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tinpusher 24-10-2012 12:23

Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
It's nearing that time where the wife starts asking "what do you want for Christmas?". Well I don't have a nice watch and can not seem to find any reviews from the last decade. I race a little and cruise a lot so I'm thinking barometer with trend display would be nice. Beyond that I don't have a clue. Any recommendations on models or features I should look for would be greatly appreciated.

atoll 24-10-2012 12:25

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
nothing like a nice rolex submariner

tinpusher 24-10-2012 12:30

Thanks but lets try to keep it under $1,000.

Vasco 24-10-2012 12:31

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
Citizen eco-drive. Titanium, light weight. Never needs a battery. Changed to this after my watch battery always dying in places where no batteries were available.

ohdrinkboy 24-10-2012 12:32

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
I got rid of my watch. The time is so many places with phones, etc. I no longer need it on my wrist.

atoll 24-10-2012 12:33

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations

Originally Posted by tinpusher (Post 1067095)
Thanks but lets try to keep it under $1,000.

you must have a nice wife,the last watch mine bought me cost $15.99 and kept better time than my rolex.......:whistling:

David M 24-10-2012 12:34

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
It only needs to be waterproof. A cheap Timex would work. It seems the cheaper a watch, the less likely it is to get lost, break. leak or fall in the water. The same goes for sunglasses.

barnakiel 24-10-2012 12:35

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
My two faves:


jannw 24-10-2012 12:39

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
Have you considered the Casio Gshock.

It has local and 2nd time zone (UTC on mine), date, stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 alarms, night light. WR to 200 meters, 10 year battery.

Casio G-2900F-1VER: Casio: Watches

I picked mine up for 10 at a market 2nd hand.

Mr Mac 24-10-2012 12:40

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
My wife bought me a Seiko chronograph watch 20 years ago and it still keeps perfect time! I have to replace the battery only two times.

chuckr 24-10-2012 12:43

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
my last watch died when the battery leaked - so here in trini got a cheap casio for about $60us -- i really just needed a day date watch as most days i do not have a clue what day it is or what date -
oh yea - also the time as down here sundowners start at 1630 and it is currently 1542 so about 45 until the rum flows

just our thoughts and opinions
chuck patty and svsoulmates
in trini for hurricane season

Captain Jeffry 24-10-2012 12:45

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
Love my Casio Sea Patfinder/Barometer/Moon Phase/Yacht timer/Tide graph/alarms/Compass

Barometer is excellent!! n Great Compass

Casio SeaPathFinder Tide Graph SPF40T-7V SPF-40T-7VDR Moon Age Watch

Sailorman375 24-10-2012 12:54

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
If you want a watch with a barometer I'd look at Casio Pathfinder models if I didn't want to fool with batteries. Suunto if you don't mind batteries. I don't really care for digital watches though. Under a grand...... various Tissot models are the most bang for the buck. Over a have to go way over to get my attention..Panerai would be my first choice, but that's around 10K for what I like. Rolex is the most expensive 300 watch ever made, but they hold their value as others still lust for them. I've had my share of Rolexes over the years, but they just don't do it for me anymore. Especially since everyone thinks you're wearing a fake these days. If I could only afford one watch for sailing and wanted digital Casio Pathfinder with solar and atomic at around $300 is going to be very hard to beat.

dugout 24-10-2012 12:56

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
I have some very nice watches but what is on my wrist most of the time is a Luminox Navy seal.
The price is a little startling to be honest. I paid less than a hundred bucks for mine. I'm going to have to treat it better from now on. :(
Sea | Luminox

Kettlewell 24-10-2012 12:59

Re: Cruisers Wrist Watch Recommendations
One consideration I have on a boat is that the case and band are non-conducting. I once got a pretty nasty zap when my watchband acted as a conductor while working on my car engine. So, my favorite boat watch is a cheapo Casio digital plastic case with rubber watch band. About $25 at WM. Get one that is waterproof to a decent depth. Lightweight, keeps perfect time, the night light is useful, the stop watch is very useful, the alarm is useful, it is easy to read while diving, and I love having the calendar as I tend to lose track of the days when out cruising. Plus, when I smash it or lose it overboard I don't cry.

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