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shorebird 29-12-2012 15:46

another "Chick Magnet" thread
OK, I freight-trained previous threads by adding this, but I'm not sure I can wallow through 10 or 12 pages of debate on which boat is a chick magnet.
No boat is a chick magnet. Let me 'splain.
"Bill" is a cheap, fussy, middle aged man, hates to pay more than $5 for a haircut, combs over a balding spot, never tips in restaurants, and talks endlessly about his hobby of raising earthworms for fun and profit.
Bill lived with his mother for years so he could finally afford a Beneteau 50 to live aboard. Bill rarely takes his boat out, partly because he rarely finds crew, and partly because he doesn't really like sailing, he just thinks the boat is his "chick magnet."
Now "Thomas" is a fit, good looking, somewhat bohemian sailor who lives on his 40' classic wooden sloop he was, and still is, restoring to its former glory. Thomas is a bit of a vagabond wanderer, has a nice downtown condo/studio where he works as a writer when he isn't sailing, has a couple tats, and loves to cook and drink fine wine aboard his older, but clean vessel.
Now, under these circumstances, a brand new Beneteau 50 will repel the chicks like oil to water, and an old, half restored wooden sloop will attract them like flies to a wildebeast carcass. Now do we get it?
IT AINT THE BOAT, ITS THE SAILOR. If you are "Bill," save yourself $400,000 and just spend little more on a decent haircut.
Rant over.

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