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Old 14-02-2012, 21:39   #16
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Re: Diego Garcia

I just spent the entire month of Jan there. Saying that, it is off limits to cruisers but like another poster said, if you can sneak in and anchor for a few days on a different island then good luck. I never read it anywhere, but it is my understanding that there is a no fishing zone circling the island of 150nm, I believe it's just commercial fishing tho. Other than that, the island is very pretty. Lots of turtles and sharks and trails all over the place.

I don't see the US pulling out of there anytime soon. Especially since the Navy just shifted focus to Asia and we have our guided missile submarines forward deployed out of there. Just my opinion...
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Old 15-02-2012, 01:25   #17
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Re: Diego Garcia

The US has (or had) one of NSA's satellite tracking stations there. Can't see them giving that up.
Mundis Ex Igne Factus Est
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Re: Diego Garcia

CF member TOM was there recently, permit approx $150/month. Check his photos in 2011 ships log area Ship's Log
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Old 15-02-2012, 05:46   #19
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Re: Diego Garcia

When I was there in 2001, it was certainly off limits. it is interesting that they have opened it up. But it seems pretty expensive for a island with nothing to offer.
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Old 16-02-2012, 16:11   #20
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Re: Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia is where I learned to sail. I was fortunate enough to spend a few months there last year. Sadly the island has not opened up to cruisers. It is required to stay at least 12 miles away from Diego Garcia. Other islands in Chagos are open for cruising but from what I understand BIOT is charging a pretty heavy fee for that privilage. I do feel for the Chagosians struggle. That island chain is as close to an untouched paradise as I have seen.
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Re: Diego Garcia

Originally Posted by steamgoat View Post
CF member TOM was there recently, permit approx $150/month. Check his photos in 2011 ships log area Ship's Log
Excerpted from Paul Baillie’s Blog

“... Once upon a time you could pay a 100 quid to B.I.O.T. and stay as long as you liked, some stayed for years.
Suddenly it was 100 quid for 3 months, then 100 per month maximum stay 3 months,
now you can only stay for a month and it costs you a 100 quid.
The writing is on the wall ...”

* 1 GBP = ±1.58 USD
100 £ ≈ $158 USD
Gord May
"If you didn't have the time or money to do it right in the first place, when will you get the time/$ to fix it?"

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Old 19-02-2012, 08:19   #22
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Re: Diego Garcia - Seeking Info

Diego Garcia is a no-go but you can go elsewhere in the Chagos Archipelago. If you check the BIOT or Noonsite webpages it is all explained. You need to get a permit before hand and can only stay for one month for 100 pounds sterling.
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Old 24-01-2013, 08:55   #23
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Re: Diego Garcia

Originally Posted by medicrene View Post
OK Guys, here is the real skinny on Diego Garcia.

I was stationed there at the begining of the war. All of the islands in the atol are completly off limits. However, the military only occupys the island of Diego Garcia. The other islands are open, but you are not allowed to go to them. Here is what happens.

About every week or ten days, a patrol of the Royal Marine Commandos will set out to patrol the islands looking for cruisers who have anchored in the atoll. If they find you, they tell you to pull up anchor and leave immediatly. They do not send you to jail or fine you.

Thus, if you can set anchor for a few days before they find you, all is well. Good luck.

And as one of those who lived in the "Garden of Eden" it was not all that fun. I lived in a tent the size of my boat with 10 other men. I had rats crawling on me at night and bombers screaming in and out at all times of the day and night. I do not see myself looking to visit there any time in the near future.

The Witchdoctor.

Very interesting. I was in Diego Garcia on board the MPS ships, particularily, the flag ship, M/V HAUGE in 1987-88. You are right. I remember our ship giving a couple of these commandos a ride for about five days out all around the Chagos Archipelago, and the one pit stop we made was in the SALOMON ISLANDS. I remembered the name because I found it peculiar that there were islands in the Guadacanal area, of the Pacific, and WWII noteriety called SOLOMON ISLANDS which sound the same in prenunciation. I bet the temperature was 120 on deck and the ocean had an eerie calm to it, and the water actually looked like GLASS. The reflection of the sun pounding away relentlessly.
I saw the commandos get on our ZODIAK boat...(Or maybe they took their own???) but anyhow, they went ashore, as we watched from the deck of the ship. I was a bit ticked off that we weren't invited to the real happening island. NOT!!! It was another DNA of Diego Garcia but more of everything. MORE ISOLATION, MORE BOREDOME and MORE SANDCRABS. I thought Diego Garcia was isolated but at least, on Diego, we could get a beer and a DIEGO BURGER. The Brit commandos did find a yacht there that was cruisin the I.O. and we gave them some provisions to help him out. I understood there were water wells on the island from long ago establishments sailors could load up on. We then headed back to Diego after checking out various islands. I don't remember the rest of their names.
I agree that Diego Garcia and Chagos Archipelago is about the most beautiful place on the planet inasfar as coral reefs, lots of marine wildlife, anything you throw in the water is snatched and you can reel fish in left and right. I heard some say "THIS AINT FISHIN". It wasn't even a sport you pulled up everything so easily. Snapper, Grouper, you name it. The tropical atolls are very beautiful and what one pictures of a tropical paradise.
I just hated the serenity and the boredome took its toll after only months there. I got tired of the drunkeness and obnoxious behavior of the Merchant Seaman and Navy alike. I later transferred to Compsron 3 out in Saipan/Guam. I agreed with that one t-shirt sold in Diego Garcia......HAPPINESS is watching DIEGO GARCIA in a rear view mirror of a MAC C-141.
I suppose the greatest legacy in my adventures in the Chagos Archipelago is knowing what its like out there. Very few people venture that way, and its really hard to get there. You will only find only the brave and bold that venture out there on their yachts or you will find military out of Diego Garcia on official military business, and contractors, Merchant Seamen or flight crews hauling people in and out of Diego. Beautiful place for a week or two, after that, you're on your own out there just to survive the mental serenity. A beautiful picture after you look at it day in and day out isn't suddenly so beautiful anymore if you know what I mean.
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Re: Diego Garcia

Originally Posted by captain58sailin View Post
It is a pre-deployment site for MCS (Military Sealift Command) vessels that are under contract with the US Navy. An industrial area. Have not sail in myself, have worked with several mariners that were there, doesn't sound like much to offer, hotter than the hubs of hell 122* F.
I was on those MCS ships in Diego Garcia when I first shiped with MPS. I was affiliated with the ones named after Marine Corps medal of honor winners. They had the BONNEYMAN, the BAUGH, the HAUGE, the FISHER (Later changed to Philips) the ANDERSON, circa 1987-88. The lagoon is full of those ships and then more of the Army ships and the Military Sealift Command. There's been alot of switching around since, so some ships are gone and others relocated to Guam or Saipan and vice versa.
It's a spectacular operation. Just hanging around for wars to happen. They've made use of them successfully, and I even took the M/V John P. Bobo which is (Compsron 1 stationed in the Atlantic, with no home port) to Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf War.
The ships in Diego were sent first, like right after Saddam invated Kuwait,we ended up going eventually in December.
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Re: Diego Garcia

Originally Posted by Peter Richardso View Post
I read somewhere that you could become a life member of the yacht club for just $20 but the cost of mooring there has gone through the roof in recent times, off hand $500 for a minimum stay
I used to like to rent the Boston Whalers motor boats from them and cross the lagoon to the plantation. I wish I could have taken up sailing.
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