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Why Marinas Hate Liveaboards - Part II

I was trying to keep up with the other thread but got lost along the pages.

So; do we think that marinas really hate live aboards or do you think maybe they hate run down boats and their junk all over the place? I would bet they like liveaboards, but hate low life types and a low life liveaboard is there all the time to make it worst.
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I would agree. Most Marinas I have dealt with on the lower Chesapeake actually like liveaboards. Can't say the same about city governments. The Norfolk government is trying to run the marinas out of business so they can clam the waterfront property and build more condos. It doesn't matter to them that over 50% of the condos there are empty.
At the marina I was at, the manager told me that he has to be very careful in screening for liveaboards because he has had some problems with a few of the less desirable liveaboards. He personally likes liveaboards claiming they help keep the marina safe and help out with problems such as severe weather.
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We have been living aboard for 9 years now in many marinas in the channel islands and on the brittany coast. We do all the normal things that live aboards do such as the washing, clothes hanging out in the rigging and plenty of cooking smells but have never had a complaint. I think that is because we have a ruel on the boat that it must be ready for sea at ALL times in case of an emergency so therefore kept tidy and clean. We have seen the harbourmasters looking at some boats that have rotten and dirty covers on them also junk all over the decks. These are the boats that they dont want and can you blame them.
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marinas hate liveaboards?

A Marina that has 500 local boats and 5 liveaboards WILL hate the liveaboards, if we are in a place where HATE is the reaction most common to the need to do any work. True and tested.

Reason: the local boats are like parked cars - the owner pays monthly (via wire most of the time) and the marina staff never see the guy again! Marinas are to make money, not to be nice to cruisers/liveaboards. Note that there are places in the world where marinas (esp. if run by yacht clubs) will NOT accept cruisers nor liveaboards. No junk on our pontoons, no strangers in T-shirts, etc.).

Now, in some marinas the liveaboards form a big part of the user group and provide vital portion of income for the marina / local population (and especially so if the marina runs a boat yard at the same time). Then liveaboards are VERY welcome as are cruisers and everybody else who wants to come, fix their boat, spend the winter, whatever, and PAY!

So, to me, it is like there are two types of marinas - those who HATE liveaboards and those who LOVE their money (and so they will be very nice and friendly, as long as we pay).

My final note is that in some places of the earth, people are just nice, and will accept liveaboards as just another way of living one's life. Local liveaborad communities are large and all visitors who want to 'join the club' are welcome. I found this last type especially common in French territories (New Caledonia, Guadeloupe).

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We've been on our boat for 7 years now, mostly on the run from place to place and doing our share of exploring and just goofing off..
And we've found a few items that are liked and disliked.. when you say "liveaboard" its like an invite to set up a refer on the docks and hang out a welcome sign and a pink flamingo at the docks enterance.. Many liveaboards like to make the dock their home and in the process, collect crap, that starts on their boat and overflows in time to the dock and then out to the parking lot around the second car that dosent run..
Marinas do not seem to like this sort of settlement on their property.. and as a legal area, after you've set up housekeeping, its hard for them to evect you as they have accepted you there and thats your home..
We found a few years ago a little trick when comming into a marina... We didnt mention "liveaboard" but instead we called ourselves cruisers... said we would be moving on and would only be staying there for 3 to 4 months and then moving on.. we would also offer to pay up-front for the 3 to 4 months.. and many times would get a break on the amount.. and never have to pay a deposit.. they knew when we arrived and when we were going to leave and I would suspect that in a good amount of the time, the cash we paid up-front wasnt recorded on the books but was lost withing the marina.. and when we left, they would wave good-by and tell us to comeon back the next time we were in the area..
So for 7 years we've been jumping around from marina to marina about every 3 to 4 months.... When we pulled into OxBow, where we are now, (we've been here a number of times before) we asked about how long we could stay... the harbormaster said he'd give it 5 to 6 years and see how it works out.. but we dont dare put out the pink flamingo...
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I think barnakiel nailed it. There is a broad spectrum of marinas from those that do not allow any liveaboards to those marinas which encourge liveaboards.

In the gray area of the spectrum there are those marinas which allow a couple liveaboards they know and trust but will not allow any new liveaboards. I berth my boat in one of those marinas.

There are also marinas which look the other way for a very limited number of sneakaboards.

If one wants to be a liveaboard then they need to find the a marina which accepts new liveaboards.

Life begins where land ends.
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Happy New Year, yall.
I had been a liveaboard for the last 18-years at a marina and yacht club that allowed 10% liveaboards. Most of us kept our boats ship-shape (Feelsgood had it right to ALWAYS have the boat ready for sea). But alas, there are sometimes those who are not so "neat and tidy" and it makes the marina resemble a white-trash trailer park. One liveaboard neighbor ALWAYS has junk in his cockpit and on the dock. Not only that but he was stern-too the dock so walking past his boat was had not to see him below wearing whatever and cooking whatever! No wonder marina management dislikes (some) liveaboards. Now even I took some liberties such as building my 7-ft pram on the empty space on the dinghy storage dock and even partially building a motoercycle out in the parking lot. But, I always cleaned up after the workday and got many encouraging words from the regular weekend sailors. And most of them knew that we liveaboards would take care of their boats day or night faster than when the marina staff would discover a problem and respond (such as we saving my absent neighbors boat from sinking at the slip).
True, the marina would make more money if no one used their boats (no wear and tear) but I'm also reminded of another side of the coin - a marina adjacent to an extremely popular tourist area, which REQUIRED boat owners to put up Christmas lights for "atmosphere" :-).
Keep it clean, keep it good for all.
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They love us here at Beach Marine in Jax Beach...
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Glad the other post aroused my interest but like a Russian novel intimated me.Have been a liveaboard for over 20 yrs used to be little problem no one else did it.Now become popular & many undesirables or ,to put it mildly,not so pristine vessels,We seem to be persona non Grata.marc
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We've lived aboard at many different marinas since we bought our first "liveaboard" sailboat in 1971. We've not always found a slip availble every place we've gone, but we have never encountered the impression from marina management that they "hate" liveaboards. We have lived at many marinas that post information or respond to phone inquires that they do not accept liveaboards, but liveaboards are actually present and welcome if they arrive in the manner that Randyonr3 described. Most marinas want to be able to protect themselves from derelict boats and bad behavior. This should not be interpreted as a hate of liveaboards. 'take care and joy, Aythya crew
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In the UK, one aspect of the problem is that the marina can get a lot of grief from local government if they allow liveaboards, yet don't have the planning consents (paid for) for residential berths, and "maybe" significantly, are not "paying" Rates for the berth (that's another local tax they squeeze out of us). Some of these marina's do however, turn a blind eye, just so long as the boat doesn't "look" like a liveaboard.
A reasonable person, accepts the Status Quo. An unreasonable person, wants to change it. All progress is therefore made by unreasonable people. Me, I'm just apathetic about the status quo. I think we want it back.
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I have lived at various marinas as a liveaboard and find most welcome you if you keep you boat nice and follow the rules. There are those that will rip you off by charging a liveaboard fee per month to justify the "extra" costs of you using their facilities and water. I don't use the facilities since I have two heads aboard and a washer/dryer. I see people come for the weekend and use more water than I use in a month.

I lived at a marina that wasn't supposed to have liveaboards but did because that was the only way they could get people. It was a great marina but isolated from the local area's shops, restaurants, and bars. Since most weekenders party more than boat they didn't want to be at that marina and the crowd that was there was very nice to be with. I think a lot of the marina's attitude towards liveaboards is if they need them to keep their slips occupied or are in a very high demand area.
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"no strangers in T-shirts,"
Once tennis clubs started allowing members to wear improper clothing (as opposed to tennis whites) and colored balls, it was inevitable that things would denigrate to the point where folks started walking around in undershirts. Strangers? Dear lord, even the MEMBERS are walking around in that attire, things have gone to the dogs.

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Gosh. How absolutely horrid !!! How do decent folks live with such denigration !!!!
A reasonable person, accepts the Status Quo. An unreasonable person, wants to change it. All progress is therefore made by unreasonable people. Me, I'm just apathetic about the status quo. I think we want it back.
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Living aboard your vessel is a great way to live...unless you happen to live in the state of georgia. There were some 'bad apples' back in the late 60's that have ruined this option here and this makes you have to sneak you're doing something wrong. The state legislator passed the Coastal Marshland Protection Act of 1970 which outlawed this lifestyle. My boat is not a cluttered mess and she is ready for the sea, my dock is not a cluttered mess, just a dink overturned and lashed down for the winter. The enforcing agency is the Ga Department of Natural Resources, who ride around in their boat that has down topsides "LAW ENFORCEMENT". They started enforcing this (again) about 2 yrs ago, forcing me out of my home...I've been a dirt dwelling renter since I got caught up in their nets 1 1/2 years ago and found out that I am "contrary to the public good". Never cared much for the state of georgia anyhow...I wont be staying here forever. I am trying to get the cruising kitty abit fatter, working at a local boat yard planning my exit! Living aboard is my preferred lifestyle!!
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