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  1. Boat Insurance/Survey Lake Erie Ohio
  2. Jackline and Markel American Insurance
  3. How much cash to retire?
  4. What do you consider new?
  5. Canada. Buy a boat in the name of my corporation
  6. What do you think?
  7. US Coast Guard bill of sale, CG-1340 expired?
  8. Purchasing an Old Garden Style Island Trader (51'/56') - provide guidance!
  9. Making an offer on a Boat
  10. St4000 tiller
  11. Buying a Boat, no broker - Put these steps in order please
  12. Searching for buyer's broker in South Miami/North Keys
  13. Marine surveyor, Townsville Australia?
  14. US Import customs broker
  15. Private Purchase - Australia. Advice Needed
  16. Certifications or Licensing for insurance
  17. SAMS or NAMS ??
  18. Reputable and thorough sailboat surveyors in Ft. Lauderdale area
  19. Advice on boat purchase with hull work evident above the waterline
  20. Advice on registration flag
  21. Australia, need to re import boat?
  22. Canadian Taxes on out of country purchase - Alberta
  23. Please advise a boat escrow service company in USA
  24. Agent in Malta to handle VAT
  25. Brokers Not Responding?
  26. Pre-purchase survey checklist
  27. Insurance in Australia
  28. Realistic expectations for financing a 24 month trip. Canada.
  29. Sailboat removal and storage
  30. Do premium boats hold their value better than production boats?
  31. USA-Social Security
  32. Looking for a Buyers broker in San Diego
  33. Buying my first boat is no longer a dream.
  34. Does anybody have any experience registering a vessel in the BVIs?
  35. Sailboat survey strategy in Mexico (San Carlos) or other third-world
  36. Bluewater Cruising - How do you pay for it all?
  37. Best time of year to buy a boat?
  38. Financing a USCG documented boat outside US
  39. How much you can negotiate on a new boat?
  40. Selling my old boat long distance.
  41. Reduction in value of damaged boat?
  42. Sales data for catamarans
  43. Trying NOT to insult seller
  44. Selling Your Boat, To Broker or Not?
  45. Alternative financing?
  46. Panhandler with a goal
  47. Boat Angel on Ebay
  48. Unethical financial question
  49. Surveyor near hampton va
  50. Good book on buying used sailboats?
  51. Need help with boat insurance I cant find liability insurance
  52. Long distance boat purchase
  53. Leasing a yacht in Europe
  54. Buying insurance before the lender will fund a loan?
  55. Section 179 tax deduction questions:
  56. Buying a boat on the other side of the world
  57. Western Michigan slip fees / mooring options ?
  58. Renting out my home to live on a boat
  59. Ogilvy Insurance out of Canada any good?
  60. Liability only insurance no survey required
  61. Online boat sales
  62. US $106k Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
  63. Hydraulic drive unit value?
  64. Surveyor recommendations St. Martin.
  65. BoatUS way overpriced, switched to Allstate
  66. Canadian registered boat-purchase
  67. Tips on preparing a boat for survey from the sellers perspective
  68. Info request: Canadian Resident purchasing used boat in Florida
  69. I think our 7 year plan could be a 2/4 year plan
  70. Money
  71. PayPal to YouTube sailers a joke?
  72. Need INSURANCE broker serving Houston area
  73. Flag, EU VAT, Third Party Liability only Insurance
  74. Anyone experience with yacht-match?
  75. remote workers financing a live aboard
  76. Vessel insurance update- Spring 2020
  77. Use tax question Florida
  78. US citizen in the US buying a boat in South Africa
  79. Honest broker
  80. Boat USCG Registration
  81. Marine Lenders
  82. Cruisers Forum Insurance ?
  83. Realistic cost expectation
  84. US Citizen buying/keeping boat in Grenada do I need to do state registration?
  85. Buying boat from Venezuela?
  86. Short Term Hull Insurance for delivery
  87. Buying a boat in Croatia vat issues
  88. Thinking of purchasing a Nordic 32
  89. To Charter or Not to Charter
  90. Buying sailboat in Massachusetts
  91. Buy and sell in 2 years
  92. Buying Cheap Swedish Boat -US Citizen
  93. Thats TOO Much!
  94. Florida annual property/use tax for boats?
  95. A Nor'easter is a "major storm" at Foremost?
  96. Looking for a new boat
  97. Private charter in New York
  98. How to buy a boat in the Med while being in the US?
  99. Kingston, Ontario Marina costs and recommendation
  100. Recommendations for a Florida yacht broker?
  101. Offer on New Boat
  102. Mooring, Marina, or Private Dock?
  103. Best portal to search for boat
  104. Boat show discounts
  105. Getting ready to sail off. Need advice, tips, etc.
  106. Survey before Offer?
  107. Such a thing as a transaction coordinator?
  108. Total costs of yacht maintenance
  109. Buying Insurance as a Foreigner in the US
  110. Marina dumpster finds
  111. Best place in USA/World to buy a used boat
  112. Caribbean Liability Insurance
  113. Buyer Beware. E-Rigging never again.
  114. Maintenance costs for a 1960s timber trawler
  115. Buying New: what did you learn
  116. VAT paid ??
  117. Insurance Companies Make No Sense
  118. Insurance in Europe
  119. Yacht Sales Purchase Agreement suggestion?
  120. how realistic are the prices on boat classified sites?
  121. boat discount if i can pay some of the sum by cash by hand
  122. Shipping overland...
  123. Canadian re-registration?
  124. How much money to cruise fulltime?
  125. boat registration for Cirumnavigation, spanish registered and VAT not paid
  126. Reality Check - Looking for good advice
  127. ISO 9001 Production Sailboats
  128. how much is launch cost for a new beneteau 40ft size
  129. Competing Offers
  130. Best ways to compromise on a boat to save money.
  131. stainless steel countertops and cabinets?
  132. So my neighbor hit me. How do I assure everything is fixed like it never happened?
  133. Registering a boat
  134. Insurance Caribbean/Bahamas
  135. Possible luxury tax coming to Canada!
  136. 2018 Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 possible purchase
  137. Tips on buying from a broker
  138. What is a fleet insurance?
  139. Sailing charter owner courses?
  140. How much room for negotiation?
  141. Insurance: Usual deductible for insured
  142. The Boat Market - Financial Gurus?
  143. Legal warranty woes
  144. Protecting your vessel with a trust
  145. Eye-watering Crewsaver Liferaft Service Costs
  146. Purchasing from Langkawi
  147. Aspiring Cruiser Seeks Input on his "Plan"
  148. New to insurance
  149. Boat size recommendation. Go large or go home?
  150. If you can pay cash, why did you finance?
  151. “Total loss”
  152. 1996 Prout 37 Catamaran What to Offer?
  153. Registration Location in Delaware
  154. US Tax benefits for having a boat in charter
  155. Sailboat surveyors in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  156. Boat Insurance Recommendations Canada/US Coverage
  157. Martinique surveyor suggestions
  158. Older boats
  159. Buying in the Med.
  160. Financial Cruising Plan as a South African
  161. Buying a cruiser in NZ, where do I register/flag?
  162. iPad only?
  163. American Reliable Insurance Co,
  164. Selling a boat remotely
  165. Vessel Flag vs. Citizenship
  166. Insurance cost, tell the amount?
  167. What's to stop a borrower from taking their boat out the country and defaulting?
  168. Sailrite Sale
  169. Looking 4 VIN #
  170. American possibly buying in the UK
  171. Purchase questions on a EU or SEA boat
  172. Boat insurance - worldwide - UK flag - Swiss citizen
  173. Bypassing a broker to get answers
  174. US citizen seeks Euro bank account
  175. financing
  176. Boat insurance - happy story
  177. Do not pay 3rd party insurance repair
  178. VAT and non-EU wife
  179. Long term charter instead of selling
  180. Nordic 27 (Nord 80)
  181. Better to sell a blue water yacht in Florida or Caribbean?
  182. buying a 50' Alden Teak Deck. Crazy or insanely crazy?
  183. Is it possible to sell a boat in South Africa?
  184. US Health Insurance for Domestic Cruising?
  185. Blue Water Yacht Insurance, Inc
  186. How much to pay for someone else's improvements?
  187. Purchase costs and rolling them into closing?
  188. Do you pay for true LOA?
  189. "affordable" multihull insurance
  190. LOST MY BILL OF SALE!!! and Corporation Boat
  191. TAX - Buying a sailboat in California (San Diego) out of state
  192. Boat Depreciation Amid Increasing Prices
  193. Free 50' Yacht
  194. Need a GREAT Insurance Broker
  195. SHIP TO EUROPE FROM Carib OR Florida
  196. Dry marinas on the gold coast
  197. Seeking recommendations for a broker for a worldwide search
  198. Tips on finding a good boat to buy?
  199. FSBO transaction (contract, escrow, lawyers, etc)
  200. Surveyors in Norfolk
  201. Buying costs
  202. Buying from owner after working with broker?
  203. Advice on buying first boat
  204. Insurance company needed - US and SoPac
  205. Export boat from Spain for non EU citizen
  206. Alternate Value to NADA book of 1979 BCC28?
  207. Insurance issues
  208. Bringing items to boat being exported
  209. Buying in a recession
  210. Any experience with Global Yacht Cover insurance?
  211. Midland Ontario surveyor recomendation
  212. Battery maintenance
  213. Topsail insurance Australia - premium up yet again!
  214. new to everything sailing
  215. Selling boat outside continental US
  216. Would this scare you off?
  217. Family of 5, budget of USD750k
  218. Questions about Owner financing from a buyer's perspective
  219. Looking for a price
  220. US Coast Guard COD 5-year renewal
  221. Searching for first boat suggestions...
  222. Dual EU/US citizenship: impact on VAT and visa issues?
  223. Insurance coverage through a Barbados based insurance company
  224. Looking for good sailboat broker Fort Pierce
  225. Delivery estimates
  226. What should I do. Cost of owing/maintain and living questions
  227. 10 years of cost of cruising data
  228. convert excel spreadsheets xlsx to xls
  229. Halberg Rassy 38 v Wauquiez Hood 38 Mkii
  230. Annapolis surveyors for unstayed rigs
  231. Experience (and proof) for insurance?
  232. Insurance Confusion
  233. Great Exuma, Bahamas: Surveyor and Haul out
  234. Boat Registration and future VAT
  235. Viable Professions While At Sea
  236. Provisioning Discount / Card
  237. 10-20 year finance in NZ or Aus?
  238. LA sales tax
  239. Florida Use tax on USCG Documented boat purchased outside the US
  240. Paying for/Liability During Sea Trial???
  241. 3 options small Cat
  242. Buying a US Flagged Boat in Mexico RE: TIP
  243. Trip Insurance for Bareboat Charter in Greece (US Resident)
  244. Is this a thing?!
  245. Sailboats purchase compare analysis
  246. Buying out of country?
  247. Buying my first New yacht...
  248. Marne surveyors on Antigua
  249. Bareboat charter (rental boat) Insurance
  250. How Much Sailboat Should I Buy?