ride neede from Dominican Republic to Turks and Caicos/Bahamas
  245. Crew Available: From near Guadeloupe to Cuba
  246. Crew Available: Anyone going soon from Mexico or Guatemala to Panama ???
  247. Crew Wanted: Crew wanted - Florida to Cartagena, Colombia
  248. Crew Wanted: Cairns,Australia
  249. Crew Available: Looking to help Crew from New Zealand mid-August(ish)
  250. Crew Available: New Zealand to Pacific Islands