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  1. ASA in TEXAS
  2. ASA course
  3. Captains License Required?
  4. How necessary is ASA
  5. 6-Pack vs Masters?
  6. Help!! Is this realistic?
  7. ASA 106 or crew
  8. Just returned from a week of sailing with LTD sailing school in Grenada
  9. Looking for advice for comprehensive ASA 101-114 courses
  10. IYT vs ASA
  11. Tidal Experience Wanted in the UK
  12. Help out an aspiring new sailor
  13. Licensing requirement for a charter company
  14. Competent Crew course in the Med
  15. ICC License Help for Montenegro or Near Naples
  16. Renewing US certificate of documentation while cruising
  17. Is a boat driver license required in Greece and Turkey?
  18. Taking the ASA 105 Coastal Navigation course this weekend; any tips?
  19. Blue Oyster Sailing School - Gibraltar
  20. OK it's So worth it!!!
  21. Not sure its worth it
  22. ASA vs Offshore vs ?
  23. Sailing Leasons in Northport NY
  24. Sailing School in Thailand
  25. Interested in Learning, Don't know where to start
  26. Newbie here, Sailing School Question
  27. No certification or license required to own and operate a sailboat...
  28. Buy or charter in prep for 2018 World ARC circumnavigation?
  29. License and Registration in the EU..
  30. Sailing School/Bareboat Charter Recommendations
  31. US vessel cruising to Cuba
  32. Where to start!
  33. 58 and learning to sail
  34. Basic Safety STCW training in Brunswick
  35. ICC vs. US Sailing IPC
  36. A cheap crash course in sailing so we know what we're doing for the sea trial
  37. Radar
  38. Re. Any training tips for a newbie
  39. Do you need to submit the original signed Sea Time Serivice Form?
  40. Where are the self study guide (books) for CG license?
  41. South African COC regulations
  42. Waters shoreward (seaward) of the boundary line
  43. RYA Day Skipper Theory (shorebased)
  44. Recommendation for Day Skipper Theory in London?
  45. ExpeSunsail in Lefkas, Greece, for RYA Day Skipper?
  46. Was trained once
  47. Is someone interested in teaching me to sail?
  48. Sailing certification. Asia? Europe?
  49. Flagship Sailing School
  50. MMC automatic upgrade
  51. New Instructor...
  52. Day skipper instructor in Greece
  53. Is there any simulation app for harbour maneuvers ?
  54. ASA or U S sailing certification
  55. OUPV question
  56. Path to first bareboat charter
  57. Day skipper instructor in Greece
  58. Win a FREE sailing course - help kids learn to read!
  59. Best Books to study for MCA Master 200GT exam
  60. FCC Radio Station Authorization
  61. Where to begin?
  62. Trawler Charter with Captain and Training Southeast US
  63. How to practice start?
  64. ASA101
  65. Liveaboard Sailing Schools
  66. Any Experiences with Jolly Parrot sailing school in Gibraltar?
  67. Some Canadian Regs-Radio & Safety Eqpt--FYI
  68. German, living in Canada, wanting to Sail in the Meds, what licence to get?
  69. Coast Guard requirements?
  70. Day skipper in September
  71. VAT in Europe, perpetual traveler
  72. Beginner course, Vancouver or BVI?
  73. Captain's license: online or in person?
  74. Registering a boat in EU fast and simple - which country?
  75. American in Europe
  76. ICC Certification
  77. where should i begin?
  78. ASA 106 Puget Sound
  79. Dutch flagged boat lead by italia citiz n
  80. RYA Yachtmaster Offshore (Study Material)
  81. Starting from scratch !
  82. Build Evidence
  83. YM ocean oral exam
  84. For those who have taken a comprehensive 101, 103, 104 course...
  85. 10%Off on RYA Yachmaster Pack Online
  86. Tortola vs Swain sailing Schools
  87. Practical Benefit to USCG OUPV License?
  88. The Horse before the Cart?
  89. Webinar on High Output Water Maker May 26th 2015
  90. VAT to pay or not to pay
  91. New USCG Documentation fee?
  92. IYT or RYA
  93. Would love to dip the toes.. :-)
  94. Hard work in exchange for lessons
  95. Yachtmaster Certification
  96. Certification
  97. Better to stick with one school or spread it around to get local experience?
  98. VHF*training outside UK?
  99. RYA Competent Crew course near Nice, France?
  100. Feedback on Fair Wind Sailing School - USVI
  101. College Students want to Bareboat in Italy
  102. Do skippers really want crew? Doesn't seem so...
  103. RYA Day Skipper Practical Sail, Solent (UK) Based - recommendations please
  104. Sunsail Charters/training?
  105. Two Thumbs Up for NauticEd
  106. Any comments about Horizon Yacht Charter Co?
  107. Certification requirements
  108. Best RYA Schools in Ireland
  109. How To Not Pay VAT In The EU?
  110. Captains License
  111. Dutch flagged boat to the USA
  112. Ship radio license - call sign
  113. ASA or RYA
  114. Online sailing courses
  115. Training & Safety courses for lower insurance?
  116. SoCal Kook wants to learn sailing
  117. RYA yachtmaster help?
  118. Where do we flag our boat?
  119. After some advice on yachtmaster training course
  120. Puerto Rico Sailing School suggestions
  121. how to document sea miles for RYA licensing.
  122. Sailing Schools in New Zealand
  123. Amateur Radio License - needed?
  124. Rya day skipper...universally recognised?
  125. Certification: Worth it?
  126. licenses
  127. Chapman School of Seamanship Training
  128. Looking for Good Sailing Courses in Northern California Or?
  129. Maine boat title.
  130. Captain certification for Canadian sailor
  131. Renting a Power Boat
  132. Yachtmaster Sailing School Capetown, has anyone attended?
  133. RYA YM Exam FT Lauderdale area?
  134. Advice in increasing level of blue-water experiences
  135. How to find current stream
  136. Land-lock training & prep options
  137. Help with long-term training and experience plan
  138. Extreme Novice asks for Help
  139. Time At Sea - What Counts?
  140. Confusing question
  141. On-line course recommendations
  142. Examination
  143. Experienced boat owner seeks ASA instructor (Annapolis)
  144. Sail Repair Class for Women in MA Oct 25
  145. Licence Req for Croatia
  146. Blue Oyster Sailing - Yachtmaster prep/exam week feedback
  147. Fastrack Course?
  148. Learn How to Sail
  149. Looking to learn to sail Feb 7 for a week Ft Lauderdale
  150. What is a Normal Tip for an Instructor at a Sailing Course
  151. Skipper Certification In Canarias
  152. NEXUS - Some Questions for Cruising USA
  153. License Required?
  154. Instructor for hire, BVI or USVI
  155. How to get all the requires skipper licenses?
  156. To Cert or not to Cert, that is the Question
  157. Ham exam 2th August, Southern Philippines
  158. Sea Time for USCG Captains License
  159. Carribean ASA Training suggestions
  160. Life Raft Certification Training
  161. How to document time on board owned boats?
  162. Possitives of Liveaboard (aka fast track) training
  163. Documenting Time for certs...
  164. Seeking experienced marine rigger
  165. Maltese Schools
  166. YachtPro Thailand
  167. Deletion Certificate - Spain
  168. Undocument
  169. The Landing School Marine Engineering Program
  170. Need some help with the RYA Day Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory Course
  171. ASA 101 Done
  172. Charter company's for experience?
  173. Any experience with Boatwise courses?
  174. Need captain for lagoon 440 delivery. Miami to Europe!
  175. Yachtmaster Offshore
  176. Ready to Bareboat?
  177. Two seminars for Women
  178. Chartering for a crossing
  179. Réka and Tibor, future sailors ask for help (usa,ca)
  180. Career and School ADVICE
  181. STCW95 Training
  182. RYA Day Skipper in Europe
  183. BVI July 2014
  184. Deaf Learning to Sail
  185. Yachtmaster Fasttrack; Allabroad/Blueoyster/other?
  186. RYA Day Skipper Theory Distance Learning
  187. available captain (sf)
  188. Sailing school in Hawaii
  189. Sailing schools in Miami?
  190. Sailing Experience in Savannah, GA
  191. A newbie planning a charter in BVI...recommendations and words of wisdom
  192. RYA Fast Track Yachtmaster Offshore (Boss, UKSA, Hamble or South Africa?)
  193. I'm new here.
  194. How Does DWI and other Convictions Effect Licensing?
  195. RYA Fast track Yachtmaster Class for American NOT interested in sailing career?
  196. Trans Atlantic crew required
  197. Challenging ASA Standards
  198. Can ferro boats be used for commercial work?
  199. Corpus Sailing Conundrum
  200. 50ton Master with a bad driving record in Florida?
  201. Confusion over courses required for motor cruising
  202. Non US for USCG License
  203. Sailing school
  204. using my own sailboat as a charter boat
  205. Blue water sailing school grad questions
  206. Skip ASA 104? Is It Needed? USCG 6pack? Alternative Or European Systems?
  207. Asa 101, 103, 104 and 114
  208. Training vessel
  209. New member looking for advice on training.
  210. New member, looking to start a charter business in the Grenadines
  211. Wanting To Setup A Small Sail Charter Business
  212. Jr Boat Licence
  213. What Would Be the International Equivalent to a RYA Day Skipper License
  214. Reality Check Please
  215. Distance Learning Day Skipper Theory
  216. Best Dinghy for a Sailing School?
  217. How to get ready for a Circumnavigation?
  218. Require a skipper
  219. Experience vs Courses
  220. RYA Day Skipper Certificate
  221. American equivalents
  222. Do I need a license to have paying passengers?
  223. Windsurfing in Lieu of Small Boat Experience
  224. International Yacht Restoration school
  225. training and certs for ATW???
  226. offshore training on an open 60
  227. How to Find Info on USCG Doc Boat
  228. Fast Track to Yachtmaster Offshore (Sail)
  229. Help finding training to handle a yacht
  230. Taking ASA 101 classes
  231. Licensing in Queensland, Australia
  232. Fast Track to Yachtmaster Offshore (Power)
  233. South West Florida Schools
  234. Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card !
  235. ASA 104
  236. Bareboat Charter in Croatia
  237. Captains License at Anchor
  238. Blue Oyster Sailing School / Costa Brava Sailing School.
  239. ASA or US Sailing
  240. Licence permit vaarbewijs 57 ft sailboat
  241. Power Squadron BOC vs ICC
  242. Insurance
  243. Winter Sailing / Mile Building
  244. For Which USCG Captain’s License Can I Qualify ?
  245. A Newbie Moving to Sea (Day Skipper Class Question)
  246. Learning to Sail in Australia
  247. When Is the STCW Certification Required ?
  248. Online Celestial Navigation Course
  249. Planning a future at sea
  250. Upgrade