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james3 26-07-2012 06:12

Used Lagoon Catamarans price
I found over the market a lot of used boat (I'm actually interested in 410 or a 440) and I saw that the price vary a lot, and some of them seems to cost the price of the unit brand new plus all the accessories.

I really don't understand why some owners sells their unit at the price of the new plus all the accessories, if I have to buy for that price I'll go straight to the Beneteau Lagoon yard and to commit my brand new unit.

On the other side I found units that seems to be very well equipped but have really reasonable price

(of course in both cases I'm talking about comparable units conditions and equipment declared )

Is that common for some owner trying to put on the market the unit at the price of the new ?

Blc7 26-07-2012 06:58

Re: Used Lagoon Catamarans price
We've been looking at Lagoons over the past year. The price range is large for a number of reasons:
1. Condition: The several Lagoons we've looked at vary considerable in this area. Some look almost new and others have been beaten up.
2. Owners Version vs. Charter version: Owner's Versions usually go for more.
3. Charter History: Usually a boat that has been chartered is going to sell for less compared to one that has never been chartered.
4. Seller Expectations: Some sellers obviously price their boats unrealistically and usually have to come down to the market value. Others price their boats to sell earlier on.
I'm sure there are additional reasons as well, but these are a few that come to mind quickly.

decktapper 11-03-2014 17:21

Re: Used Lagoon Catamarans price
If the boat is out of charter, and for sale how long can an owner keep deducting losses while they try to sell the boat?

John Casey 19-03-2014 05:51

Re: Used Lagoon Catamarans price
Unless there was a stipulation with the charter company, they would keep the boat working while list for sale would they not?

ByronShirley 28-03-2014 17:37

Re: Used Lagoon Catamarans price

The first person to reply is right on the ball, but where did you get your "new boat prices"? I don't know where you are, but you have to consider for example, shipping. If you are buying a new Lagoon for the West Coast of the US, you can add about $80,000 to the cost already. (And shipping costs have gone up from that, as the Dollar is doing poorly). So you may have incomplete "new boat" numbers.

The other thing is, some of these models are just sold out for a good while! Lagoon has been doing extremely well, and especially if you want owner's version it may take quite a while to get one.

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