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  1. New Desalination Tech
  2. Frustrating...
  3. Nobel Prize Announcements
  4. Honest Dayshapes!
  5. Tropical Storm Sally
  6. Paddle of the Century
  7. US West Coast WildFires
  8. Funniest thing I have heard in 2020. Need more stories like this
  9. A little crowded
  10. If it ain't broke don't fix it...said the man...
  11. Meat Boat
  12. We should buy more boats, right?
  13. "Expedition to the Edge" on Discovery Channel
  14. Sailboaters just don't understand powerboaters
  15. Funny boat prices
  16. Birthday gift for a bluewater sailor
  17. Afternoon Cruise
  18. stand 8,000 lb concrete culvert on its end
  19. In Bound Sub (Ocean to Chesapeake Bay)
  20. Celebrity Sailors--Who would you have liked to Sail with
  21. Still Working (and winning) at Age 82
  22. Still Working (and winning) at Age 82
  23. Tiz the Law Wins Belmont!
  24. Hats That Don't Deform?
  25. Best flower pots for a sailboat?
  26. hull-design
  27. What are you eating now
  28. The Real Lost Boys
  29. Can a plane outrun the sun?
  30. A Foggy day
  31. Anyone else have a ton of tabs open with boats?
  32. Sail loft making protective face masks
  33. Negative Oil Futures Explained
  34. Warmest Oceans On Record Adds To Hurricanes, Wildfires Risks
  36. Science & Technology News
  37. Gigsky
  38. Free from France
  39. Biodiversity, Public Health, Climate, and Economics
  40. Your mobile data
  41. Canadian vs USmobileplans
  42. German Sprinkhorstsee
  43. Tax on Importing a Boat to US?
  44. Nao Victoria and the Galleon Andalucía (Valencia)
  45. Identify Make/Model of this Davit ???
  46. Praise for good service
  47. 3.2 billion years ago the Earth may have looked a lot like Kevin Costner’s ‘Waterwor
  48. What is a VPN Kill Switch?
  49. feeding time
  50. Buying a boat building business???
  51. Feel Good Friday
  52. Weirdest sailing movie/scene ever?!
  53. Incan knot language -khipus
  54. Semitransparent Organic Solar Cells
  55. Need advise
  56. How Much Does It Cost You to Work ? TED Talk
  58. Robertson vs Phillips headed screws
  59. Sailboat registration/ Documentation problem
  60. Foreign Crew is it a problem?
  61. Volvo saildrive 130s
  62. Off - Off topic...
  63. Billionaire Spanish banker fined €52m for Picasso smuggling plot
  64. Larry Sanders, USian national treasure
  65. Are medicines changing our brains?
  66. So the Texas Hill Contry is nice..........
  67. Hitching a ride
  68. Travelsims from France
  69. U.K. builder ordered to pay more than $1.5 million for faulty boat
  70. If You Could See Every Satellite
  71. Charlie Brown Icefield?
  72. gun ads on CF??
  73. The Humour in Left vs Right
  74. Wooden yacht from original 1974 film Swept Away
  75. Solo Sailing the Everglades wilderness waterway
  76. Green Hydrogen from Wind Farms
  77. @realDonaldTrump DOES care about the climate!
  78. Microplastics update, the news is not good
  79. Eastland Yachts, Essex, CN
  80. Free On-line Physics Courses
  81. Coral Reef Protection & Restoration
  82. Best rust coating for steel frame (Off-topic)
  83. Slow motion ocean: MOCEAN
  84. It‘s cold
  85. Sounding off: an appreciation of and guide to nautical noises
  86. What happens if your crew is refused entry
  87. Why do people feed the trolls?
  88. Design student needs your boating experience
  89. South Africa - Rugby World Cup champions!
  90. Powerful Photography of Enormous Ocean Waves
  91. Can I import cargo from Africa to USA
  92. Does Anyone Have The Breitling Emergency II?
  93. Shipping Cat from SA
  94. Yacht club membership
  95. Aquarium inside your cruiser.
  96. Online purchasing, recent experiences and the implications for living aboard.
  97. Honolulu yacht broker international John Dukesherer
  98. Tickets for Annapolis Sailboat Boat Show?
  99. One for the minimalists.
  100. Wind Power: How the 19th-Century’s Greatest Shipbuilder Opened the Pacific
  101. Cheap Ice maker
  102. FIRST JOKE You Remember
  103. Rules of the Road for Swimming with Wild Dolphins
  104. Catalina 400 mk ii owners
  105. Cruise to Mars
  106. Beware you Pirate wannabes..
  107. CF Passwords Hacked?
  108. Sailboat loan companies? United States.
  109. Anyone living aboard in Clearwater
  110. What replica would you have if you could have it?
  111. Russia's new FLOATING Nuclear Reactor
  113. Why slowing down
  114. Thought of this after resealing some bolts...
  115. Chatham Harbor: Man Hangs On For Dear Life As A Violent Storm Thrashes His Boat
  116. Ocean acidifcation .
  117. Any gliding enthusiasts here?
  118. Quiet in here today. Is everyone watching Wimbledon?
  119. Private Signal Flags
  120. Berths for sale
  121. Does anyone remember Gerry Spiess?
  122. Off grid houseboat in the Florida keys
  123. Electric Car Economics
  124. Cleaning
  125. Shipworm chews limestone rock. Is polyester or epoxy next?
  126. 7 types of people to meet at a Marina
  127. MH370 back in the news
  128. US Sailing Team Critiques Famous Sailing Scenes In Movies And TV
  129. Sparkman Sailmaster 22
  130. Looking for a boat!
  131. Great loop on a sailboat question
  132. Purchase surveyor Fiji
  133. Nonviolent Civil Resistance - The 3.5% Rule
  134. Live aboards males are the ultimate answer to climate change
  135. Blow up: how half a tonne of cocaine transformed the life of an island
  136. Out for a Drive
  137. yet another reason not to be a power boater
  138. Update on Ridd Case
  139. I, for one, welcome our new Marine Lizard overlords
  140. What Kind of Boat is in the Film "Kill Cruise"?
  141. 'Baby Boom' for Right Whales
  142. Seasteading
  143. Hull cleaning dangers
  144. Boat Drinks: The Recipes
  145. Drink menus from around the world
  146. Multi-leg air travel
  147. The hate of realty
  148. “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False”
  149. Sun, Rain, Spray: all can generate electricity on your solar photovoltaic
  150. Specialized Logistics
  151. Cheapest fruits - provisions in Caribbean?
  152. Which one of you got swallowed by a whale?
  153. Camera gear for traveling.
  154. 137 years since the first (?!) cruiser sailed into Busan, Korea
  155. Making a fortunate life: from the USN to China, Nippon, and Korea in the 19th century
  156. “I Was A Facebook Fact-Checker. It Was Like Playing A Doomed Game Of Whack-A-Mole.”
  157. Sailing from Finistère: 6,700 years of European sailing history preserved in stones
  158. What It Takes to Be in the 1% Around the World
  159. Cheeseburger in Paradise
  160. How 1 Man Survived Being Lost 438 Days at Sea
  161. Golden Gate sunsets from Berkeley Marina
  162. Saying: "We sail on white, anchor on blue, drink on yellow"
  163. The Great Barrier Reef- resistant coral
  164. "Doomsday Clock"
  165. Found a piece of canvas - help me create a keepsake
  166. Becoming Invisible
  167. La Luna!
  168. Apparently my boat isn’t big enough
  169. Total Lunar Eclipse
  170. KAIROS: Knowledge-directed Artificial Intelligence Reasoning Over Schemas
  171. Stunning Videos of Aurora Borealis
  172. Not sure about 'playing'...
  173. Flame thrower aboard??
  174. Free Online Ivy League University Courses
  175. Intellectual Humility & the importance of knowing you might be wrong
  176. Yanmar injector removal
  177. What 2018 Looked Like Fifty Years Ago
  178. "Christmas At Sea"
  179. In The News
  180. "FAROUT" - 2018 VG18
  181. Boat Donation gone wrong
  182. Late Fall has arrived along the Chesapeake
  183. Need help with a Latin phrase
  184. Chartering a Cat in Cuba
  185. John Martin: Yukon River, across the Bering Sea, Russia on a 8' Walker Bay tender
  186. Must there be so stupid fotos?
  187. Rustproof double shotgun
  188. NASA's Mars “InSight” Mission
  189. Voices in the night
  190. Insuring a Salvage Boat During repairs
  191. Baleen whale cortisol levels reveal ...
  193. Any idea what this (formerly) floating object is?
  194. Ice Age on the Way!
  195. Big waves in the North Sea
  196. New Yorker Tries To Commute To Work By Kayak, Quickly Regrets The Decision
  197. Route de rhum
  198. A Home With A Racing Hull Hanging From The Ceiling
  199. Talking about Tools.
  200. Boat builder Louis Sauzedde, great YT channel
  201. The Sailors Who Hunt Garbage for Science
  202. Electric transportation when you get there!
  203. Swallow Tattoos?
  204. Indonesian teenager rescued after drifting 7 weeks at sea
  205. Advice for sailors
  206. My West Marine Story
  207. Davits baby
  208. Water town-east coast USA
  209. Unexploded mine... Really
  210. One Very Lucky MOB
  211. Humanitarian crisis 'brewing' in Germany
  212. Questions for Submariners
  213. Tony Bullimore Dies at 79.
  214. Professional Skippers.
  215. Middle Child’s Day
  216. Medications... If on sea longer that Fill Amount
  217. Charter: Joining a charter group
  218. Android Clock App for Sailors?
  219. Welcome to Saint Augustine!
  220. My boat projects
  221. Diving Madagascar.
  222. Camper when off the boat
  223. The biomass distribution on Earth
  224. Drunken Sailor Effect and Drunken Sailor Song
  225. Bittersweet Day
  226. “Why is water wet?”
  227. Stowaway
  228. Boat ramp etiquette
  229. Small, but important, personal achievements
  230. Ideographic language of commercial ships
  231. The Old Cowboy
  232. Temporarily hard aground. Will my keel fall off?
  233. Not an April Fools day joke after all.
  234. Found Wisdom
  235. How Not To Get Off The Dock
  236. Galeon Andalucía entering Marina Real Valencia
  237. Happy Pi Day
  238. RIP Stephen Hawking
  239. USS Lexington found in Coral Sea
  240. Just signed up as a member but what's the penny for?
  241. Ok, this surprised me... West Marine to match prices
  242. How Scammers Get Your Contact Information
  243. Bakery deliveries in Barra de Navidad
  244. 7 Nautical Phrases and Where They Came From
  245. Boat rules to live by....
  246. Raking leaves......arrrg
  247. Shipping Items From the UK and EU to US
  248. Help indentify this picture.
  249. Think zebras not just horses
  250. Strava Heat Map