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Re: Warm white led lighting

Originally Posted by surfynic View Post
Hi Cruisers!

Just in the process of replacing all my interior lighting with led lights but am having trouble finding warm white surface mounted led lights.. that look great as well!

Has anyone out there had any luck or got some stories?

I have been replacing my interior lighting with warm white surface mounted led lights from Lowes which are AC, not DC. because of the low current draw (6 watts per light). They give off a decent warm light and are not as hot or power hungry as the halogens they replaced.

Jonathan Cook
Dream Lover Boat & Breakfast

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Re: Warm white led lighting

I've had great success with LED lighting that I purchased at Lee Valley Tools. The have a selection of strip lights and puck lights.

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Re: Warm white led lighting

Already mentioned, but I got all my LED stuff from

They are really hard to beat.
S/V Gudgeon
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Re: Warm white led lighting

We love our new Alpenglow lights. Warm white with a red option. Check out their website. A picture of our lights is on their website. Couldn't be happier with them. Zero problems.
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Re: Warm white led lighting

There's been a heap of articles in the press about LED lights having an effect on DAB (Digital Radio), FM radio and even TV signals. Various tests and investigations have basically boiled it down to cost.

Cheap LEDs invariably do not have any Electromagnetic Interference mitigation built in as it is deemed too expensive, especially for the bulk purchase domestic market.

Like everything in life it comes down to "you gets what you pays for". I purchased quality, designed for boat use LEDs and it was a simple case of plug and play. No fiddling around or adjusting anything or suppressing any signals. Yes they were more expensive and I had to justify the extra cost before I bought them but I'm glad I did.

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Re: Warm white led lighting

Let me start by saying i've saved hundreds of bucks looking at different LED lighting places
Here are a few of places i've bought LED lighting (1) Outwater Plastics Industries,inc.
There is a small minimum order so but everything you want at the same time . I had to quit looking thru the catalog my wish list was getting to long . They'er in New Jersey & Arizona . Outwater Plastics Industries They even refunded on an order once shipping and all hassle free. It might of been dyslexia of an order number on my part or the order takers . One of the LED same general light fixtures in both the recommendations above $ 50-$70,Outwater $15
(2) is another but you might really have got to look for awile to find the correct LED light you want but its worth it as far as cash is concerned .
(3) ebay .
Off the top of my head i've counted over 40 LED lights on my 24 FT'er . LED flood,Nav,& Accent lights everywhere . LED lights such a great invention !
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Re: Warm white led lighting

Originally Posted by Valiant173 View Post
We changed out every incandescent bulb on the boat for LEDs. The best resource I've found is They have so much stuff, you can easily spend a day surfing their site.
That URL is not valid - I believe you meant

I use LEDs for many things. Currently I am replacing the interior incandescent bulbs in my new car with LEDs (why would a luxury car maker still use incandescents???). I still have a lot of compact fluorescents (Alpenglow overheads and Vetus reading lights) which give off a very nice light; I would upgrade the Alpenglows to LEDS if it weren't for the high cost.

In most cases it is hard to know what is being offered for sale. Years ago the standard was to put a limiting resistor in series with one or more LEDs - cheap and functional. Unfortunately the light varies with voltage, and high charging voltages often burn out LEDs. "Buck" regulators are used instead of the resistor in order to prevent overvoltage causing overcurrent and burnout; "boost" regulators present the LED with a constant voltage even during low supply voltage, thus giving consistent light output. Modern quality LED fixtures have DC-DC regulators that provide a constant supply over a wide range of input voltages, using a high speed switching technology which can produce RFI. This should be easy to fix with the addition of a capacitor in series or a ferrite - again something the best suppliers do. The problem is to know which solution is offered, as it is often not clear from the product descriptions.
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Re: Warm white led lighting

I replaced my halogen bulbs with warm white LED's years ago. They come with twin pins just like halogens, so one can use the same fixtures. When I wanted to add new, I bought Hatteras 73mm Dimmable
PowerLED with Base | 12 volt from Sailor Sams and I reallly like them. They throw a lot of warm white light, and they look nice.
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Re: Warm white led lighting

I was very surprised to find G4 2 pin bulbs for around $8.00 at the national chain of stores "Bulbs & Batteries". They have both Warm White and Bright White. I tried them both and I will get more of each depending on location. All together, I have at least 30 bulbs from a variety of sources on Ebay, Amazon, Lowes. They have all worked well, no noticeable noise. Kind of work with old halogen dimmer in salon. The ones from Lowes are rectangular shaped and are not as bright as the others and I have been replacing them. I will be going back to Bulbs and Batteries, good price and maybe a little brighter -- they may have fixtures too, but I really didn't look.
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Re: Warm white led lighting

Hi have just built a new home on the coast, purchased 60 dimmable warm and white led down lights from, paid Aus $19 each in Stainless steel holder, house is on waterfront facing east so all exposed metal wiring was coated with nail polish.
Had one DOA and sent it back, was replaced within a couple of days, check out their website as they have dozens of combinations at realistic prices.
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Re: Warm white led lighting

Try, part number 2631 they say "cool white" but the last batch I received were a good warm white, stainless housing and they are cheap. I have installed 26 of them and they are all still running great. Draw is about .15 amp @ 12V
Use code summer2015 for discount.
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Re: Warm white led lighting

AMAZON......all day long 30 plus in use no issues, 3000-3500 k is Fine 4000-5000 in the Engine and Storage Zones

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Re: Warm white led lighting

Hi there, where does one get the 'phosphorescent coating'? I have a large quantity of cold white bulbs that I really don't like.
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Re: Warm white led lighting

I'm in the ongoing process of replacing all the 12V incandescent and fluorescent lamps in my two boats with LEDs. For the incandescent, I'm using the existing fixtures and so far the majority have been to simply remove a bulb and replace with an LED bulb. No other changes were required, with the exception that some fixtures had to have the wiring reversed since the polarity was wrong. For the fluorescents, I replaced the fixture. I'm leaving the Alpenglow units because they're already pretty efficient. The remainder of the 12V incandescent require slight form factor modifications, mainly socket or adapter.
I got most of the bulbs from Hong Kong ( - Online Shopping for Electronics, Fashion, Home & Garden, Toys & Sports, Automobiles from China.) and the supplier was HCL ELECTRONIC HK CO.,LTD. Store No.403226.
1) The bulbs were pretty inexpensive, ranging from about $4 to $8, depending on the bulb type and power. That price included postage.
2) They are warm white and the light is virtually the same as incandescent. As in, I can't tell the difference. I also got a few red ones for night lighting.
3) I've not noticed any interference with GPS, VHF radio or television.
4) My wife says the galley lights are brighter than the originals, at a fraction of the power.
5) Incandescent lights are polarity insensitive and your fixture may be wired the wrong way around. Not an issue with the dual contact bulbs - just put it in the other way. You may have to reverse the fixture wiring. So far I've only had to do two.
6) Most of the bulbs are rated 12-24V and have a constant current control built in.
7) The only issue is that it takes about a month between placing the order and getting the bulbs in your hands. China Post isn't noted for speed and I think they use that 'slow boat from China' . . .
8) Oh, and slightly off-topic, I'm replacing all the 40 watt fluorecents in my workshop with 18 watt LED units. BTW, they're brighter.
9) So far I'm pretty happy with the conversion. Of course, the minimum lot size is usually 5 or more, but when you're relamping a boat, 5 isn't a big deal.
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Re: Warm white led lighting

Originally Posted by ex-12m-guy View Post
LED tape lighting is available in 12 volt. Search Amazon on

LE Lampux 12V Flexible LED Strip Lights, LED Tape, Warm White, 300 Units 3528 LEDs,

You will see many similar products, some advertised as waterproof. Matching
12 v. dimmers are also offered. The tape silicone sealed and is very flexible.

The 5 meter length of strip lighting can be cut in multiples of three LED's. The strip has an peel off adhesive backing, similar to double sided foam tape.

We found the strips ideal for under-counter lighting, lighting inside drawers and cabinets. "Cove" lighting can also be fashioned with a few strips of wood or metal trim with the LED tape up inside the cove.

+1 on the tape lighting. I have 2 strips, the warm white and the cool white as there are things I like and dislike about both types, I wish you could have a dial to fine tune color to find the shade you liked between yellow and blue.

Mine I have installed in my house, wired to a 12V computer power supply. I also have some 2 meter amateur and VHF public service band radios right underneath them and have never had any interference issues whatsoever so until further proof I think that is a non-issue.

Anyway, I bought some of my strip lighting off ebay and some from a chinese website called As mentioned the strips are self adhesive and there is also a waterproof grade you get which is worth the few extra pennies it cost.

My high speed internet is out for the next couple of days, when it comes back I'll try to post some pics if the installed lighting.

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