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Greggegner 18-01-2013 17:30

Tandom anchor...two anchor system
I saw this and would like comments. An anchor system that uses two anchors on one rode where you adjust the distance between the anchors. Link shows a short video...

Kettlewell 18-01-2013 17:38

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system
Interesting, but I think it's a solution in search of a problem. Get a decent single anchor, the right rode, put out the right scope, and you're fine most of the time. I can imagine lots of possible foul ups with such a complicated tandem anchor system, and the foul ups I'm not thinking of would probably be worse. If I feel I need a second anchor for some reason, I prefer to have it on its own rode and set in a different location than the main anchor.

RabidRabbit 18-01-2013 18:17

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system
Its pretty neat but neither of the anchors look very strong or beefy. Looks fragile, but crafty in design. If I'm doing an extended time at anchor in a place thats exposed I run 2 in tandem. I have a extra 50' of chain and a 44# claw that I shackle to my primary anchor 66# claw on all chain rode (3/8"). If by some freak chance the 66 is pulled up and out the 44 is 50' behind it and the 66 acts like a kellet. I must admit I hate kellets, dont beleive they work, and become frustrated when people explain how they set them in bad weather. Usually these folks suck at anchoring anyway, and just dont get it. My gear is overkill for a 32' but I sleep well.

sabray 18-01-2013 18:51

Brilliant when its all good. Real world is its dark your pitching about the rhodes are all tangled.
I used killets for a bit but found them a hazard. More **** to tangle.
Here is where killet works. You set your second anchor. Draw it down so its set. Now you need more scope paid out use the killet to staple the rhode down. You would be amazed at what slack chain can do unchecked. That wave action is turning up all kinds if stuff below.
So I put my best gear out. Look at weather and land about. Put my second hook out placed at the best point. Staple the road on the second anchor near the boats depth plus surge. Keep one really good back up on board. Have knife ready. Motor into the weather.. Understand my exit routes.
See Hal Roth 2 against the horn.
Worst ever saw was on the Delaware blowing yuckey. The boat was backward to the wind because the current was stronger. All the time iI am
thinking the rhode is under the boat.its loaded ass backward and the boat is pointing the other way. Weird. But that's the weird stuff you don't want with some complex anchor set up.
No way.
I think Hal's thought was when one anchor fs up you get the hell out. Know you can do that under sail. I hear that so that's my vote.

Greggegner 18-01-2013 19:05

first, I agree I want beefier anchors. I was thinking that this would allow you to almost always put out two anchors, so when that storm comes up quickly you would be ready. A second anchor with its own rode is still an option.

Stumble 18-01-2013 19:28

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system
For the same weight you will get more holding power from combining the two anchors into one large one. And you eliminate the complexity of the second anchor.

To me this is a problem in search of an application.

Lagoon4us 18-01-2013 19:28

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system
And they too will tangle, best as others have said, one good anchor...

thinwater 18-01-2013 21:56

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system
A major falicy of tandem anchoring is apparent just 12 seconds in; the rode tension is lifting the first anchor out long before the angle suggests it should. A simple matter of engineering statics easily reveals that tandem anchors require double scope.

Yup, better off with a single anchor 50% heavier. Lighter and stronger.

bobconnie 18-01-2013 22:11

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system
:DThe ONLY way to double anchor, is to anchor for and aft! just my 2 cents

delmarrey 18-01-2013 23:37

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system

Originally Posted by bobconnie (Post 1133552)
:DThe ONLY way to double anchor, is to anchor for and aft! just my 2 cents

Or on two different rodes off the bow in a "V" scope.
This what I thought the tread was about from the title. :rolleyes:

RabidRabbit 19-01-2013 05:40

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system
The V system with 2 rodes or bahamian moor is way old school, outdated and not that many people use it anymore. All sorts of 30-50 year old books explain it and it keeps the myth alive. It this thread tangled rodes has been mentioned, but did anyone watch the vid? There's only 1 rode, whats going to get tangled? and for scope, I measure scope from the 2nd anchor, not the one on the bitter end of the rode, so why would it be doubled? Dont get me wrong that anchor in the vid looks weak and cheesey, buy the concept of straight line tandem anchoring is very easy, and it beats two twisted up bow rodes.

RabidRabbit 19-01-2013 05:52

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system
These anchor threads get sticky pretty quick, this is not to compensate for a small anchor. I allready doubled the size and have a 66# on a 32 foot boat with 400# of chain. My point is when the shits coming in, having another anchor shackled to 50 more feet of chain and hooked the the bitter end of the primary allready at 8-1 scope, is very drag proof.

Kenomac 19-01-2013 06:22

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system
Most of the time we rely on our primary 75 pound CQR, but if we really want to be drag proof when a storm is expected, I'll shackle our Fortress 55 along with 30ft of chain in tandem onto the end.... Just in case.

Cotemar 19-01-2013 06:24

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system
What it does not show you is the tangled mess you would have on a wind or current shift as both anchors rap around each other into a galvanised ball and then the ball just slides on the bottom all around the harbor.

RabidRabbit 19-01-2013 06:47

Re: Tandom anchor...two anchor system
Yea thats not what happens when their set, you just pivot around the heavest mid rode anchor. Your just spreading fear cause its not the way you like to do it. Standard operating procedure here at CF, the old crowd set in their way telling the newbie young guys, theres only 1 way to do things. OMG I am so sick of hearing that wind & current will, tangle a rode, pop an anchor out, ect.. Wind & current are everywhere, at least where I anchor, changing directions 180 is anchoring, not some freak occurance in a bad anchorage.

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