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australiagc 26-08-2012 01:11

Fiberglass Hull Face Lift
Hi everyone is it possible to bring back a new glossy look to a slightly dull white fiberglass hull (or the whole boat for that matter) without the expensive costs of a full respray? Something that lasts ...Cheers

cburks 26-08-2012 02:07

There's an article in good old boat, or bluewater sails about this they used an auto buffer and some sort of wax I forget

Jaxxiam 26-08-2012 02:38

Re: Fiberglass hull face lift
How big is the boat, is it on the hard, and how bad is the oxidation?

australiagc 26-08-2012 02:53

Re: Fiberglass hull face lift

Originally Posted by Jaxxiam (Post 1021825)
How big is the boat, is it on the hard, and how bad is the oxidation?

It has what I would describe as very dull oxidation from 1 to 10 I'd say a 7

Jaxxiam 26-08-2012 03:14

Re: Fiberglass hull face lift
Is the boat in the water and how big is it?

casual 26-08-2012 05:03

Re: Fiberglass hull face lift
Sure,One Clean the hull throughly,all stains should be removed use a hull cleaner such as mary Kay closely follow diretions.Next scrub with a mild abrasive cleaner Soaft Scrub ect,Now test a spot with 1200 grit wet sand paper test another spot with a medium rubbing compound compare,If the 1200 grit wet sanpaper looks better go with wet sanding the boat be careful not to rub to hard as to go thru the Gel.When done use a fine rubbing compound with a electrict buffer.When complete Fleet Wax buffed Don't let dry Buff in while still wet doesn't take a lot.Boat must be on the hard not a job to do in the water.Keep my 30 yr old boat looking good once the initial process was done a yearly waxing was all that was necessary.Good Luck

Jaxxiam 26-08-2012 05:15

Re: Fiberglass hull face lift
Soft Scrub is definitely the first step to cleaning the stains and oxidation. If the boat is in the water some people may freak out at the mess spreading out from the boat.

minaret 27-08-2012 17:20

Re: Fiberglass hull face lift
Instructions here-

Tips For A Great Buff Wax -

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