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Bahamas in and around Spring 2020

Ahoy and Ajoy, Old Salts, Fresh Salts, and No Salts.
Going at this again, after a year or so of delay.
Starting a fresh Thread for sanity.

Thanks for reading.
I am looking for a crew person or two to join this adventure: You know how these thing go. Usually there are many people required, different folks, on different legs, according to vacation schedules and what some would call real life.
Singles and couples are welcome.
Id like to have 2 other people on the boat with me.
If you are interested, then please let me know a bit about yourself and the timeframe you are available.
Other folks, family and friends of mine will be joining the boat along the way, so it is also possible for you to fly in to Nassau, for example, and get on board.

Here's the general sail plan:

April 2020 - end of June 2020.
Florida to Bahamas - When Hurricanes are not blowing like h*** out there (early Spring). Then a couple weeks bouncing around the islands, shaking down, and enjoying prime island hopping time. Sailing as easy as we can make it.
Departing from Jacksonville or Fort Lauderdale Florida.
Crossing to Bahamas.
Island Hopping.

Back to the US before Hurricane Season, heading to Maryland for the Summer.


Boat: CSY 44 Pilothouse Ketch. She is a well equipped, heavy old lady. A bit of a pig of a sailor, some say, but big, roomy, and safe and solid. She is a comfortable, sea-kindly boat with a deep draft and 14,000 lbs of lead, they say. I have not personally measured it.
Ketch rigged.
Furling Head sail.
Hank on Stay Sail.
Main and Mizzen in Lazy Jacks.
Self Tailing winches.
Electric winch.
Electric Windlass.
Water Maker.
Wind Gen.
Big Galley, plenty of fridge space.
VHF Radio.
SSB Radio.
Garmin Satellite Roam.
Satellite Phone.
Chart Plotter
Dinghy and outboard

$$. Captain pays for boat expenses. Folks on board share the cost of their groceries.

Land and other transportation: By future arrangement. Crew joining the boat should expect to pay for their transport to and from the boat.

Customs, Duties, and Border fees: Expect to Pay your own way, Captain could help, if needed.

Safety and Security:

We will focus on comfortable, low risk, low stress sailing. The weather and ocean will give us enough un-planned excitement to deal with and enjoy, so we will not press in to foul weather or any other risky business. This means crew should be very flexible with time schedules.

All safety gear is up to date and functional.

Smokes, Drinks, and Other:
No tobacco smoke on board, ever.
Some non-tobacco items may get burned from time to time

The Anchor light is the drinking light. No consumption under way at all. But we will have a well equipped bar and beer stock.. Two rules of boating.. never run out of beer or cookies; although, the Captain drinks very little to no beer/alcohol.

Clothing. Yes please. Its better than sunscreen.
This is mostly for the Bahamas, and certainly most of you reading this are already aware, that many visitors to the Bahamas view clothing as an optional situation. This is not a "nudist" boat at all, but people on it may be exposed to various nudity on or off the boat. If the glorious human body offends, then consider carefully what you get yourself in to.

Otherwise, if you do not have foul weather gear, then you should expect to buy some for yourself.

This is supposed to be a drama free boat. Believe me, there will be enough drama without we bring a bunch with us.

About the Captain:
52 Year old man. Healthy, Energetic, non-snoring, non-smoking, non-drinking (mostly), guy who likes to sail.

45 years sailing experience aboard 16-52 foot sailboats. Yep, started young, with Dear Old dad and Mom. Great Lakes, Eastern Pacific (San Diego area), Western Atlantic, Bahamas, with the majority of experience in the Bahamas, with many courses at the fictional, but very real, Hard Knocks Sailing Academy.
Skilled and experienced in all boat auxiliary power systems (motors y'all); Gas and Diesel, HVACR systems, electrical, plumbing, rigging, - there's nothing on the boat I can't fix (or throw away and replace ).
I love to snorkel and spear fish. I am a very good cook. I love to explore the local scene, meet the people and get in to the cultures of visited places, so I tend to be wandering type explorer. All day on a random beach, to me, is a good use of a day.

I have a rock solid personality, not easily ruffled, calm under pressure, and am easy going and laid back. At the same time, I a have a loud, command voice (thank you Army), and can be very intense.

I am not a doctor or anything, but I am skilled at first aid, trained in CPR, first aid, recovery, and know how to treat many conditions - I got my broken ankle healed in about half the time it should have taken this year.
I am also an excellent trainer/teacher and coach, so if you have no experience, but otherwise fit, lets talk. Don't count yourself out.

Ideal Crew qualities:
Galley friendly, coffee loving; creative cook, bold, brave, level headed, positive energy and attitude, a bit of a hippie, excellent communication abilities, in great health, non-smoking, not grossed out by fish guts, stable at sea, some experience with sailing preferred, a light packer, excellent problem solving skills, a cheerleader (and I don't mean pom poms and a short skirt, I mean a person who is excited and energetic when facing challenging tasks and not, how do you say in this country, b*tchy about it), non-snoring (I don't mean to exclude based on stuff like snoring, that you really can't help, but I have a thing with snoring, and I can't sleep if it is going on). You should otherwise be in good health.

General Timeline is end of April 2020 to end of June 2020

Thanks for reading. Let me know if interested. We have a lot to discuss.

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Re: Bahamas in and around Spring 2020

Ahoy Flying Monkey,

I would be interested in joining you for some of June. I have a trip planned in May. I am a 67yo retiree in good health. No issues. I have been around boats and the water most of my life. I have owned 2 sailboats and raced sailboats alot in my younger years. Will be glad to contribute my share of the expenses. I love to fish and dive. Certified diver.

Let me know, Fair winds, Bill

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Boat: CSY 44 Pilothouse Ketch
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Re: Bahamas in and around Spring 2020

Thanks for your interest. Please also send a PM.
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Re: Bahamas in and around Spring 2020


Tried sending a PM,but they said because I was a new member I was not to be trusted. WTF

You can contact me at

Thanks, Bill
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Old 13-02-2020, 12:04   #5
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Re: Bahamas in and around Spring 2020

Hey there, located in Sarasota, and interested! Albeit, limited experience, though willing learner. Are you still looking?
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Re: Bahamas in and around Spring 2020

Roamin Rabbit, et al,
Yes, I am still putting the crew together. I believe it will be an ongoing (and unending) mission, but I am prepared for it. Once on the boat, you know, it's nothing but easy living and fixing the broken stuff that disturbs the easy living with its brokeness.

Current, Adjusted plan: Early April, haul out and bottom job.
End of April (or as soon as Wind, Weather, and a fickle Poseidon allow) make way for West End, Bahamas.
Middle of June, or before the Hurricanes start to blow, make for Maryland.
I would like 1-2 other folks on board most of that time.
There will be other folks scheduled to fly in and meet the boat at various times. No worries. She is a big girl and can handle 3-5 people easily.
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Re: Bahamas in and around Spring 2020

This sounds like something I would do. I am looking to gain more experience sailing before buying a boat myself. I did commercial fishing in Alaska and sailing in the Great Lakes with my Grandfather as a kid. I am a chef by trade, and cooked for the crew from Seattle to Bristol Bay years ago. No sea sickness.
Now I cannot guaranty not to snore, but i can supply my own breath right strips.
I would be happy to contribute money for provisions, and would look forward to cook and do as much work as possible.
I am 41, empty nester and divorced. Looking to start my sailing career.
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Re: Bahamas in and around Spring 2020

Hi Flying Monkey,

Your profile, plan, and timing seam ideal for our next adventure. I will send a PM.


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Re: Bahamas in and around Spring 2020

Hello Hello and Ahoj,

Here is an update: 2.18.2020.

I have a crew member joining the boat June 1 through the end of the trip - July-ish, before hurricane season.
This person will most likely fly in to Nassau, Bahamas.

I can have 2 additional, or 3 at most, other folks on board after June 1. It is a pretty big boat. If you have interest, flying in at the same time would be.... convenient

For planning purposes: Plan for at least two weeks on board.
One of the worst things to have on a sail boat is a time schedule. I have found that coming on board for a week is too stressfull, and does not really give time to appreciate the islands we are there to see. I do not really like Nassau, unless I am at Paradise Island in resort mode, so the fewer trips in, the better.

Updated Time Line:

July 2020: In Maryland, fooling around on the Chesapeake.

End of June: Getting out of the way of Storms and heading to Maryland. We might go to Nassau again for an airport drop-off run. Planning to sail up and skip as much of the ICW as possible.

June: Slow island Hopping, with an eye on the Berry Islands.

June 1 - ish: A crew member is flying in to join the crew. Planning on a stop in Nassua to pick up this crew member.

May: Slow Island Hopping, where the wind takes us, but with an eye on Allens Key or something like that.

(there will be a window of time here where we are close to Nassau, if people want to fly in and join the crew).

End of April/early May: Cross Gulf Stream for Bahamas. West End.
Sailing down - wind and weather depending.

Mid April: Some maintenance. I want to replace 2 through hulls. Green Cove Springs.

Early April: I will be back on board. I will take her to a yard and have her hauled for preventive maintenance. Probably will run her up to Green Cove Springs for the haul out and "shake down" on the way. Planning on sailing up, not going by ICW, as much as possible. Out at Fort Lauderdale, back in at St Johns River, Jax.

I appreciate everyone's interest. Please stay in touch. It is going to be hard to decide who to have on board, because everyone seems like a pretty good prospect so far.

I am traveling Feb 21 - Mar 4, and I will be in one of those countries with almost no internets. Please excuse my slow or no reply during that time.

Here are some pictures of the boat. She is a deep draft 6'6", but more like 7' when loaded for bear, I think. This is a significant difference from what most of these boats were built with. Most CSY's seem to be shallow draft, 4'6" variety. This one has an extra 1,000 lbs of lead and an extra 2 feet of keel.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	02 Port Side.jpg
Views:	22
Size:	123.4 KB
ID:	209048   Click image for larger version

Name:	07 Solar Panels Windvane.jpg
Views:	29
Size:	129.6 KB
ID:	209049  

Click image for larger version

Name:	Boatyard 2019.jpg
Views:	28
Size:	149.2 KB
ID:	209050   Click image for larger version

Name:	Cockpit Port.jpg
Views:	30
Size:	437.3 KB
ID:	209051  

Click image for larger version

Name:	01 Vberth 1.jpg
Views:	26
Size:	430.8 KB
ID:	209052   Click image for larger version

Name:	02 Vberth 2.jpg
Views:	28
Size:	436.4 KB
ID:	209053  

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Re: Bahamas in and around Spring 2020

Flying Monkey, i have availability for the duration of your trip if you will have me. i have great lakes sailing experience on 23'-40' boats and would love get some blue water sailing under my belt. would be able to join you in florida.
please respond here.

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