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What about a Cascade 36? They are a sound cruising boat. Very well built. Some were not factory finished so be aware of owner mods.

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Hi Mischief.
why don't you look at They have a few 30ft + sailboats for sail at very good prices.(You can even offer oround 75% of the asking price)
I recently baught a 16,000 USD boat for 9,000 USD.... simply offered that amount and the seller agreed. (a 30 ft Albin Ballad in very good condition)

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You are definately right about overpricing in OZ, just done 2 trips down there looking and nowhere near worth what they are asking. Brokers are also next to useless when trying to find out info.
Try looking at Better selection and prices than in oz. And with the dollar at the moment, it's better still. You have to register to get seller info, then you can talk direct. Can get away without paying NZ GST if you sailaway within 2 mths as it is considered export and attracts zero rating. That saves 12.5%. OZ still gets you when you get back here, 5% duty and 10% GST. Add up the cost of airfare, accom (till deal is done), surveyor and still cheaper than here, plus you get a trip over the ditch. I'm heading over early Nov, that gets me crossing the ditch early to mid Jan, plus a mth or 2 cruising NZ. Worth a look.
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That C&C 41 that was posted about earlier... there's a deal! I'm a little shocked that its going for 19K.

I own a 25 and I must say, C&Cs, for production boats, are built really well. Considering that boat is a '69 I assume there's going to be some core issues or something to that effect. Must be the case. No reason a good 41ft C&C would disappear for that much.
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Originally Posted by sandinmytea View Post
That C&C 41 that was posted about earlier... there's a deal! I'm a little shocked that its going for 19K.

I own a 25 and I must say, C&Cs, for production boats, are built really well. Considering that boat is a '69 I assume there's going to be some core issues or something to that effect. Must be the case. No reason a good 41ft C&C would disappear for that much.
Yeah, me too. That's why I said gotta be something wrong with that!
Wonder if someone forgot to pay the yard bill? Fresh bottom paint, etc.....??
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Have you considered wood boats? I don't know about Oz, but here's a nice one in Seattle for 19K. But you would have to know how to make repairs on these kinds of boats.

1958 Alden Yawl Sail Boat For Sale -
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Going to sea in a sou's ear...

I would venture to suggest that you simply do not have enough money.
Buying an old boat (over 25 years old) is a very risky venture and this is your families safety that you are talking about.
My suggestions (without knowing too much about your circumstances):-
1) Sell your current boat. It's costing you money and depreciating. Add the result to your cruising kitty.
2) Budget at least $A130k for a proper cruising boat. This may buy the boat, do essential upgrades and repairs and leave enough for some serious cruising.
3) Sit down with your wife and discuss where the missing $90k is going to come from. Points to discuss might include long term finance (In Australia this means buying a house), increasing the amount of work that you are doing, budget measures (one car, minimal alcohol and no cigarettes (if applicable), reduced social life etc.)...
4) You'll also need to talk about how she feels about this and what her part is going to be, training and safety instructions for your wife and children - the devil is in the detail.
5) This is can not be a spur of the moment decision. We're talking about a five to seven year plan here.
6) Most of the boats that I saw in NSW were so old and in such bad condition that it would have been dangerous to move some of them from their moorings, others would have struggled to cross the bay and maybe a tiny minority could have left harbour. (The NSW coast gets some pretty bad weather). The few that were in anything like acceptable condition they wanted an arm and a leg for.
7) Strongly consider building a boat like the 37' Easy Cat from scratch. Your budget may stretch that far.
8) When buying a house look for one that allows a boat to be built behind or beside it. Don't forget to plan how to get the boat from the building site to the water before buying.

5 to 7 years may feel like an eternity at the moment but there is no substitute to having a proper boat and the financial security to use it.
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Hi thank you for all your replies so far.
I have not checked all the listed yachts so bear with me.
I had looked at the manitous but they are dreadfully small for a 32 and the aft cabin arrangement is normally seperated and small. Other then the fact these yachts are center cockpit (to which I am not a fan) and there being on the small side I do like all the aspects of them.

I am not opposed to wood yachts but they seem to demand high dollars here when they are good ones the cheaper ones are usually riddled with issues. Having said that I would prefer a epoxy/wood (West) or other. if I were to go with wood.

As far as our budget goes well , as I said we are simple folk. My wife likes to stay with our daughter and I support here so she does not work. I too value family time high so work Permanent Parttime. I work steady and we live well, we have no debts are able to save every month and are happy. We basically do not indulge in any frills nor miss them, so there is really nothing we could cut from our budget.

Although we could afford to buy a small house and pay the mortgage with what we save every month the banks will only lend us under 100K (payments back are a fraction of what we save everymonth let alone a 3rd of what we have to pay for rent) They say they have to take a certain amount of expenses off the top whether we spend that much day to day or not.

We tried for a year to get financing for a yacht but run into the same problem. Since we dont conform to the normal conduct of societies spending and earings we are stuffed as far as a loan goes. So alas we have determined we will have to pay cash.

We have carefully considered all aspects of this and to be sure we have been working towards this dream for several years.

My wife got her Canadian citizenship the we moved to Australia where I bacame a citizen as well (both times this meant only one of us could work for 2 year periods each) We both had massive debt when we met and have cleared all our debts off and for the last year have been debt free and saving steady) once we moved to Australia 4 years ago I bought a dingy to learn on and then moved up to a 19 foot yacht the next year, which I now have working great is not depreciating and Im sure I can get my money out of her in a few years time if I have to. (It helped I got her for a good price and can do all maintenance myself)
I continue to sail regularly and now have many Yachtie friends and often Race on thier yachts too. I constantly read yacht books and manuals and have probably been through 30 books several times learning and then practicing and putting the knowledge to use. I also got work at at an anchorage/Marina resort and do all formas of maintenance there.

Having carefully considered our situation and what we want out of life, we fell we need to keep the initial purchase price of a yacht to within reason and would like to keep yacht budget to under 50K AUD including repairs and issues that need tending to. Less then this would be even better.

If we do decide to buy in the Americas then we would budget to the point of making arrival in NZ once there we are able to work and when we got to Australia All import costs we could charge if we had to and pay it off later.

I feel if we wait too long then life will just be passing us by. We would be perfectly happy if we only had parrifin lighting and cooking and the only electronics were safety related (a chartplotter would not go atray either but just a basic set up)

We realize we have to make sacrifices to get going sooner than later. We are moving to a cheaper apartment and starting to sell off everything we dont need on our yacht. Sales start next weekend.

At the moment we are looking for the right yacht now and hope we can find the right deal within the next year or 2.......
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This looks like something to check out Ericson 39 sailboat for sale and
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I think you can get a decent offshore boat for 50k NZ, it will be under 35 ft and under specced by some people's standards, but I lived on the Cav 32 for 8 years (two of us) with a compass sextant and leadline.
I do think your chances will be better this side of the Tasman.

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Mischief, I admire your approach and realistic desire to do this without encumbering yourself in debt so as to maintain a wholesome lifestyle.

Within your 2 year schedule you will find the right boat if you keep on looking and learning as you are doing now. Economies are uncertain, so boats will come on the market quickly sometimes under duress. (Even in Asia)

Make the search part of your training and always inspect the boat in detail so that you know it intimately, before hiring a good surveyor, so that he can answer your many questions.

Use us to qualify a particular boat’s reputation since there are a lot of knowledgeable sailors here, but at the end of the day, it must meet your needs, not others perceptions.

Best of luck!
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From Europe, how about one of these:

Moody 33 archive details - Yachtsnet Ltd. online UK yacht brokers - yacht brokerage and boat sales

Centre cockpit and rear cabin means you have a separate space for either the kids or yourselves.

One here in Greece just in your budget:

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Ok, I am not an expert on Oz or US boats & prices, but your budget seems simply too small for something that could be sailed trans ocean within a reasonable time frame.........unless you luck into a deal / steal.

But at least you seem to have some scope to increase your income to add to the pot, if you chose to.

But nonetheless, for a "bargain" I would be thinking about yachts "out of position" (for most Western viewers / buyers), obviously a risk in travel costs for fruitless viewings - but in your neck of the woods I would be thinking of SEA and even NZ for folks who have come to the end of their dreams, for whatever reasons - but especially unexpectedly . Of course still gotta bring her home, and ain't gonna be a million choices - but she will have already been proven as capable, and at least half a chance she still is
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Ok,im probably going to open myself up to abuse here but within your budget you should be able to find a decent ferro cement boat well suited to your purpose,say a Hartley RORC 32 or 39,a Queenslander 33 or South Seas 37 or a Sampson or Wilf Okell,all would be capable of a trip across the Pacific.Any boat you buy of any material is going to require you to spend some money over time after the initial purchase to upgrade for offshore cruising.

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