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Exmoor 17-08-2012 04:01

Replacing hatch lens
I have a Catalina 42 with crazed hatches
I have removed all the crazed lenses, but cant find a supplier of smohed cast acrilic material with wich to form new lenses
Can anyone help

atoll 17-08-2012 04:10

Re: Replacing hatch lens
i dont know what you mean by cast acrillic,but generally "lexan", poly carbonate sheet is used for yacht hatches and windows where a degree of flexability is needed,and unbreakability.

Ziggy 17-08-2012 05:16

Re: Replacing hatch lens
Try Select Plastics, LLC - Connecticut's Best Custom Fabricated Plastics and Marine Hatch Repair
I believe cast acrylic is in fact the preferred hatch lens material, rather than Lexan.

Exmoor 17-08-2012 05:25

Re: Replacing hatch lens
Cast Acrylic V Polycarbinate

Cast Acrilic has better scratch and chemical resistance, and far better UV resistance, Polycarbonate wins for absolute strength, but acrylic is a far better material for most boats. Polycarbonate gets its impact resistance from slight flexibility; large, unsupported polycarbonate hatches can sag where acrylic hatches will not. Unless the boat operates in an environment where impacts are likely, you will get far better performance from an acrylic hatch. As an added benefit, acrylic is much less expensive than polycarbonate.

Lewmar use cast acrilic the only hatch manufatture that I know that uses polycarbinate is Bomar

Why use CAST Acrylic verses EXTRUDED Acrylic ?
Continuous Service Temp: 180 F (Cast) vs. 160 F (Extruded)
Cast acrylic has a higher molecular weight, therefore it will cut, drill and rout cleaner. As you machine cast acrylic, the shavings will flake off whereas the extruded acrylic shavings can gum up on the tool.

TheOffice 17-08-2012 05:36

Re: Replacing hatch lens
Maritime Plastics in Annapolis.

Sailmonkey 17-08-2012 05:40

Re: Replacing hatch lens
I had a real problem finding cast Houston of all places. Went with extruded instead and it has not been a problem (on bomar hatches). Machine work was a little tricky, but not too bad. The table saw and router didn't gum up at all but the jigsaw did when cutting the corner radius. They've been on the boat now for 3 years without a problem.

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