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  1. Chesapeake Bay - check your bottom
  2. San Diego bay. Question
  3. 40’ sailboat affordable mooring/slippage in southeast Florida
  4. Importing boat from Europe to Vancouver, BC
  5. Possible move to Victoria BC
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  7. Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic contacts?
  8. GA coast/ St Pete/ Key West?
  9. Caribbean 2020/2021
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  11. California property and use tax on foreign flagged vessels
  12. Selling a cat in Florida over hurricane season / haul out / slip
  13. Logistics - South Coast British Columbia
  14. Anyone in Haiti?
  15. Going from the US to Canada
  16. Mexico -> Belize
  17. How to buy an east coast boat from the West? (Great Loop question)
  18. Traveling up the US East Coast
  19. Where to stop on US East coast
  20. Private charter in US.
  21. Marinas in Miami?
  22. Retirement in Florida
  23. Overwintering in Nova Scotia
  24. Retirement: Pensacola-ish...
  25. PNW Awareness Check: Farm Salmon Processors Dumping Pathogens
  26. Ft Lauderdale Marine Electrician Recommendations
  27. Maiden Voyage
  28. Ft Lauderdale Marina Recommendations
  29. Slip on the Texas Coast
  30. FL to TX
  31. Probably in the wrong Forum Need a place to Moor in the Yucatan that wont break the b
  32. Bahamas pet permit
  33. USVI or PR tax deals
  34. Red Neck Riviera (Port A/Rockport Tex)
  35. Broker Recommendation - SWFL
  36. Mexico TIP for boat with no HIN
  37. Dropping mooring in south Florida
  38. Delivery Skipper Wanted Guaymas to La Paz
  39. Vessel Transport-Lapaz to Victoria
  40. Lewisporte, Newfoundland
  41. Diverter valve for wash down.
  42. Hurricane Hole Marinas in Fort Lauderdale or Miami
  43. Isle sailers going to the keys
  44. Florida sailboat slips/waterfront property
  45. San Francisco to San Diego
  46. Importing a EU made sail boat to Canada
  47. Looking for a trailer for a catalina 22
  48. Dockage West Palm Florida area
  49. Panama off season 1 day passage
  50. Looking for a slip to rent in Louisiana
  51. Pacific Coast Cruising Ports
  52. In need of a new dodger and bimini
  53. Heading South / Atlantic Coast
  54. Looking for a charter in La Paz
  55. Looking for: Rigging Surveyor & Mechanic in California
  56. Belize sailing and diving recommendations
  57. Bahamas immigration and cruising permit
  58. Which route to Panama for Hurricane Season?
  59. Great Lakes water level
  60. Looking for a boatyard in the Carolina Beach area
  61. Anchoring in Washington D.C.
  62. Newfoundland advice
  63. Huron/Superior North Channel: International Border Crossings Over-water
  64. Fort Meyers to Cartegena
  65. Recommendations for Custom Davit install
  66. Marine surveyor
  67. Chicago River boat runs and bridge lifts
  68. An "ANTI" Great Loop question
  69. Documentation
  70. Ferrocement
  71. Any problem with UK-fitted holding tank in North America?
  72. Circle The Gulf of Mexico???
  73. Mystic-Newport-MV-Nantucket
  74. Shipping parts to Brazil
  75. Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show
  76. Shark safety snorkeling the Bahamas
  77. 2 stroke outboard in Ensenada or La Paz
  78. Convicted Boat Thief Mark Conner Opens New Business in New Port Richey Florida
  79. Moorage - North or 30°
  80. Best Practices Blocking/Cradle Winter Storage
  81. Storage for 50' Monohull Near NYC/NJ/CT/RI?
  82. seeking yacht rental in Charleston
  83. Washington to Hawaii
  84. Google Fi
  85. Ixtapa Marina Mexico
  86. Gulf crossing
  87. Georgia or Florida?
  88. Temporary Import Permit for Mexico
  89. Owning a car while cruising
  90. Mast Up Sailboat Storage near Lemon Bay, Englewood FL
  91. cruising to Jamaica
  92. Best low-maintenance auto to leave at boat?
  93. Need recommendations for gelcoat repair
  94. Will I have a problem entering the US from Canada with this plan ?
  95. Boat storage in Southern California
  96. SSB radio, what are the best ‘cheap’ and easy to install solutions? Any reliable hand
  97. Ensenada Skilled Labor
  98. Hopping on a Boat from California to Hawaii:
  99. New Facebook group for sailors in Deale, Maryland
  100. S.O.S anyone in the area !!
  101. Boat theft, Las Brisas, Amador, Panama
  102. Yacht Broker in Panama
  103. Self defense
  104. Chesapeake Bay Cruisers
  105. Washington Coast Beach Hopping
  106. Downwind kayak sail
  107. Advice please....arriving in Salvador, Brazil
  108. Pre purchase survey Panama / Caribbean
  109. What is QEMPAR button for?
  110. Ecuador: anyone recommend a marina?
  111. Any Key West members got a minute?
  112. Wintering in the Annapolis area
  113. Good Safety Information & Reources
  114. Do you need a captain's licence for pleasure boating to central america
  115. Looking for boat to cross from colon to panama
  116. 110’ boat dock location needed ASAP in Washington State coast area
  117. Surge Narrows/ Upper Rapids PNW question
  118. Isla Mujeres info
  119. Cruisng Guildes Atlantc Canada, Norway & European Canals
  120. Cruisng Guides for Newfoundland & Labrador