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  1. Average discount for sold boats in SE Asia?
  2. Hawaiian Sailors...
  3. Darwin to Cairns delivery in October
  4. Shipping Boat Parts from US to Australia
  5. Shipping items to French Polynesia in the time of Covid
  6. The Reef Ain't Dead
  7. Destination Vietnam
  8. Oyster Bay near Bremerton (Puget Sound)
  9. Sailing in the Puget Sound is not great
  10. PNW Winter Cruising Destinations
  11. Queensland, NSW place to keep boat.
  12. 25 Days at Sea - Hawaii to Washington
  13. Where NOT to Sail.
  14. Customs Immigration Agents for Capt n Crew
  15. Fiji and AIS tracking
  16. Marinas in Tianjin China
  17. Sailing the Sea of Cortez
  18. Fiji cyclone pits
  19. Please talk me out of buying a sailboat in San Diego/Los Angeles
  20. For Salish Sea Sailors- 2020 management measures to protect Southern Resident killer
  21. French Polynesia Questionnaire. For all sailors that are in or have been in FP
  22. Buying and cruising options... advice?
  23. Voyage Subic to Dutch Harbor Alaska
  24. San Diego to Nicaragua
  25. Leaving Panama
  26. Insurance
  27. Sailing from Seattle to Astoria.
  28. In Bahia Concepcion? Looking for vessel "The Wet Bar" - Overdue
  29. Avana Harbour in Rarotonga
  30. Routes heading North out of the Philippines?
  31. Port BONBONON Philippines
  32. Are you sailing the South Pacific this year? What route are you planning?
  33. What is the process to buy a boat in Australia?
  34. Sailing from L.A. To Japan
  35. Washington - San Clemente Route
  36. Batam Island Slipways (Across from Singapore)
  37. Charter company recommendation, Tahiti - French Polynesia
  38. Start Over—Fiji to Japan, Recommended Route?
  39. Surveyor in Singapore
  40. Pitcairn
  41. Coral reefs in the Pacific
  42. Winter stopover in Hawaii
  43. Volcano Spouting off in my neighborhood
  44. Surveyor in Tonga
  45. Island hopping: Bali to Darwin
  46. Anchoring at Point Sal (north of Pt. Conception)
  47. Yacht Charter in SE Asia
  48. Grampian 26 for offshore passage
  49. Mexico’s south Coronado island (pirates cove)
  50. Planning Puget Sound to Mexico
  51. Checking out of Mexico and checking into US
  52. Singapore to Phuket
  53. Inland Sea of Japan - quick tour
  54. Recommend a Surveyor near Puerto Galera
  55. The meaning of Papeetised
  56. Best time to leave San Diego for Ensenada
  57. French Polynesia Cruiser Problems
  58. Looking at a boat in Noumea
  59. Dengue outbreak - Marshall Islands?
  60. Fiji to the Marshall Islands - tips and tricks?
  61. Bareboat charter references for La Paz (Feb 2020)
  62. New Zealand approves Auckland as a port of entry for yachts <24m
  63. Fiji/Suva to New Zealand
  64. Micronesia sailing community?
  65. Planning advice for Chile and Argentina
  66. Visas for French Polynesia
  67. Looking to sail in SE Asia
  68. Have you ever shipped items to French Polynesia?
  69. Rental of simple sailing yacht in the Phillipines November/December
  70. yellow fever vaccination certificate
  71. Chartering in French Polynesia??
  72. Captained charter recommendations near Los Angeles?
  73. Panama to San Diego 2020/2021
  74. Chartering with Moorings
  75. Hawaii east to???
  76. Typhoon Lekima
  77. Thailand Bareboat Cat Charters
  78. Haul out in Malaysia/Sabah
  79. Apps for Sailing Queensland, AUS
  80. Island Hopping Across China Sea?
  81. Sailing British Columbia Coast to Alaska doable in October?
  82. Canadian registration or licensing
  83. French Polynesia & GE Charts
  84. Best Marina for our needs in Puerto Vallarta?
  85. Hawaii, The Big Island, Kona
  86. Anyone traveling across the Pacific this summer or fall?
  87. Good Anchorages in SF Bay
  88. Hauling out to avoid cyclone season
  89. Nuka Hiva to Hawaii...go or no
  90. Panama to Mexico (Sea of Cortez)
  91. Piracy off NE coast of Borneo off Lahad Datu
  92. Fueling Panama Canal to San Diego
  93. Westward bound
  94. Kauehi Atoll
  95. Plank vessel repair Philippines and Kudat
  96. Dry Storage in or near Singapore
  97. Singapore Clearance
  98. San Luis Obispo?
  99. Info on Hawaii?
  100. Places in the Philippines I would love to visit....BUT!
  101. Fiji dry storage recommendations
  102. Panama to Galapagos Islands film & South Pacific
  103. advice going west from Vanuato towars Asia
  104. Tuamotus to Fatu Hiva
  105. Looking at a boat in Auckland
  106. Newbie about season for a pacific crossing east to west
  107. Pacific - Gulf of Panama - Currents and Routing
  108. Good anchorages in google (maps/earth)?
  109. El Niño possibility increased to "alert" 70%
  110. Tahiti Cruisers Guide (free)
  111. Cruising the Sea of Cortez
  112. Cruising up the Yangtze?
  113. Need tips for prepping a long set in a SPac Bay
  114. Chartering in Vava'u
  115. boat yards - La Paz Mexico
  116. North 'Merica: Long Beach to Cape Flattery inquiry
  117. Inside Passage AK, buying and selling a boat
  118. Do you really need to 'stamp' your TIP 60 days after getting it?
  119. Solomon to Vanuatu
  120. Philippines info please
  121. Leaving / mooring a boat in the Marquesas for a few months.
  122. This Remote Hawaiian Island Just Vanished
  124. Total solar eclipse in South Pacific July 2nd
  125. Panama to Sea of Cortez - route
  126. First-time charter in the Whitsundays
  127. Can you import a marine diesel engine into Mexico without duties
  128. Leaving Seattle Monday headed to Victoria!
  129. Fatu Hiva
  130. Ua Pou
  131. Recent Anchoring Restrictions Bora Bora, French Polyensia
  132. Socorro Islands, any up to date info?
  133. Sailing help
  134. Panama N to Cabo
  135. Romblon: Definitely Worth A Visit
  136. Queensland / Brisbane
  137. What does This mean?
  138. Pacific North West Advice
  139. How far south down Mexico to safely sail in the summer?
  140. Notice of a Rally - Panama Posse 2018-2019
  141. which way is the best choice
  142. Sailing from China to Japan
  143. Road vehicle registration across multiple countries
  144. Southeast Asia Pilot book Anyone?
  145. Revillagigedo Islands
  146. cruising the Loisiades
  147. Headed to New Zealand, passenger vs crew
  148. DIY Cooking Gas (Propane & Butane) in French Polynesia
  149. PTE - Passage to the East Rally - Malaysia
  150. Shore power in Pacific marinas
  151. Warning: Cruising or Chartering in Societies French Polynesia
  152. Haulout Pattaya
  153. French Poly Long Stay Visa from Chile???
  154. Hopping on a Boat from California to Hawaii:
  155. China Sea typhoon
  156. Syndey Members?
  157. Manila
  158. No help when out of US
  159. Where Best in S Pac for cyclone season
  160. Best / Cheapest Charter companies in Tahiti / French Polynesia
  161. Chartering Concerns Tahiti/French Polynesia
  162. 7.9 earthquake near Fiji
  163. Cruising the Puget Sound in October/November
  164. Insurance for French Polynesia LS Visa
  165. French territories- French Polynesia and New Caledonia
  166. Sailing to Japan in November
  167. Friendly Locals in Hervey Bay.
  168. Crane/Slipway/Palawan/Philippines
  169. New procedures for checking in to Indonesia
  170. Marquesas Return Travel
  171. leaving boat in Palawan
  172. Western to Eastern Malaysia in June - through Anambas
  173. Leaving boat in Malasyia
  174. Japan eastbound
  175. Pacific Nets
  176. Selling Australian Yacht in New Caledonia
  177. Pago Pago, American Samoa Shipping info needed?
  178. Howe Sound anchoring advice/anchorages
  179. Sail from Kiribati to Guam?
  180. Papeete, French Polynesia Cruisers Guide update
  181. Japan to PNW
  182. Panama - Marquesas Routing April-May 2019
  183. s.o.s home
  184. Hawaii Forum & Buddy Boat From Mexico
  185. NZ and Oz biofouling regs
  186. This Year's 3rd Storm on its Way?
  187. New Caledonia Suggestions
  188. Eastern Australian Current
  189. PredictWind Tracker
  190. Boracay "Closed"
  191. PNG; Samarai to Bougainville
  192. Navigable Rivers in Asia
  193. Lord Howe Island Cruise
  194. Checking out of the Philippines
  195. Singapore and AIS rules, is it possible to not stop but sail through without AIS?
  196. Visa renewal Malaysia changes 2018 and 3rd party insurance
  197. Customs in Hawaii
  198. French Polynesia carte de séjour for British citizen?
  199. Having a boat in Malaysia region
  200. C-breeze for sale
  201. Visiting Vanuatu?
  202. Sailing in the philippines
  203. Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora
  204. Tongatapu hit by Cat 4 Cyclone
  205. Tips about extended stay in Vancouver, B.C.
  206. Travel journey fron Australia to France
  207. Cost of Langkawi Registration Annual Fees
  208. One Season,NZ, Tonga, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Lord Howe Island, Sydney and Tasmania.
  209. LPG near Westhaven?
  210. Big Seas Around Lord Howe Island.
  211. Help in the Phillipines
  212. Boat Parts Singapore
  213. Weather Buddy
  214. North or South of Eden Island Moreton Bay
  215. Philippine Typhoon Season 2018?
  216. Winter trip to Portland Island
  217. Bucket List ; Tahiti
  218. Cooktown to Cairns in May
  219. Ohiwa Bar and Ohope Beach Bay of Plenty New Zealand
  220. Sailing from BC to Panama
  221. Chartering in Sea of Cortez during Christmas
  222. South Pacific Cyclone season
  223. Cruising Hawkes Bay?
  224. Japan to Guam?
  225. Buying a foreign flagged boat in another foregin flagged land?
  226. kochie
  227. Hitching A Ride To Makogai Island?
  228. Any CF members in Darwin need a house sitter?
  229. South Pacific Tips from 2 Seasons
  230. Arrg! Indonesian log vs. Boat, log wins. Need haulout reccomendations!
  231. The Devil's Sea or The Dragon's Sea and the Bermuda Triangle
  232. Seattle to Patagonia, bagging peaks and skiing streaks
  233. NSW South Coast - Coastal Cruising
  234. Pacific NW to Marquesas
  235. Looking to do a bareboat charter in Feb 2018 in Tahiti/Bora Bora. Recommendations?
  236. good marina/anchorages between La Paz and Loreto?
  237. Cruising the China Coast
  238. Australia Newcastle to Makay: Info-Tips anyone?
  239. Crocodile assassination
  240. Changing boat name mid Mexico
  241. charter companies in Hawaii
  242. MALAYSIA as a Home Base?
  243. Rarotonga: why not Muri Lagoon?
  244. Long term bareboat charter in Tahiti
  245. Brisbane to NZ ( Opua) advice?
  246. Brisbane to Coffs -nice places to stop ?
  247. Yacht Friendly resorts in Fiji
  248. Fuel Cost
  249. Honda 2hp problem
  250. Fischer Panda Service