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  1. Do we need to be preparing for Arctic cruising strategies because of Global Cooling
  2. It has started - France announces stricter border controls
  3. Madeira Beach, FL
  4. Trinidad
  5. Outfitting for Transpacific
  7. Pensacola a la Habana Rally - Underway
  8. Australian travel advisory for Philippines
  9. Whale Sightseeing Boat Sinks off west coast of Vancouver Island.
  10. Missing sailboat
  11. Free Seminar - Boat Prep for Cat 1 Offshore racing
  12. Leap of Faith--Alaska Rescue at Sea
  13. Rum ship aground!
  14. Options other than Panama Canal
  15. Yacht runs aground at Noosa
  16. Quincy, MA Marina Fire
  17. Woman dies from box jellyfish sting
  18. Carolina ICW Hazards Due TO Recent Flooding
  19. Canadian sailboat tried to sneak out Colombia with illegal inmigrants
  20. Dutch tourist murdered on sailing boat off Colombia coast
  21. FL boaters get ready to fight again.....
  22. Defender warehouse workers on strike
  23. DUI While at Anchor?
  24. Bahamian New Years Eve Celebration
  25. Is Their a Market for Video Security
  26. Not sure where to post this...
  27. Two Singlehanders Cross Pacific Japan to SF
  28. Oyster Problems?
  29. New Flag For New Zealand?
  30. Going Out Doing What You Love
  31. Sydney boat show today
  32. Volcano Alert!: Grenada and Environs
  33. catalina 34
  34. Mangroves Manhandled by a Yacht Show
  35. New photos released about temple complex discovery
  36. Woman missing - near Durban
  37. BOLO: Missing/Stolen Ericson 39 flush deck, south florida/bahamas
  38. Havana Challenge
  39. USS Constitution, aka “OLD IRONSIDES, ” in Dry Dock
  40. ARC Europe-Bermuda to Azores news?
  41. Oil Spill in Santa Barbara
  42. Renting your house while cruising…….
  43. Piracy In Gulf of Aden
  44. Mexico/Sea Shepherd align to protect rare Sea of Cortez porpoise
  45. Le Grande Motte Multihull Show
  46. British sailor shot to death on New Providence ...
  47. Puerto Vallarta
  48. Boarded in Nassau
  49. Dauphin Island Regatta- One confirmed dead
  50. Distributed Computing to help in search operations
  51. URGENT: Cruiser's Boat Kid missing from boardwalk/marina in Kemah Texas.
  52. The Power of Persistence
  53. Dauntless Crosses the North Atlantic - The Post Mortem
  54. I got to thinking.....
  55. Annapolis Boat Show
  56. USA issues new travel warning for Mexico
  57. Piracy Honduras
  59. Open warfare in Puerto Vallarta
  60. Survival at Sea
  61. Liana's Ransom Abandoned at Sea
  62. Crew taken off 85-foot schooner "Liana's Ransom"
  63. 2016 Miami Boat Show to move
  64. Are the Seas getting more Violent?
  65. More problems in Mexico
  66. Whale incident in Cabo
  67. Any cruisers in Vanuatu?
  68. US Boats Advised To Avoid Venezuela
  69. The Sailboat Burglar of the Oakland Estuary
  70. Hobart Wooden Boat Festival
  71. Great Lakes Cruise Ship
  72. Strictly Sail Miami impressions
  73. Ted Irwin dies at 74
  74. LA Boat Show
  75. Miami Strictly Sail - Hotels
  76. Breaking News -- Flying Hawaiian Goes to Sea!
  77. San Diego Boat Dhow
  78. ASA advises 10% increase in new sailors
  79. U.S. Coast Guard stamp
  80. Ben Ainslie "rescued" from a charter boat. ;-)
  81. Worlds Largest Ship
  82. Cargo ship carrying '700 migrants' docks in Italy
  83. Updates
  84. So am I gonna be able to sail to cuba! (Legally that is)
  85. Coast Guard rescues Man After 6 Days Stranded on Island on Cay Sal Bank
  86. Missing sailor found 12 days after "mayday"
  87. Bridge crushes mega yacht
  88. Boat sinks off Oregon
  89. Sector Newport AIRSTA closing
  90. still unaccounted for after furycame odile, sept, 2014
  91. Sailor Reported Lost Found In Gulf Of Mexico Adrift
  92. Korean Ferry Crew Sentenced
  93. Cuba Revisited
  94. Family Rescued After Salboat Capsizes in Galveston Bay
  95. Missing since Odile
  96. "Ocean Atlas" underwater sculpture in Bahamas
  97. Huge Cocaine haul off sailing boat!
  98. svserenity missing...
  99. All Florida voters it's time to act.
  100. 3 sons British sailor struck by truck in Philippines
  101. Missing yacht off the Brazilian coast
  103. Viking funeral for Navy vet
  104. Local knowledge from members sticky
  105. Baja Haha News From Latitude 38 Today, Oct 1. 2014
  106. North Pacific Gyre Debris Causes Abandonment
  107. Coast Guard Cutter "Key Largo" Rams and Sinks Fishing Boat off P.R.
  108. Don't look for help from passing cargo ships
  109. Achilles 24 sails to Svalbard Archipelago
  110. Cabo hit with Cat 3 Hurricane
  111. Cruising Catamaran sinking in the Red Sea (13 aug 2014)
  112. Sailboat fire in Stuart, FL claims life of child, parents cling to life
  113. Headless bodies of pair on a Lagoon440 found in Thailand
  114. Nice film about solo liveaboard in the Caribbean
  115. Noah Cullen lost overboard from s/v Jubilee off Key Largo
  116. Strange Marker in the Med
  117. Cornell rally to go via GOA, Red Sea!
  118. Rescue of Sea Heather
  119. Australians out of next America's Cup
  120. The Blue Pearl Sinking
  121. US woman rescued at sea sues phone firm.
  122. USCG Rescues trapped Sailboat
  123. A vessel named "blue steel" activated its EPIRB
  124. Our own Rebel Heart is the keynote speaker
  125. Rescued Sailors Reach Shore after Dramatic Ocean Rescue
  126. Who the Hell Turned Out the Anchor Lights in the USVI?
  127. What do these brands have in common?
  128. M/V Polar Bear Fire
  129. SF ousted for Americas cup
  130. "Seaquel" Nordic 40 Aground in Kona
  131. Container ship saved single hand sailor
  132. Sailors Survive 32 days at Sea
  133. Yacht sinks outside Golden Gate
  134. Capsize of French Alliage 42, Tao
  135. Rescue from s/v "Elusive" by tanker "Bow Clipper"
  136. 85-Foot Motor Yacht Sinks at Launch
  137. Cruising sailor finds massive ancient temple site in Philippines
  138. Ted Gozzard passing
  139. Cautionary tale: falling overboard while peeing
  140. Capsize of Samos
  141. New mosquito borne painful illness shows up in the Caribbean
  142. Captain's Log, April 30, 2014 from the Rebel Heart Blog
  143. Surprising weather Western Med??
  144. Tonight! Total lunar eclipse in most of the world
  145. Sailboat hits Main Street bridge in Jacksonvill, FL
  146. Light Durable Dingy
  147. Chili 8.0 earthquake reported
  148. Man Found Dead In Life Raft
  149. Mystery Yacht Wreck off Darwin
  150. How NOT to fund the cruising kitty: Welfare Fraud
  151. How NOT to fund the cruising kitty: meth lab
  152. Alex Thompson jumps off 98-foot mast
  153. Florida registration
  154. La Conner/PNW Boat Fire
  155. Farmingdale Salvage to scrap boats March 19
  156. Finding A Road to our Ancestors
  157. St Maarten during the Heineken
  158. Disaster Response Fleet (for the Remote Islands)
  159. GPS Satellite Launch
  160. Strictly Sail Miami and The International Boat Show
  161. Raytheon ST80 Active wind transducer and ST80 Masterview
  162. Possible mild el Nino year 2014
  163. Bounty sinking official report!
  164. CG Icebreaker on the Hudson
  165. Come and see us if you are Strictly Sail Chicago
  166. Vessel hauling logs to China sinking
  167. "Maidentrip" Opens in US
  168. Alpha 42 "Be Good Too" rescue 300 miles off Cape Henry Merged
  169. Taleisin for sale
  170. Mexico
  171. Fatality in Cape to Rio Race
  172. Strictly sail Chicago
  173. Bernard Stamm rescued
  174. Pirates Bight Reopens
  175. Amphibear - circumnavigation attempt in amphibious vehicle
  176. Waggoner Cruising Guide 2014
  177. Vincent Tangorra (s/v Polaris) missing overboard off Cape May
  178. Divers Recovering Bodies From Sunken Tugboat Find One Man Alive
  179. Victoria Clipper Stolen!
  180. Mexico confiscated 380 yachts - MERGED THREADS
  181. Cuba looking to expand boating tourism
  182. Good article on young guy prepping for a slow circumnav
  183. WebBoatWatch at the St. Pete Power and Sailboat Show
  184. Greg Stephanoff missing overboard in Hawaii, s.v. "C:Drive"
  185. Sailing Drone Completes Pacific Crossing
  186. Drunk Professional Skipper?
  187. Sailing the Horn at 75 years and older
  188. Interesting Graphics
  189. Slip Southern Maine NH
  190. we're safe now
  191. Maersk ship loses 45 containers at sea
  192. Google Earth Is Missing An Island
  193. racing yacht sinks
  194. Former Olympic sailor's empty boat found off Cayman Islands coast
  195. Pirates!
  196. ICW From JAX to St Augustine
  197. Sydney GTS43 Walawala 2 sinks en route to Vietnam in Audi Race
  198. Stolen Yacht goes Aground
  199. Happy Leif Ericson Day!
  200. Ducks overboard!
  201. Annapolis - rain or shine?
  202. Ticon T-30..... Caribbean cruiser?
  203. Cat sinks off Texas
  204. Bob Bohn / Truk Lagoon / C'est La Vie
  205. Superyacht ablaze in Australia - 16 rescued
  206. 2014 Emerald Coast Regatta
  207. Ocracoke Ferry Rescues Sailors
  208. Ocracoke Ferry Rescues 2 from Capsized Sailboat
  209. New Report on Climate Change
  210. Team USA wins the America's Cup
  211. Mexico's Revillagigedo Islands under threat!!
  212. The Real Deal Regarding Mexican Visas...
  213. News Story: 2 men cling to capsized boat for more than a week
  214. 2014 Summer Cruise to Maine
  215. WA ferry mows down sailboat. Details unclear.
  216. Long Beach Charity Regatta 9/22
  217. Update on the Concordia's rescue
  218. EVENT: Red Bull FlugTag @ National Harbor
  219. SV NINA
  220. 39' Bravaria sinnks on the Erie Canal
  221. blue marble wrecked in niue!
  222. Ruth Wharram.
  223. Diana Nyad Success!
  224. Indigineous sailing vessels.
  225. Check plankton while you cruise!
  226. Nicaragua waterway to dwarf Panama canal
  227. Sitting in Puerto Econdido Riding out Iropical Storm Ivo
  228. Whale pulled my chain
  229. New Study on Lightning & Boats
  230. Article in Outside magazine Aug.2013
  231. Another Crew Loses their Sailboat
  232. Dust Off Your Sextants! GPS Hacked!
  233. Polynesian navigation
  234. Catalina Cruiser's Weekend - Oct 18-20
  235. Very Sad, but Around the World, Really!
  236. I do a little more than sail...here's my latest
  237. Boat Abandoned en route to Bermuda Washes up on M.V.
  238. Jeanne Socrates is almost there...
  239. Whale Collision near Japan - Merged
  240. 2 people and dog rescued from yacht on Yamba bar today
  241. Containership Breaks in Half - Update and Images
  242. Boat Burns in Grenada!
  243. Reef Decimated
  244. Sailor Survives After Spending 2 Days Inside Sunken Ship
  245. Tropical weather starting to arrive
  246. Onancock VA
  247. New Tech for the Pirates
  248. Fate of S/V Cha Cha
  249. New cat name.
  250. Changed boats