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  1. In Need of Experience
  2. SBF-See as a non-German
  3. How to pick a Delivery Captain???
  4. Couple with No Sailing Experience Buying Catamaran and In Need of Insurance Advice
  5. Recommendations for ASA instructor MD
  6. Croatian license requirements for chartering
  7. Do I need a license to sail?
  8. New sailor wanting to build up yacht miles in the UK
  9. UK SSR and home port
  10. RYA Dayskipper
  11. New Croatian Maritime law for boats and yachts
  12. How to get 90 days experience for OUPV license
  13. Preparing ASA 105 (Coastal Nav) for experienced sailor
  14. Renewing/upgrading USCG Master License
  15. Becoming an RYA skipper. Advice on qualifications please :)
  16. ASA Certs South Florida and later Carib for 2.5 people good value?
  17. How hard to get a new COI for a newly purchased wooden schooner?
  18. How hard to get a new COI for a newly purchased wooden schooner?
  19. Advice for 100% Beginner Please
  20. “New” requirement for NZ Cat 1 certification
  21. Training During Work Breaks
  22. Affordable countries for RYA certifications
  23. Did I miss it? Certifications and training to start sailing.
  24. training Manuals
  25. Any point in doing an RYA Coastal Skipper course?
  26. WTF
  27. Need advice on training
  28. Sailing Schools in South Florida
  29. Utterly new to sailing, am in UK, where do I start?
  30. Specific but also vague offshore training recommend?
  31. 2020 Approach to Getting a Captains License?
  32. Best certification to get (if any) for world cruising
  33. RYA Yachtmaster Fast Track
  34. Preparation tips for cruising instructor course
  35. sea time in a seaplane
  36. logging 2500 sea miles aimed at elegibility for Yachmaster
  37. ASA 105 - Coastal Nav & Piloting Manual, Spare Anyone?
  38. Croatian license requirements
  39. ASA School Recommendations
  40. Inland Lake Time for Sea Service?
  41. recommendations about books to prepare Yachtmaster exams
  42. USCG 6 pack questions
  43. International Registration
  44. Moving Up to a Larger Boat--Videos
  45. Recommendations for best way to get started
  46. Train The Trainer Courses
  47. RYA versus ASA 105-108
  48. Canadian registration
  49. Captain's License Curriculum
  50. OSS fastrac to cruising course.....thoughts?
  51. Power squadron certificates?
  52. Electronic Nav Instructor
  53. ASA vs Offshore Sailing school
  54. VHF radio licence
  55. Best Way To Learn, Given Circumstances
  56. Captain’s License Class
  57. UK Small Vessel Code (MGN 280) ???
  58. Captains License - fishing license needed?
  59. Puerto Rico recommendations
  60. ASA vs USS
  61. Who Is Required To Have A Captain’s License
  62. Building sailing experience
  63. One for the Aussies - Recreation Skippers Ticket
  64. certificate of conformity
  65. Anywhere in SoCal doing 103/104/114 liveaboards?
  66. Why aren't sailing instructors sailing?
  67. Thinking of chartering a catamaran and hiring an ASA instructor.
  68. Registration as Australian Vessel
  69. Recommend a school in SE Asia?
  71. ASA Fee Reasonable?
  72. Do I need certification to sail?
  73. RI / BOS Area Schools and Orgs
  74. USCG OUPV in BVI
  75. Never been on a sailboat before
  76. Tipping for ASA 101, 103, 104, 114?
  77. Florida Safety Decal
  78. RYA courses in Australia
  79. RYA Day Skipper course
  80. What class/cert to take/get
  81. Liveabord 'Holiday' - Certification or Not?
  82. So... THAT just happened!
  83. ASA 101 Question
  84. Cheapest way to get to day skipper in the UK ?
  85. I'm sure I'm being dumb.. but help me out here
  86. Formal Sailing course vs. private contract instructor
  87. Buy a boat in europe am a canadian advice?
  88. Yachts Surveyor Qualification Institution question
  89. Currently on ASA 101/103/104/114 certification trip
  90. Catamaran Captain for training
  91. Any outboard repair schools in South Wales UK
  92. Training vs boat insurance
  93. ASA bare boat outside of the US
  94. US documentation scam
  95. Best Cruising Organizations
  97. RYA Yachtmaster Offshore School Recommendation (AUS - EU)
  98. Cruising license question
  99. DSC MMSI ??
  100. MCA master of yachts 200GT
  101. Looking for Caribbean ASA school reccos for 104 and up?
  102. Sailing Convention for Women - February 2, 2019 Newport Beach, CA
  103. Using Post 9-11 GI Bill - Marine Diesels and Six Pack
  104. Does anyone get the FCC license?
  105. Gemini Catamaran Sailing Lessons: Chesapeake Bay
  106. I will buy a 44 cat in a year
  107. Charter regulations for SE Asia?
  108. Just passed ASA 101 - Logbook Questions
  109. Recommendations for RYA schools to do the Yachtmaster Offshore (YM) certificate.
  110. Learning to Sail - Greece vs. Gibraltar vs. Britain
  111. Odd Carbon Monoxide reading
  112. Marine/Electrical Training in Mid-Atlantic?
  113. Greece Charter - additonal crew 'qualifications'
  114. Do visiting boaters need a license in New York?
  115. Where are all the newbie sailors?
  116. Houston newbie
  117. documenting days at sea for OUPV
  118. Topmark meaning of special mark buoy
  119. Dutch sailing barge instruction/mate
  120. Learning to Sail with "Sailaway"?
  121. CQ'ing all Hams and SSB users
  122. UK Charter skipper requirements (power)
  123. Hour building trip from Falmouth to France on my own boat
  124. Things to Practice
  125. USCG question data bank - searchable
  126. How to get ICC for experienced bluewater sailers
  127. Learn how to sail in New York City this Winter/Spring
  128. Living in Thailand but needing ICC to get CEVNI
  129. Basic boat handling training
  130. Getting an ICC without British citizenship/residency?
  131. Beginner seeks training and cert advice
  132. Salty motor boater looking for live aboard school recommendations
  133. Boatbuilding Apprenticeships / Schools
  134. Live Aboard Sailing School Recomendations
  135. Logging miles for Captain's License
  136. ASA Weather Endorsement
  137. Question about 385 Tons?
  138. navigation
  139. Learning to sail with a potential of chosing anywhere.
  140. RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Coursebook
  141. RYA Certificate registration?
  142. Certifications and Insurance
  143. Anyone know these guys..
  144. Southampton Sailing School - local activities?
  145. Beginners help
  146. Germany - VHF Course or Equivalent
  147. Beginner from Colorado looking for Schools
  148. Beginner from Vancouver, Canada
  149. Coastal navigation Training
  150. Documented Vessel Transfer
  151. European Training on a Beneateu 393
  152. Handicap sailing?
  153. Anything more than a coastal skipper+icc+radio needed?
  154. Radio license - which one?
  155. Should I put all my eggs in the RYA basket?
  156. Looking to Gain Experience in Southern Spain
  157. certification I can work with
  158. Training on own Boat - Day Skipper - Rogoznica - Croatia
  159. Cruise and Learn programs on Florida coast?
  160. Value of a USCG Captain's License?
  161. Blue water Certs.
  162. looking for asa instructor
  163. How to get MMSI for US boat with no US address
  164. Where to begin?
  165. Documentation of Sailing Experience
  166. Advice On Insurance
  167. RYA Coastal Skipper training with lots of miles?
  168. IYT Bareboat Qualification
  169. Any RYA schools in the Azores?
  170. Women in Boats..and how to become one
  171. Bareboat Charter Recommendations
  172. newbie on navigation
  173. Training and experience
  174. For Those Who Have Gone Before Me - Preparation For Yachtmaster Offshore -
  175. newbie
  176. Choosing a Sailing School! Help!
  177. RYA Training captain for 'own boat' Day Skipper
  178. Question regarding license required to operate a 210 GT motor yacht in the U.S.
  179. RYA Dayskipper in Asia
  180. Recommendations for Competent Crew course out of Conwy, Wales
  181. Boating licenses from argentina?
  182. Radio licence
  183. OUPV Study Group
  184. Any experience with sailing schools in the Santa Cruz, California area?
  185. Caribbean ASA School
  186. I need a radio license???
  187. Starting sailing
  188. How does logging work? (for certification)
  189. Any info on Safety at Sea seminars
  190. type of license for circumnavigating
  191. Questions about USCG Captain's License
  192. asa instructor
  193. Sailing is something new in my life
  194. rya training chart 1 and 2 needed
  195. LOOKING for asa instructor
  196. NOAA Beacon Registration
  197. Nautical competens
  198. canadian power/sail squadron courses and "captains licences
  199. License Needed for US Inland Waterways?
  200. Certification in Asia:RYA Day Skipper - sailing companion wanted
  201. Florida Area Sailing Schools
  202. I've Never Sailed in My Entire Life
  203. Sailing Lessons wanted- Miami
  204. Starpath Coastal Navigation course, worth the price?
  205. valid sanitation control exemption control certificate
  206. Sailing instruction, certifications, and making lemonade from lemons
  207. Kroatian "B" Boat license
  208. International Accreditation Sailing Schools Operating Now?
  209. 25th Anniversary Quest
  210. Sailing school help
  211. Ahoy there from Singapore!
  212. Any reviews of SEA SENSE Womens Boating courses?
  213. new to sailing liscenses needed?
  214. Radio station & operator licensing
  215. Radio Stn License
  216. Certifications: RYA course on holiday -> home country licence?
  217. Training recommendation, Gran Canaria?
  218. Starpath Radar Trainer 3 course
  219. WANTED: Sailing Expertise & Mentorship
  220. Audiobooks for ASA classes
  221. Online coastal navigation course
  222. USCG license training from "Nautical School"
  223. Captain Training Certification - SF Bay area
  224. Sailing theory online course
  225. USCG vessel certification location on vessel
  226. ASA not longer recognizes other certifications.
  227. Marine Licence -Queensland
  228. Looking to hire B&G expert in Charleston, SC
  229. asa used books
  230. Reduction on online RYA Yachtmaster theory course
  231. SSB Licence
  232. Build Evidence
  233. Licensing required for bareboat Power Cat charter in Croatia
  234. Diesel Engine class
  235. Opening a charter business in Canada
  236. Good Sailing School in North Florida - Recommendation
  237. 6-pack sea time questions
  238. RYA Yachtmaster ocean equivalents
  239. Looking for bluewater experience in the PNW
  240. Experiences with Fast track schools?
  241. Interesting read from one of our fellow female sailors.....
  242. South England sailing school recommendation?
  243. captain's 6 pack license
  244. ICC course in English in Sardinia
  245. Is Ham Technician Enough
  246. RYA Competent crew course - Grenada Bluewater Sailing
  247. Just Starting Out. Getting Frustrated.
  248. Sailing school/course, Mediterranean - ADVICE NEEDED
  249. Travel Insurance requirement when doing overnight sailing courses?
  250. Canary sail school experience