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Forum: Seamanship & Boat Handling 03-10-2019, 05:11
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: tilller on a 25t second hand steel boat - convert to wheel?

Keep the tiller. Get to know the boat. Later, if you really want the wheel, install it. I suspect you'll keep the tiller.
"Steel Away" is an excellent book on steel boats, and if you don't already...
Forum: Seamanship & Boat Handling 26-02-2019, 14:07
Replies: 62
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Being safe around ropes

To quote my English sailing master:
Itís a rope when you buy it in the store.
Once on the boat, a rope is called a line, with a specific name if it has a designated use, or just a line if it does...
Forum: Families, Kids and Pets Afloat 21-02-2019, 14:56
Replies: 69
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: 50% alcohol and 50% vinegar to clean ears after swimming?

In questionable waters, fill a glass with good whiskey, put 3 drops in each ear. Drink the whiskey
Forum: Monohull Sailboats 17-02-2019, 14:01
Replies: 46
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: advice on placing an offer, first time, please help

A Hunter 37.5 for an asking price of $19,900? And there are typos in the listing - the beam is certainly not 18í 3Ē and 169 engine hours is not right either, but typos donít kill a boat.
Forum: Propellers & Drive Systems 06-02-2019, 13:18
Replies: 14
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Volvo 120S Saildrive Anode Bolt Stripped

Take the housing to a machine shop. This is not a home fix job.
Liberally coat the new bolt(s) with an anti seize compound which does NOT contain copper. Read the label. Alternatively, Tuf-Gel is...
Forum: Seamanship & Boat Handling 30-01-2019, 13:03
Replies: 48
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Alternative placement of anchor light (other than at the masthead)

I have long thought that the masthead was a poor place to mount an anchor light. But the boat came that way, as do most. Mine worked fine, except at Columbus Day regattas and, on one July 3rd, after...
Forum: Multihull Sailboats 30-01-2019, 12:09
Replies: 207
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: No room for negotiation?

Yes. I hadnít thought of that. You make a very good point.
Forum: Multihull Sailboats 30-01-2019, 09:37
Replies: 207
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: No room for negotiation?

The BUC book, and others, indeed publish Average of Actual Sold boat prices. Which implies these are the only Sold prices. Brokers are paid by commission. They are not required to submit all sales. ...
Forum: Multihull Sailboats 30-01-2019, 05:44
Replies: 207
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: No room for negotiation?

There is always room for negotiation. The broker knows that, if the seller doesnít. And in some countries, the broker must, by law, submit all offer. Even if not required by law, morally the broker...
Forum: Anchoring & Mooring 30-01-2019, 05:20
Replies: 17
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Assembling an aluminium Fortress anchor - should I use Tefgel or similar on the b

Tufgel yes. Delrin washers no.
6 ft of chain? Yep, itís sweet.
Sorry, but sweet is sweet, nothing more.
All secondary anchors should have at least a full boat length of chain. If youíre a...
Forum: Engines and Propulsion Systems 30-01-2019, 04:49
Replies: 23
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Oil from Raw Water Exhaust 2GM20C

Before tearing the engine down, eliminate the small ticket items, and consider the following:
Your symptoms suggest you may have two problems, one of which could be engine blow by. Or a previous...
Forum: Engines and Propulsion Systems 30-01-2019, 03:19
Replies: 46
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: How do I loosen the water strainer?

The lid is designed to be hand removed. Like an oil filter, removal is more difficult than screw on. You have a common problem because the mounted position is awkward. Judicious use of 2 close...
Forum: Engines and Propulsion Systems 07-08-2018, 08:33
Replies: 52
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Best Outboard For Heavy Weather

I commiserate with your outboard problems. Even a well function outboard can be defeated in short choppy seas.
Here are my thoughts, based on personal experiences.

A leaking external tank hose...
Forum: Propellers & Drive Systems 09-06-2018, 10:47
Replies: 31
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Volvo 120 Saildrive Drain Plug Stuck

The oil drain plug is NOT metal.
It is a Nylon/ Delrin type material, which binds: it's designed to be difficult to remove. Sail drives vibrate - if it came loose under way, the drive could seize -...
Forum: Construction, Maintenance & Refit 11-05-2018, 12:26
Replies: 17
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Water in encapsulated keel

Water in encapsulated keel?
Exterior salt water should be drained through multiple holes, ground back, allowed to dry out completely and re-glassed.
Large bubbles can be caused by expansion of...
Forum: Multihull Sailboats 04-05-2018, 16:04
Replies: 53
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Speed to survive container colision?

It's such an open question that there are no answers except to say "it all depends. . ."
However, if this is really a major concern of yours, buy a steel or alloy boat.
And yes, there are ocean...
Forum: Deck hardware: Rigging, Sails & Hoisting 26-03-2018, 04:10
Replies: 20
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Storing anchor in the locker


Re: Storing anchor in the locker

I'm mostly a single hander and always have bower anchor in the chocks, ready to go. Always.
Primary is 55 Fob.

2nd anchor, a 45 Fob, is in anchor...
Forum: Auxiliary Equipment & Dinghy 16-03-2018, 23:29
Replies: 44
Views: 21,969
Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Butane to Propane conversion success! Stove burns 'em both just fine

Butane and propane are different liquid gasses (LPG) operating in tanks at different pressures requiring different regulators and technically, different jets.
LNG, Liquid Natural Gas, is a very...
Forum: Deck hardware: Rigging, Sails & Hoisting 11-03-2018, 14:13
Replies: 42
Views: 9,964
Posted By blueazimuth
Re: sails stuck in mast furling help

In mast roller furling? Love it or hate it. If an in mast roller furling system is set up correctly, and always used correctly, it can be a fine piece of gear.
But if not, it is a bear, and always...
Forum: Construction, Maintenance & Refit 02-03-2018, 12:39
Replies: 34
Views: 4,086
Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Flanged seacocks vs Inline Valve with Thruhull and backing block

My mentor taught me that seacocks should be installed with a wooden backing block, shaped to the hull and that it should be hardwood, and never, ever plywood.
Forum: Monohull Sailboats 18-02-2018, 07:50
Replies: 34
Views: 6,540
Posted By blueazimuth
Re: 20 year old boat or 30 year old boat??

At first blush, I'd go with the boat in the better condition however, and it's a big however:
Are the boats identical? Ie the same hull, keel, builder, designer, rig, deck & interior layout?

Forum: Anchoring & Mooring 16-02-2018, 06:41
Replies: 2,806
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Photos of Anchors Setting

I suspect those tethers are there for the same reason as mine.
My tether is about 10 ft and I use it to secure the anchor in the rollers. Having it permanently on the anchor reminds me to...
Forum: Construction, Maintenance & Refit 12-02-2018, 13:28
Replies: 57
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Best self contained tool kit

I have a "go box" for smaller tools i am likeky to use frequently, and one of those handy open plastic bins, as my second "go box"
All other tools i keep in open bins (i have a wide shallow dry...
Forum: Engines and Propulsion Systems 11-02-2018, 23:16
Replies: 75
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Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Engine Spares For Remote Cruising

Take spares for spares ...
Forum: Monohull Sailboats 08-02-2018, 13:27
Replies: 26
Views: 3,608
Posted By blueazimuth
Re: Liveaboard options - Bavaria 37 or Roberts 42 ketch

I have 2 replies - a long one, and a short one.
Short one first - you have apples and oranges - from what I know, and what you've said, the Roberts 42 wins hands down.
Long answer, prefaced by...
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