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hpeer 31-01-2013 20:10

NOrth Atlantic Circuit Dreaming
Looking for advice, war stories, etc, about a possible North Atlantic circuit. Doing some dreaming here, wondering what y'all think. Help work my imagination.

Last year I tried to make Greenland from Delaware, solo on our 44' cutter. That was too much for me alone. Too much boat, too cold. I got to Labrador and could not imagine coming back down the Labrador Current on the way home. Mid June and the water was 32.

BUT... I have my 33' cutter in Newfoundland. And I'm getting wanderlust. So I'm thinking, Newfoundland to Greenland in June, up to Disko and back down the Greenland coast. Then across the pond, Iceland? Faroese? Ireland, Scotland.

Leave the boat over winter, then next year Portugal, Maderia, etc. ending up in Caribbean..

Where to leave the boat? I ain't rich and don't want to fork out VAT or whatever. I know others who have done it, but not the particulars.

What about the Azores? Maybe come back down to Newfoundland and then head to the Azores? And then......???

I'll have about six months each year.

Ideas welcome. What would you do and why?

hpeer 01-02-2013 20:19

Re: NOrth Atlantic Circuit Dreaming
Aw come on guys, 65 views and no comments?

Surely some one has an idea or two about this trip!

goboatingnow 01-02-2013 20:24

Have a look at the pilot charts for the North Atlantic. It can be done , and I know a few people that did a high latitude passage east ( and west ) , but its a difficult wet windy journey, with virtually no options. If you like or can cope its fine


hpeer 02-02-2013 16:51

Re: NOrth Atlantic Circuit Dreaming

Yes wet and windy.

I guess I was hoping on a little more interest, and suggestions on where to over winter.

And Maybe some reccomendations on destinations.

Kinda surprised at so little interest.

Maybe I should have put anchor and/or gun in the title.

Kettlewell 02-02-2013 16:59

Re: NOrth Atlantic Circuit Dreaming
I spoke to someone who keeps her boat in Scotland and she sounded like she knows her stuff and she seemed to have some arrangement where she could keep it there and not have VAT due. I have no idea if it is legit or just some locals overlooking something that could get others hammered with a big bill. I would pitch the question over on the SSCA forum if you are a member, as a lot of folks over there have worked out all the wrinkles on dealing with VAT.

hpeer 02-02-2013 17:24

Re: NOrth Atlantic Circuit Dreaming
Thanks, Kentwell, I'll give it a go.

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