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knothead 27-07-2012 13:19

Pitch In And Help

By now I'm sure most everyone is aware of the predicament of the SV Promise.
She's hard aground on the beach in Gulfport, FL.
There is an effort underway to refloat her.
This thread is for the purpose of facilitating the coordination of the project.

Please, if you can help, in any way, be it man power, boat power the loan of ground tackle and line, the loan of pumps, or even the donation of some Gatorade to keep everyone hydrated. It would be very appreciated.

Many of the members here have already started to help. Smackdaddy is producing a flyer which a local printing company is willing to print for free. There are members driving up from Naples to lend a hand. Some have posted to Facebook and Craigslist to get the word out.
My heart is warmed by the outpouring of caring.

The target date for the attempt is Wed. Aug. 1st. High tide is just after noon. The boat must be emptied and laid on her side well before noon. There must be many, many lines tied either to anchors or better yet anchored boats with winches. There must be many, many people on hand ready to push, pull and create wakes and do whatever is necessary. All before the magic moment of 12:11 pm.
The city manager has indicated that a pump truck could be made available to blow the sand away from the fin keel and skeg rudder.

With the help of the community this will work.

Can I count on your support? Even if it's only in the form of good wishes and positive thoughts. It will be welcome.

Thank you all,

Mark1977 27-07-2012 13:29

Re: Pitch In And Help
Too far for me. Good luck hope it all goes well.

CeesH 27-07-2012 13:37

Re: Pitch In And Help
Too far for me. Good luck Steve and all others.


smackdaddy 27-07-2012 13:39

Re: Pitch In And Help
Guys - we don't need several pages of who can't help posts. Let's leave this thread for those who can and need more info.

goldiphlox 27-07-2012 14:35

Re: Pitch In And Help
I think it would be good if a few people helped coordinate different things as knothead cant coordinate all by himself...i myself would like to help but i dont want to just start something if someone else is already working on it....i would start calling on restaurants looking for donations of could get a truck ....but is someone already working on this....idk....

David_Old_Jersey 27-07-2012 14:38

Re: Pitch In And Help
knothead - I have updated the FB page with your wishlist :thumb:

Gulfport Beach - Community Yacht Rescue | Facebook

very early days on the FB page I am afraid :( - will probably start kicking off a week next tuesday :rolleyes:.

miles1865 27-07-2012 15:00

Re: Pitch In And Help
count me in i will do whatever i can

NoTies 27-07-2012 16:46

Re: Pitch In And Help
Just a thought. Usually the tidal ranges are greater at night. Have you checked heights to fnd out if it would be better to wait 12 hours.

Gene :^) 27-07-2012 18:20

I would think that if try one is "close but no cigar", then late night is a second chance with better odds.


Gene :^)

knothead 27-07-2012 18:24

Re: Pitch In And Help
I have realized from the beginning the magnitude of this endeavor. But I admit to underestimating the magnitude of the organization necessary. I'm beginning to realize that actually getting the boat off may be the easy part.
I've spent more time on line and on the phone today that I have probably the last couple of months.
And I've barely scratched the surface of what needs to be accomplished.

I've contacted a local news station that ran a nice story on my business a few years ago and I am expecting them to get back to me tomorrow. The only problem is that I clam up when facing a camera. So I realize that I have to get someone to do that for me. I have to get people to help me with a lot of this stuff.
Smackdaddy has made a very nice poster and I was able to get a local printer to print them out pro bono. But I need help passing them out. Heck I need help deciding where to pass them out.

There is no doubt in my mind that if enough resources show up, the boat can be moved. The problem lies in getting those resources to show up and coordinating the efforts of an army of volunteers and vessels successfully.
But this is a one shot deal.

I am putting out a plea at this point to anyone that is actually going to be able to show up on Wed. to help me organize this thing.
I think a meeting, preferably in person but possibly virtual. As soon as possible with as many volunteers as possible to determine who is best suited to head up different aspect of the operation would be a very important step.
A way to figure out who is doing what, who is willing to call whom.

It's great to read all the ideas, and the ideas are great. But I don't think I'm personally able to implement them all without some assistance.

I want to bounce all my ideas and intentions off a group of people and get feed back.

goldiphlox 27-07-2012 18:41

Re: Pitch In And Help
That is exactly what i was alone cant organize each aspect its impossible...but we can go thru you...for example if someone contacts you about rigging and the technicals of it...maybe you can handle that....i would have started making phone calls to all the area restaurants today....i can do it tomorrow...if you'd like...i will organize that....thing is you cant have ten different people calling up places or they will think they are being shafted.....i think local marinas would be a good place to put out flyers....even if not just the flyers you got for free...if everyone printed even twenty flyers and posted them at the nearest marina to them...that would help...i will take my son tomorrow and post them at our local marinas

sailinman 27-07-2012 19:11

Re: Pitch In And Help
figuring out how to delegate is a big thing...

I really think Knothead should or already has some kinda plan.....if you want a second person to run that buy and make it 'presentable' fine, but take what you got, and present it...

ask for specific volunteers...

btw, a good volunteer or thing to have is a 'scheduler'.... someone who can logically figure out how to draw up a CPM/gantt chart so that progress can be tracked and distributed to those who need to know...

if you havent started, you should start writing down all the things that have to happen to make this happen... you dont have to figure out all the details at this point, just that you need something/someone...

anyways, on a 'side note', a website cam have a section/page where you can communicate with othe people in the group to do a virtural communication thing...

it will also give you email addresses and some credibility and something that can be promoted if and when the news picks up the story...

anyways, the beginning planning is kinda important... and time sensitive

i can help with scheduling if you want and the website... but if time is an issue, maybe i cant do both at the same time.... and maybe someone else can do one or the other..

goldiphlox 27-07-2012 20:40

Re: Pitch In And Help
I've been posting the flyer in the community section in different parts of florida on craigslist...unfortunately the automated program is starting to block me for overposting even though im trying to change the wording....i think they're onto me....i'll try again tomorrow. Night all

Jacknast 27-07-2012 22:41

Re: Pitch In And Help
I'll be there.

It's about an hour drive, anyone in the orlando area that wants to ride with PM me.

Mr B 27-07-2012 23:41

Re: Pitch In And Help
My friend here has been to America and she has posted this up on her Facebook page to her freinds over there,

So dont be surprised if a lot of Motorcycle riders turn up to help you, They look rough, but are very friendly and will pitch in to help,


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