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Celestialsailor 01-10-2012 21:30

Finally moving forward
1 Attachment(s) we go...phase two...Four months ago I received an inter-company email announcing a lay off and asked for volunteers. I was the first to sign up. Apparently our new owners from a third world country decided to extort 23 million from the coffers and take off. Unfortunately for them, they were caught by the BOD. But we saw our customer base dwindle within weeks.
I had bought my vessel a year ago and saw it as a perfect opportunity to get it ready for voyaging. In another thread, I talk about the engine rebuild and other repair items.
I lucked out with the housing crunch. Kind of saw it coming and bailed out 6 months before the crash. Since then I have been mortgage-less.
I've spent the last few months getting the new house ready to rent to support my boat habit. She's not quite ready yet to take off south, so I'll shake the money tree for another year. But at least I am now on the boat. What a change emptying a 2000 sq.ft. house into a 35 ft. boat! The aft cabin looks like a bomb went off in it. I can't find a damn thing!
I have tried taking off before. Two times in fact. So maybe 3 is a charm after all.

DeepFrz 01-10-2012 21:46

Re: Finally moving forward
Cool picture. Best of luck with your plans.

delmarrey 01-10-2012 22:15

Re: Finally moving forward

Know what you mean! I'm about two steps behind you and still have the house with a bunch of machine tools in the garage. Trying to get rid of that w/o loosing my ass is going to take some smooth dealing. Hopefully the housing market will pick back up soon.

I think down sizing and cutting the lines is the hardest part. If I had done this 20 years ago it would have been EZ. Now the world is in chaos and too security conscious. And no one wants to buy anything, anymore, unless it's new or a steal.

Do you plan on coming back to the house when your too old to sail?
The best of luck to ya!

Celestialsailor 01-10-2012 22:37

Re: Finally moving forward
Ha...when I'm too old to sail, I'll be on a burning Viking ship drifting out of the harbor...:p
I have converted my Machine shop on the side of the house to a storage unit. If I have to come back, I will. Likely it will be to sell it. I had picked it up as an investment anyways. Not having the mortgage means a decent amount to cruise on but I'd rather not have the headache if there is any. Can you rent your place out until the market recovers? Foreclosure inventory in Ca. has come down a bit and housing starts are on the rise as is manufacturing.

delmarrey 02-10-2012 10:57

Re: Finally moving forward

Ha...when I'm too old to sail, I'll be on a burning Viking ship drifting out of the harbor...:p
I'm with you there. :thumb:

A rental, cars and all the tools is just more maintenance one has to deal with. I'm trying to down size and get rid of all this stuff. I'd rather sell then rent, for the wife if I have to, which gives me freedom of movement. All I want to deal with is the boat. I have no offspring to take over.

I may keep specialized small tools for the boat, in a storage unit. But somewhere warm, away from this ice water (rain) and snow. At times I wish I had never left the live-aboard I had in Mission Bay, (SD) Ca (in the 80's). But I followed the money, which only got me away from a declining Ca.

I plan to take the boat to the Philippines and come back 2-3 times a year to deal with the government requirements.

I hope everything works out for you. Do you have any destinations planned?

Celestialsailor 03-10-2012 13:44

Re: Finally moving forward
From the sounds of it San Diego has changed. I'll stay in Mananaland from November to spring and then I'd like to see the South Pacific.

atoll 03-10-2012 15:39

Re: Finally moving forward
sounds like you got it well thought out!,you dont need much much money if your boat is in good shape,but you do need some!

keep us all posted,cheers alex

Celestialsailor 03-10-2012 16:13

Re: Finally moving forward
I guess I should have stated...November 2013. I need to shke the money tree for another year. Just got off the phone for a job interview Friday...Ugh!!!

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