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Old 22-08-2023, 08:22   #1
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Boat: CSY 44 Pilothouse Ketch
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Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Thanks for reading.
I am looking for 4-5 crew to join this adventure: There will be several different legs, and different folks signing on, and signing off of the crew as we go along. Get in where you fit in! You know how these things go. People can sign on individually or in pairs, depending on room available and other considerations. For your planning purposesÖ. Please consider 2 weeks as a minimum time window to join the crew on board. Shorter time periods are difficult. This is a pleasure cruising sailboat. We go slow and do not press in to foul weather when we do not have to.

If you are interested, please send a PM.
If you have questions, then please post a reply to the ad, so that everyone can benefit.

If interested, then let me know a bit about yourself and the timeframe you are available.
Other folks, US Military Veterans, family and friends of mine will be joining the boat along the way as well.

Here's the general sail plan: Subject to change, and all of that stuff going on.

February 2024:
Jacksonville, Florida: Boat in the water. Make ready work. First crew join. Shooting pool and karaoke in town.
March 2024:
Jacksonville, Florida to South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, and then across to the Bahamas. Island hopping in the Bahamas for a while.
*** Crew spots available: 1 complete rookie, 1 novice, 2 "some experience".
End of March 2024: Sailing to the Caribbean. This will be a "mini-passage" 10-14 days at sea sailing East above the trade winds, and then South to the Caribbean.
*** Crew spots available: 1 novice, 2 "some experience", 1 experienced.
April 2024: Island hopping and exploring the Caribbean / Rum tour of the Windward Islands.
*** Crew spots available: 1 complete rookie, 1 novice, 2 "some experience".
End of April 2024. St Martin, on anchor. Exploring the wonderful island, going to Carnivale, waiting for weather over the Atlantic to stabilize, so we can cross.
May 2024. Atlantic crossing, St Martin to Horta, Azores.
This is a big, blue passage. 21-28 days at sea.
The Azores are frickin' awesome. We might never want to leave. We will stay at least two weeks. Maybe 3.
*** Crew spots available: 1 "some experience", 3 experienced.
Middle of June 2024. Crossing from Azores to Europe. We'll make our way to the Keil canal, if it is deep enough at the time, and then make our way in to the Baltic.
*** Crew spots available: 2 novice, 2 "some experience".
July 2024: Vicinity St Anna Archipelago in Sweden. Island to island for the summer.
*** Crew spots: 3 -4 spots open, no real experience required. This is pretty easy, day sailing.
August 2024: You donít have to go home, but ya canĒt stay here. I will park the boat somewhere and go hang out in the woods with the hippies, hermits, pixies and elves. Urkult 2024 in Nasaker.

Boat: 1978 CSY 44 Pilothouse Ketch. She is a well equipped, heavy old lady. A Fat Bottomed Girl who likes it a little rough. A graceful sailor. Big, roomy, safe and solid. She is a comfortable, sea-kindly boat with a deep draft and 14,000 lbs of lead. Some say she is one of the finest cruising vessels ever made. I say, she is my dream boat, and she sailed like a dream in 25 knot winds with. 8-10 foot seas. Over the past few years, I have upgraded / replaced all underwater hardware, through-hulls, grounding plane, as well as removed and closed up old sensor holes. The standing rigging will all be new, before we leave Florida. Down below, she shows her age here and there, but she is solid and functional and looks pretty good as well.

Ketch rigged.
Furling Head sail.
Hank on Stay Sail.
Main and Mizzen in Lazy Jacks.
Self Tailing winches.
Electric winch.
Electric Windlass.
Water Maker.
Wind Gen.
Big Galley, plenty of fridge space.
VHF Radio.
SSB Radio.
Garmin Satellite InReach..
Satellite Phone.
Chart Plotter
Dinghy and outboard
.... liferaft added Spring, 2022.

$$. Captain pays for boat expenses. Folks on board share the cost of their groceries.
FAQ: How much to budget for groceries?
Ans: take your existing food budget and add 20%.
Land and other transportation: By future arrangement. Crew joining the boat should expect to pay for their transport to and from the boat.

Customs, Duties, and Border fees: Expect to Pay your own way.

Safety and Security:

Rule #1. Stay on the boat. Everything is easier if we avoid falling off while underway.
We will focus on comfortable, low risk, low stress sailing. The weather and ocean will give us enough un-planned excitement to deal with and enjoy, so we will not press in to foul weather or any other risky business. This means crew should be very flexible with time schedules.

All safety gear is up to date and functional.

We practice continuous risk analysis / risk mitigation. This means, when we do 'something stupid" we talk about it and try not to do it again.

Smoking/open flame: No smoking on board. If you are French and have a very compelling story, then maybe you can drift off in the dinghy and practice your habit. Otherwise, no. Candles are ok in certain conditions. Incense can burn in certain conditions.

Alcohol. No consumption under way at all***. The Anchor light is the drinking light. But we will have a well equipped bar and beer stock.. Two rules of boating.. never run out of beer or cookies; although, the Captain drinks very little to no beer/alcohol. *** This is a high protocol operation, Pirate Protocol, so there are a few exceptions to the rule. We toast occasions with rum or champagne.

Clothing. Yes please. Itís better than sunscreen.
This is mostly for the Bahamas/Caribbean, and certainly most of you reading this are already aware, that many visitors to the Bahamas view clothing as an optional situation. This is not a "nudist" boat at all. For packing considerations, space is the biggest limiting factor. We have a packing list that we can send as a guide.
Otherwise, if you do not have foul weather gear, then you should expect to buy some for yourself.

About the Captain:
56 Year old man. Healthy, Energetic, non-snoring, non-smoking, non-drinking (mostly), guy who likes to sail. Benevolent pirate. Creative executive. Karaoke singer. Empathic. Participative leadership style. Pretty good cook. Likes spicy food and good coffee.

45 years sailing experience aboard 16-52 foot sailboats. Yep, started young, with Dear Old Dad and Mom. Great Lakes, Eastern Pacific (San Diego area), Western Atlantic, Bahamas, with the majority of experience in the Bahamas, with many courses at the fictional, but very real, Hard Knocks Sailing Academy.
Skilled and experienced in all boat auxiliary power systems (motors y'all); Gas and Diesel, HVACR systems, electrical, plumbing, rigging, - there's nothing on the boat I can't fix (or throw away and replace ).
I love to snorkel and spear fish. I love to explore the local scene, meet the people and get in to the cultures of visited places, so I tend to be wandering type explorer. All day on a random beach, to me, is a good use of a day.

I have a rock solid personality, not easily ruffled, calm under pressure, and am easy going and laid back. At the same time, I have a loud, command voice (thank you Army), and can be very intense. The crazier sh*t gets, the more calm I become. Gaslighting Mother Nature for decades

I am not a doctor. That is my sister's gig. I am skilled at first aid, trained in CPR, first aid, recovery, and know how to treat many conditions.
I am also an excellent trainer/teacher and coach, so if you have no experience, but otherwise fit, lets talk. Don't count yourself out.

Ideal Crew qualities:
Galley friendly, coffee loving; creative cook, bold, brave, level headed, positive energy and attitude, a bit of a hippie, excellent communication abilities, in great health, non-smoking, not grossed out by fish guts, stable at sea, some experience with sailing preferred, a light packer, excellent problem solving skills, a cheerleader (and I don't mean pom poms and a short skirt, I mean a person who is excited and energetic when facing challenging tasks and not, how do you say in this country, be b*tchy about it). If you have very good organizational and packing skills, you get bonus points. Whatever personal choices you have made over the past few years regarding shots and boosters is your business. I prefer those who chose to not get any. On shore leave, live music, hanging out under the stars, exploring nature and different cultures are fun ways to explore the local scene. If you are more introverted, no problem. Someone needs to stay and babysit the boat too.

Considerations for complete rookie and novice crew.
Expenses: if you do not have good foul weather gear, then you will need to buy it. Budget $1,200. I have life jackets, safety harnesses, and tethers on board for you to borrow and use, but you must have your own foul weather gear. If you want to do a passage or cross the Atlantic, then you must have very good foul weather gear, so please budget accordingly.
Testing and proving yourself: I welcome complete rookies and novices with little to no experience. We all have to start somewhere. I am an excellent trainer and coach, and I enjoy doing it. It does take a tremendous amount of time and energy to show someone the ropes and teach them new skills. I have to have a good feeling that crew will be able to function on board as well as be safe for themselves, other crew, and the boat. I do not expect newbies to become experts overnight. I do expect that newbies arrive with a good attitude, good energy, and an ability to be instructed, tested, coached and corrected. Everybody makes mistakes and messes up stuff, myself included. Even my Dad, "the Admiral" fouls things up. We all have to be thick skinned and able to make corrections and keep going. This means that you will not show up, pack up, and get under way immediately. There will be some time spent familiarizing and making sure it is a good fit. This is for the benefit of everyone.
Rookie/Novice duty expectations: if you come aboard as a rookie / novice, then you will have regular crew duties on a very simple level. For example you will not stand watch by yourself until after you are "watch certified" by the captain. You will be busy learning, observing, asking questions, practicing, and demonstrating new skills. You will get a lot of instruction, such as, "stand here" and "hold this" and "do not do that" You will stand "shadow" watch with an experienced crew member. It is important to be 'set up for success', and that will be the goal for the safety of the boat, crew, and yourself. The general goal for being "watch certified" is that you can keep the boat going in the correct, general direction, and you know when to wake up other people

Thanks for reading. Let me know if interested. We have a lot to discuss[/U]:
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Old 26-08-2023, 05:07   #2
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24


I am interested to join your trip.
I am particularly interested in March 2024 (jacksonville to Bahamas) and April 2024 ( island hopping).

I am a healthy 59 year old male with some sailing experience.

Please let me know.
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Old 28-08-2023, 06:38   #3
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Hi Chris
Thanks for thinking of me; this sounds really exciting! Depending on your timing and mine, I'd love to join up for Caribbean or Azores-Sweden at least, as I don't have a great deal of experience in "big blue" situations. But I'd be willing to try.

I play music and can bring a small instrument for boring passages (yeah, right), I'm certified in first aid and CPR, much of my Bahamas experience has been in Abaco where folks are pretty religious, so with effort, I can keep my clothes on, and I take orders.

Keep me updated, and thanks again for remembering me from last year!

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Old 06-09-2023, 14:38   #4
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Boat: CSY 44 Pilothouse Ketch
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Ahoy Ahoy! I am making round 1 crew prospect calls! Please help me out! If you are expecting a call from me, and, for whatever reason, I do not call, then please send me a message or reminder via - whatever method we have used to communicate so far.
I did not skip you on purpose. Apologies in advance.
Be a squeaky wheel
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Old 10-09-2023, 19:54   #5
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Hello Chris,

Thank you for emailing me regarding your upcoming passage.
I've read through your great posting and the details sounds great.

I've been sailing/racing out of Oceanside, CA for the past 2 years so have basic sailing skills down with loads to still learn.

Having lived in lovely Portugal for a few months I dream of seeing the Azores.

Looking forward to hearing more.
Cheers, Moe
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Old 17-10-2023, 17:08   #6
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Location: Noosa, Australia
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Hi flying monkey
In regards to a crew position for April - May 2024
Iím nancy, live in Australia, Dutch heritage, Iím fit healthy smoke and drug free
Occasional glass of wine, Have some limited sailing experience,
2 weeks in Tonga on smalll trailer sailer with then partner
2 weeks learning ( single dingy) in Krabi boat harbour Thailand
3 different crewing positions in Whitsundays Australia on 54ft Hylas monohull and Shoni Catamaran
I would regard myself as beginner as sailing has been sporadic over the last 20 years,
My passion was horse riding 30 years experience
My skills to offer range from cook, cleaning to yoga instructor on board if required
Iím easy going and patient currently crewing from Cairns to Brisbane on True North for the 2nd time for Canadian skipper
If you think I may be a suitable candidate please reply
Thank you
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pirate Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Seeing as you've been advertising for crew for this trip on this boat every year since 2019 I really hope it finally comes together in 2024..
As for the Kiel Kanal.. I doubt depth will be a problem..

You can't beat a people up for 75 years and have them say.. "I Love You.. ".
"It is better to die standing proud, than to live a lifetime on ones knees.."

The Politician Never Bites the Hand that Feeds him the 30 piece's of Silver..
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Thank you Boatman61 for your reply
I think I understand now,
Don’t use this platform very much and realise this may not come to fruition
Thanks for notifying me
Happy sailing
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Thank you Boatman.
I've skimmed through Flying Monkey's messages. There is a theme here.
1. FM post detailed enticing trips (2019, 2021, 2022, 2023).
2. Gets LOTS of responses.
3. Trip gets delayed for a variety of reasons.
4. Trip never happens.
Maybe FM is legit. I really don't know. But having crewed over 26.5 nm, a good sign is that the posting captain has the boat ready (surveyed, outfitted, liferaft inspected, paperwork filed, insured, etc.) before he/she advertises for crew.
Having crewed since 2010, I appreciate that passagemaking necissatates inherent vissicutdes (weather, COVID, repairs, finances), but planning a trip from 2019 that has yet to happen should make one pause before signing on.
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Old 21-10-2023, 21:22   #10
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Hi Chris!

My name is Michael (26 years old) a humble full-stack developer by day and sailing day-dreamer every other moment. I have dreamed of sailing around the world since I was a kid. Recently, that dream has been molded and adjusted to sailing around the Caribbean. This trip sounds incredibly exciting and I would love to join. Currently I am a novice, only having sailed in lakes anywhere from 1-22 knots. I am an able bodied man with a great attitude and respect for authority and good work. I would love to join you and the crew on this charter!

If I seem to be a viable option for the Novice role, please let me know!
Thank you!
- Michael
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Old 01-11-2023, 10:33   #11
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

I just saw this so will not be surprised if you have your crew already. If there's a spot for the Atlantic crossing, I could easily meet you the end of April to test our fit. I have the ASA certs and some lake and coastal experience but admit that I am rusty. I started sailing in 2018 but the pandemic stranded me ashore for a while. My dream is to take my own boat to isolated spots to do stellar photography but before I take the plunge, I need to make a crossing to see if the ocean and I can become intimates or just ships that pass in the night. I have my own foul weather gear and other equipment.

I spent my career in IT so am level headed and good at finding solutions to problems. I tend more towards introversion but am a good communicator. I love coffee and have a large interest in cooking, exploring, and other cultures. These have led me to travel 340K miles, to 53 countries, since I retired in 2012. I am 63 but still seek adventures on a regular basis.

If you still need relative novices, please let me know.
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Old 02-11-2023, 16:03   #12
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Ahoj Ahoj... salty greetings to the living and a hearty rum toast to lost souls on this day of the dead..
There are still crew spots available for this upcoming adventure. If I have not called you yet, my apologies. Please help and remind me of your interest. A PM is best.
Post a reply to this thread with questions.
Send a PM to me if you are interested in joining the crew!
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Old 22-11-2023, 19:45   #13
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Hey this sounds like such an amazing opportunity to gain some experience while assisting how ever. I have a lot of experience doing remodeling / DIY work on residential real estate and electronics background on aircraft , none on boats however it is fundamentally all the same. My boating experience is extensive and my sailing experience is 1 time solo on a small rental on lake Utah. I would love to eventually cross the ocean and learning as much as I can before the time that opportunity presents itself would be a universally positive thing. I can fly in when ever my time obligations are so minimal right now , internet connections would be so amazing but I'm down for what ever. I am into real estate , business, psychology, and learning new skills ( currently working on learning java programming ) For what it's worth I am 32 M work out every day and don't do drugs. 385-480-8667
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Old 09-12-2023, 12:25   #14
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

I've owned two tiny slopes (under 24 feet, one gaff rigged) and consider myself a novice. I am now keen to crew a ketch. I just finished "The (Marine)Diesel Maintenance and Trouble Shooting Course", Weather for Boaters and have a Florida Safety Card.
I am a retired USMC officer, military aviator ,parachutist and with a dive card. I have ascended moutains in Nepal, India and several in South America. All walk-ups or rope-ups... none were technical climbs. Now I am ready to sail the Carribean and cross the Atlantic. Still very fit.
If accepted to your crew, I promise to have all the safety equipment possible, never to be late for watch (sick, tired or pissed off), and to obey the captain in all things. March is good for me; I am very flexible. Now living in Ecuador.
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Old 15-12-2023, 09:09   #15
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Location: New England, USA
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Re: Florida-Caribbean-Azores-Europe. Feb-June 24

Hi! I am interested in joining for part of the journey. I'm available in March, April, and perhaps May 2024. You messaged me a while ago, I responded but I think my response may not have gone through.
Please message me if you're still looking for crew!
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Azores, Caribbean, Europe, florida, rib, rope

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