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sww914 31-10-2012 19:06

Dwarf Circumnavigating?
After many years of major health problems now resolved we have, as you may know, set sail. Rather than sitting in a box on dirt feeling sorry for ourselves we decided to do something wonderful. In a week or so we will finally be leaving Ensenada for the Sea of Cortez and Mainland Mexico and eventually we plan to circle the globe. My son, Eli, is a 15 year old achondroplastic dwarf and it begs the question, has any dwarf ever circumnavigated? I haven't heard of one and the Little People of America have not either.
Have you heard of one or will Eli be the first?

deckofficer 31-10-2012 19:25

Re: Dwarf Circumnavigating?
S/V Rebel Heart, Eric, Charlotte, and Cora are enroute also, maybe in your area. Have fun, and enjoy the adventure.

virginia boy 31-10-2012 19:49

Re: Dwarf Circumnavigating?
Nope. Never heard of anyone. Wouldn't it be grand if your son were the first?

ozskipper 31-10-2012 20:41

Re: Dwarf Circumnavigating?
It might be worth contacting Guinness and/or the ISF. Your son may be about to set a world record.

bobconnie 31-10-2012 20:59

Re: Dwarf Circumnavigating?
:thumb:Met a couple with a daughter with Dwarfism(?) about 30 yrs ago down in Suva, they were not planning to go around! but like us were sailing the Pacific! The girl was a good sailor I believe there name was Parker ! Could be wrong but Connie says the same !! Sounds like a great trip to us !! Hope all go's well !! see ya out there

sww914 31-10-2012 21:00

Re: Dwarf Circumnavigating?
At the speed we're going it would be easy to beat!

S/V Alchemy 01-11-2012 12:12

Re: Dwarf Circumnavigating?
Serious question here, as I have a five-foot tall wife and am planning a circ:

At 15, your son is about as big and possibly as strong as he will ever get. Do you have special aids to help him do his watches, mechanical or simply something to accommodate his stature?

I would've had a 45 footer, but kept it to 40 because my wife, while fit and relatively young, could not handle the mechanical forces on a 45 footer without electrical or other assistance, and realistically, passagemaking means you can't call the off-watch if you can't work the boat.

At 40 feet, she can handle everything up to 30 knots. At that point, it would likely be "all hands" , anyway.

barnakiel 01-11-2012 14:55

Re: Dwarf Circumnavigating?
I have never met nor heard of any.

What does a web search return?


zeehag 01-11-2012 14:58

Re: Dwarf Circumnavigating?
914--you raced--you know how to search for sponsorships--i think you can make it work....

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