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schoonerdog 02-07-2007 12:46

HOW do I find a friend en route?
This is Schoonerdog's wife...

We have some good friends who transited the Panama Canal on their St. Francis 44 catamaran the first week in May. They were en route to the Galapagos/ then Marquesas.

I have been collecting their mail and need to get in touch with them (also just want to say hi and know they are safe) It's been 8 weeks since they did the canal... does anyone know of a way I can hail other cruisers vis internet who might be in the same area to keep an eye out and tell them to contact me?
Is there a web site where people on the go check in? They have not answered their email since Panama...

They're hard to miss -- vivacious family on a large cat with three fantastic kids...?!

Any tips appreciated...

hellosailor 02-07-2007 14:41

There's no one web site where "everyone" checks in.

Did they leave a float plan? Do they use SailMail or HF radio? Do they listen in to any of the HF radio networks?

International Boat Watch Network - (Various Maritime Nets) Lists a whole lot of resources, your best bet might be to contact the various networks and SailMail and ask other boaters to report any information of their whereabouts or to try passing a message on to them.

If their next port of call was the Galapagos, the USCG might be able to help you contact the appropriate Equadorian authorities to find out if they cleared in, or if they are known to have made it there.

schoonerdog 13-07-2007 19:05

Thanks for the info... they "showed up" today via email after a long but peaceful Pacific crossing. Now in Papeete and pausing for a bit to fix this and that. Now all I need is a plane ticket to Tahiti and...

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