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  1. Happy Birthday boatman61
  2. "Orca" A fun read
  3. Oru folding kayaks
  4. My Ex is Really Making me Jealous.
  5. Kitesurfing
  6. Bart's Bash Lauderdale area
  7. Chasing Shackleton
  8. Sources for learning Polynesian language
  9. Reef-safe sunscreen?
  10. Best Place in the Abacos for Stargazing
  11. Boat to stay on in Long Beach for 3 nights
  12. Travel journal, travel log, logbook app!
  13. Cruising around Barcelona?
  14. Fishing from the Sailboat
  15. My Message in a Bottle, Found
  16. Recommended Foldable Bike?
  17. Out and about -
  18. Addicted to the Interface!
  19. Chesapeake, VA
  20. Duplicate Bridge ACBL Instructors
  21. U/W dive plane video in the Abacos
  22. Cruising In South Florida
  23. Question for Scuba Divers
  24. Ideas for curtains.
  25. Legality of Compound (Archery) Bow Cruising other Countries
  26. Acclimating to heat?
  27. Saint Michel II in Kiel
  28. Who here would Solo Around the World non stop on their own Boat?
  29. Labor Day Texas Cruiser Meetup
  30. The Cruiser-Kiter Lifestyle
  31. Regent Point Marina & Boatyard, Topping VA
  32. Dunedin, FL Sailing
  33. Entertaining, Ridiculous News Stories about the sea.
  34. Best Dive Sites Worldwide!
  35. Sturdy Umbrella for Dingy
  36. What do you actually do While Cruising?
  37. West Coast Vancouver Island - Hot Springs Cove
  38. External Hard Drive / Storage on a Sailboat
  39. lost NASDS C card have microfilm
  40. Book swap stop?
  41. Bringing Movies Onboard?
  42. Having a TV
  43. Lost Poem Search
  44. Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show
  45. Sailing/Cruising Adventure Book, newbie author
  46. Boat Motorcycle?
  47. Dock Walk Video, Manteo, OBX, NC
  48. Making my own bimini and dodger
  49. 2014 Rally to Indonesia from the Philippines
  50. Is This Some Sort of World Record
  51. Firing a gun on Lake Ontario
  52. Blue at the Mizzen... (may contain spoilers - discusses the ending of the series)
  54. Next Volvo Ocean Race?
  55. Can Justin Bieber use a tour in the Marines
  56. Metal Detecting and Photography Questions
  57. Going to Boca del Toro, looking for the inside-Skinny
  58. Carening M/V Ostend Sprit Video
  59. Bosun;s chair Schmosun's Chair
  60. A Little Night Movie(s)
  61. 20th Annual Sea of Cortez Cruiser's Rendevous
  62. Looking for kids in the Bahamas
  63. NYC Cruisers Forum Meetup
  64. ALL IS NOT LOST: ReaL Life
  65. Ride Share in Puerto Rico 3/01-3/05
  66. 70 knots!
  67. Any comments on Kon-Tiki?
  68. The hammock
  69. Tablets for cruising
  70. AppleTV 12volt
  72. Sailing with dolphins
  73. Freediving Gear Guide
  75. Watkins Sailboat Owners 2014 Raft-Up
  76. In addition to Libations and winter boredom
  77. Island Hopping Advice???
  78. Year of the Horse..
  79. 12v TV
  80. Wild Card lives on!
  81. Damaged charter boat restored
  82. Trolling setup
  83. Favourite Cruising Songs?
  84. Braided fishing line whilst trolling
  85. Mangroves esp. Andaman coast
  86. Recreational fishing in the BVI
  87. Kids Cruising in Med Summer 2014
  88. 12 volt and inverter
  89. Board/card games for boats
  90. Australia
  91. Get Married On A Boat
  92. stopping e mail notifications
  93. Texas Cruisers Forum Meetup
  94. Avoiding Huge Ships!
  95. Something to watch...
  96. Spoon River Restaurant, Belhaven, NC
  97. Would Ya? Could Ya?
  98. A cheap Go-Pro waterproof camera option.
  99. Want to sail in Kona?
  100. Base Jumping From The Mast
  101. Best Small Boat Dog?
  103. Time will Tell
  104. For those that may be bored
  105. Atlantic Crossing with 6 Kitesurfers
  106. Radio controlled boats
  107. Savannah, GA xmas
  109. Camera for a boat
  110. BVI vs. Hawaiian Islands?
  111. Inflatable Paddle and Sail Board
  112. Where am I ?
  113. Getting married in the Caribbean
  114. No matter where you stand on Obamacare, this is a hoot (MERGED THREADS)
  115. WRCC 50th Anniversary Picnic November 17
  116. Music Festival Hope Town
  117. New Orleans to Southwest Florida
  118. Sanity saving Web Cams
  119. Pictures of Sunsets
  120. Venezuela update
  121. Buccaneer Days Catalina
  122. Copying d.v.d.'s to a harddrive
  123. livin
  124. Swim Across America
  125. Fishing equipment
  126. New Live aboard couple - games you play?
  127. Looking for a video
  128. Misleading or Unique Photographs, What One's Can You Share?
  129. Looking for best definition of Hurricane Hole
  130. Boat Dog Breeds
  131. Where Ships Go To Die!
  132. Advice on mounting a Sky Chair
  133. Dive hookahs
  134. The Secrets of Sailboat Fishing
  135. Old ladies in good shape
  136. Digital TV antenna for Long Island
  137. Bareboat charter options in Chicago in Sept. 2014.
  138. best place to keep your boat on the east shore of the Puget Sound and why?
  139. "must stops from Houston to So Padre" if any?
  140. Well at least he went back for the wife
  141. Plenty of Fish in the Sea?
  142. Who's got a Ukulele on Board?
  143. Browns or Bimini Sands??
  144. The Perfect Blog/Website Platform
  145. Pimp My Dock !!
  146. Marina Bas-du-Fort opinions
  147. First time charter at BVI
  148. Help me Restore this Boat!
  149. Tools Explained
  150. Camera for MarkJ
  151. New sailing video
  152. Earth from Space
  153. Keel Hauling
  154. What is Your Favorite Quote?
  155. What wifi range expander & Anyone use the Roku3?
  156. My Low Dollar Entertainment center/computer
  157. Glass on a Sailboat
  158. RC Sailboat
  159. Waterproof Camera?
  160. Any E. Coast local knowledge to share?
  161. Oh boy, Hurricane season is here.
  162. Couldn't be any better
  163. Airconditioning for a 20 Ft. Pontoon with half enclosure
  164. ALL IS LOST: The Movie
  165. Look Bucket how-to sought
  166. FOUND: "Abiyoyo" cooler bag.
  167. Just a bit of nonsense
  168. Best Luxury Upgrades to Add to a 30 Foot Boat?
  169. I Broke the Law Today!
  170. Cruising with a Dog
  171. Renting A Small Dinghy In Tortola
  172. I see more and more yachts with communications domes, are they any good ?
  173. Key West Bareboating
  174. Sailing North Carolina - Pamlico Sound - GoPro
  175. SCUBA Diving the Caribbean
  176. Emails at Sea
  177. Strickly Sail Oakland Lodging
  178. spin reel
  179. Go Pro HERO3 black edition?
  180. Paddle boarding tips...
  181. Miami Balefish/Square Grouper Found at Beach in Key West Today
  182. Any photographers still use film?
  183. It's All About the Water
  184. Life is slow in Abaco
  185. Lower Chesapeake Fun Ports
  186. Passage Note Florida
  187. Increasing race participation
  188. please advise i really want to watch 5 lost at sea but cant find it anywhere
  189. Some thoughts on Miami show...
  190. Scuba Charter from SailBoat?
  191. All the lobsters get in a line?
  192. Loss of s/v Bounty
  193. Ok...Fishing Rigs
  194. Seafaring Music
  195. South West International Boat Show
  196. darts?
  197. A picture is worth 1000 words...
  198. Joshua Slocum Documentary on Youtube
  199. What Kind of Entertainment do you Have?
  200. Kids on Board
  201. How not to board a Yacht
  202. New England Boat Show
  203. I post it here..looking for identity
  204. ʎɐp ɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ ʎddɐɥ
  205. Ft. Lauderdale
  206. Wireless Audio Speakers
  207. Where does a little sailboat stay in the NYC area during Fleet Week?
  208. Cruising's Little Instruction Book
  209. Laser boat on a cruiser
  210. Best boat to live upon?
  211. What brand of camera do you carry onboard?
  212. St Thomas or St John cruisers/liveabords
  213. Best Sausalito Marina for Overnight
  214. 12V TV Recommendations
  215. Need some TV/DVD wireless stuff help
  216. Telescope Aboard?
  217. another "Chick Magnet" thread
  218. Golden Boy...lol
  219. Long voyages?
  220. Kayak fishing
  221. Wifi in Marigot Bay SXM?
  222. Christmas tree on board?
  223. SIM card for iPad in the BVI
  224. A Life Worth Living
  225. Online Charts
  226. Local dining destinations in the BVIs
  227. Stand up paddle boards on deck?
  228. New Years Eve at Anagada?
  229. Tandem kayak? Suggestions?
  230. Nautical Poetry
  231. Book Title
  232. Looking for the Title of a Movie
  233. Sex sells to grumpy old men :)
  234. Using a go-ped as island transportation?
  235. Need Internet on Board!
  236. Ragbag or Stinkpot?
  237. Ripping audio CD's. MP3, FLAC and WAV.
  238. free SCI-FI ebooks
  239. Stand Up Paddleboarding, Who works out on one ?
  240. Kayaking the lazy way
  241. Instrument storage/stowage?
  242. Spring Break 2013
  243. Sail Brisbane to Melboure Jan 2013?
  244. Newbie Fisherman Needs Help
  245. Offshore fishing
  246. This may be a dumb question, but...
  247. Lure tips Gulf of Mexico
  248. Sounds like a great boat bike
  249. Boating groups in BC?
  250. Entertainment