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denverd0n 27-08-2012 09:38

Well, so far Isaac has turned into a great big nothing here in the Tampa area. From what I have been able to find out (which is not much) it was pretty uneventful in the Keys, also. Here's hoping it doesn't wreak havoc on the northern Gulf coast when it gets there.

Kettlewell 27-08-2012 09:43

Re: Isaac
Anybody hear from any boaters in the Keys? I bet things were pretty nasty out in the Key West anchorage.

Richard Jordan 27-08-2012 11:51

Re: Isaac
Wet and windy here in Lauderdale the last few days.

DWT 27-08-2012 12:40

Re: Isaac
Here on Big Pine Key, after Isaac past to the west of Key West, the steady wind and gusts, late last night and today has been more. We are still having light rain once in awhile. The prediction was 70 mph winds, and it was close to that only in a few gusts, with most of the time, winds were in the low 40’s. All in all we feel lucky missing the bullet. Still have the boat out in the middle of the canal with it usual spider web of lines. I did not even bother putting the shutters up on the house.

Wishing all on the gulf coast well,

hellosailor 27-08-2012 16:49

Re: Isaac
d0n, it is apparently not a strong storm, but a BIG one. The damage comes from 48 hours of heavy rains and winds, multiple storms hitting with strong winds over that period. Six to ten inches of rain in a place where there is no drainage can wind up causing problems, but I'd argue that's not storm damage, that's municipal piss poor planning and the usual cheapass problems.

To any municipal suit who tells me flooding happens, I will point to the old Roman highways that still exist, still are used, and after two thousand years, still don't flood. Because they were built right.

I wonder if the political parties will re-examine the concept of holding national conventions in a hurricane zone during hurricane season.

tybee22 27-08-2012 19:15

Re: Isaac
Key West did well although there was some issues. On a city mooring in Key West. Kettlewell was right, all the gulf side anchorage, all of which are open to the north.
Stripped the canvas and decks, added extra mooring lines and went and spent Sat. afternoon and Sun. with friends. Came back to boat at 10:00 today. All Good !!!!! and a BIG SMILE.
In the area 1 boat on the beach at Rat Key, 2 boats o the old Navy Seaplane ramp and 1 on the rocks at Fleming Key. Others dragged around but still floating. To me a lot of damage for such a small storm. All of the boats except 1 were wet storage with no attenion in the 9 mo. Ive been here.
All the regular livaboards started prepng a day or two out and were okay.

15 - 20 ut of the south , listening to jazz on public radio... life is good once again.

Pleas keep New Orleans in your thoughts, this is an annerversay week for them.... Katrina.

hellosailor 28-08-2012 14:27

Re: Isaac
"To me a lot of damage for such a small storm."
Not so small! Weak, but large. 48 hours of rubbing and chafing and bouncing adds up, and I suspect that's where a lot of damage came from.

bobconnie 28-08-2012 14:44

Re: Isaac
:(Its a little worse down here!! but we are ready as always ! when ya live in Hurrycane alley ya live that way !!

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