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Uricanejack 27-12-2012 19:28

Crazy Idea?
Crazy Idea.
Looking to buy a boat. In ito bad earlytself is kind of crazy.
I am considering 2 simmilar boats 1 in S California one in Oregon.
Now the Crazy bit I have to move to Pacific NW.
I don't have time or inclination to sail to Hawwaii or Offshore.
So contemplating coast hoping north bound up the west coast.
probabaly in 2 or more 2 week legs. This spring finding berth in N california or Oregon to leave boat for a while returning for anouther couple of weeks.
A truck would probabaly be wiser. But I thought the chalenge might be fun. also opertunity to sail in Mexico prior to journey is an atraction.
So Looking for a surveyor in S California or N Oregon. any recomendations would be apreciated.

So do I need my head examined?
How early for N bound Voyage?.
I was thinking Souther Leg not to bad early.
Oregon and Washington Coast the Crazy bits. How early?

Bash 27-12-2012 19:34

Re: Crazy Idea?
Hard to answer that question without knowing something about the boat. Sail? Power? Size?

Uricanejack 27-12-2012 19:52

Re: Crazy Idea?
Mid 80's N American production Sail Boat boat in the Mid 30 to 40 Ft range
Small diesel inboard. Limited fuel and water tanks sise. Not generaly considered a blue water boat.

SkiprJohn 27-12-2012 19:57

Re: Crazy Idea?
You don't have the boat yet? If you don't have the boat then get the boat where you will want to live. It'll be much simpler. That way you can familiarize yourself with the boat with no particular deadline for making all the repairs necessary for a bouncy ride to the PNW.
kind regards,

Bash 27-12-2012 19:57

Re: Crazy Idea?

Originally Posted by Uricanejack (Post 1116226)
Mid 80's N American production Sail Boat boat in the Mid 30 to 40 Ft range
Small diesel inboard. Limited fuel and water tanks sise. Not generaly considered a blue water boat.

That being the case, I think it pays to purchase the boat locally. What would concern me most is purchasing a mid-80s boat that would be expected to make a significant voyage right off the bat.

There are a zillion great boats currently for sale in the PNW. In the market you're pursuing, there's nothing to be gained by expanding the search area to California.

SailFastTri 27-12-2012 20:09

Re: Crazy Idea?
It sounds like you're a newbie, and I applaud you for your interest and spirit. However, this sounds to me like learning to fly an ultralight glider by flying it off a cliff first-try. I agree with others who suggest you buy in the market you plan to live. You should learn about sailing, navigating and boat maintenance/repair over time, starting in sheltered waters. If you decide to head offshore where there are limited options for shelter, you would greatly benefit if you can find experienced crew who can teach you and guide your decisions... Perhaps a retiree who can earn a few bucks by helping you get the boat ship-shape and offshore-ready, so one hand washes the other (even new boats need prep for such a trip).

Also I'm not familiar with the PNW, but isn't the trip northbound a slog to-weather? A thousand miles of that takes a really seaworthy and strong boat, and experienced/determined crew. Definately NOT for beginners.

Uricanejack 08-01-2013 00:57

Re: Crazy Idea?
Scrapped this plan. More I figured just wasn't enough saving.
Newbie? depends how you define.
Found boat I liked better closer to home. Deals Made.

Uricanejack 22-06-2013 22:51

Re: Crazy Idea?
Bought the Oregon Boat,
sailed it home it was both a challenge and fun.

SkiprJohn 23-06-2013 10:05

Re: Crazy Idea?
Ok, what boat did you buy and where did you sail from and to?
kind regards,

Uricanejack 23-06-2013 14:36

Re: Crazy Idea?
I bought a 35 in Portland. A few months ago, Sailed it to Pt Roberts.
Made the trip in June due to work commitments.
Just two of us with no auto pilot so a bit of an enduro from Astoria to Neah Bay.
Lovely trip though.
Wind on the nose most of the way to Cape Flatery.
Juan de Fuca was a tail wind, clear vis.

Unkle Toad 23-06-2013 15:58

Re: Crazy Idea?
There are a lot of different 35' boats out there. we like particulars .. .. .. and pictures we like pictures a alot.. glad to hear you got it and the trip went safely.

SkiprJohn 23-06-2013 21:45

Re: Crazy Idea?
Well done!

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