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RavennaSailor 18-12-2012 16:55

Hitch Ride from Florida to Cuba
I wonder whether anyone knows where in Florida is the best place/marina where to find boats going to Cuba. Perhaps European boats make a stopover in Florida (or Bahamas) before continuing. I'd like to 'hitch a ride' from Florida to Cuba. Obviously paying, and crewing (oceangoing sailing license). I have a European Passport, so probably not a problem to 'trade with the enemy'. Thanks!

CarinaPDX 18-12-2012 17:18

Re: hitch ride from Florida to Cuba
Not a problem for you (maybe). The US law prohibits using US ports for trading with the enemy (Cuba) and foreign-flagged boats have run afoul of this in the past. Boats do go directly from the US to Cuba, but I doubt many advertise this fact. It is best to return via the Bahamas to avoid awkward questions. As far as finding a berth, you are doing the right thing: offer yourself on the internet and hope someone will find you.

Good luck,


ozskipper 18-12-2012 18:35

Re: hitch ride from Florida to Cuba
Enemy? At the risk of starting a political storm. Why is Cuba , after all these decades, "still" the enemy? Serious question. I understand trade sanctions for political and social reasons. But Enemy?

RavennaSailor 18-12-2012 18:40

Re: hitch ride from Florida to Cuba
just quoting the official statement that American citizens are not allowed to spend any money in Cuba because it would be 'Trade with the enemy'. Not my invention :).

CarinaPDX 18-12-2012 18:45

Re: hitch ride from Florida to Cuba
Calm down. It is the name of the 1917 law. The US government has a list of "enemies" for the purpose of the law, which is an easy way to punish some countries. At this time only Cuba remains on the list, with even North Korea having been removed. As to why this embargo continues, see Politics: Effect of Cuban-American votes in the swing state of Florida. Of course it deserves a string of expletives. But we're not here to debate politics...


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