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tea 21-06-2012 12:40

A Girl and Her Dog
I am available to crew open ended after July 20, 2012.
I am based in San Diego have several hundred hours on mostly over 40' cruising type sailing vessels on daysails, consider myself a novice.
Mostly interested in coastal crusing but am open.
The dog is 12 lbs and is trained like a circus dog, including when and where to eliminate.

Vasco 21-06-2012 12:46

Re: A Girl and Her Dog
Got a picture of the dog? :)

sailorboy1 21-06-2012 13:57

Re: A Girl and Her Dog

Originally Posted by Vasco (Post 975415)
Got a picture of the dog? :)

The phase "you have issues" comes to mind!!!

tea - "several hundred hours" but only a novice????

lateral 21-06-2012 14:34

Re: A Girl and Her Dog
Get with it Don. You have issues.
That is a chat up line.
Or it was for a "boomer" the "x's" proly wouldnt understand!
And the "y"s' either. Z's will use it again.

Unbalanced 21-06-2012 16:17

As a famous detective said "I don't like men, I don't like women, I just like dogs"

Ex-Calif 21-06-2012 16:31

Good mood with Skipper - "Poochie! Elliminate over the leeward rail."
Bad mood with Skipper - "Poochie! Eliminate on captains bunk."

Welcome to CF Tea. I hope you find a ride!

captsam54 22-06-2012 04:15

Re: A Girl and Her Dog
LOL.. Nobody asked.. What kind of dog??? Does it swim ?. Long Hair, short hair??? Why Circus trained ? How old/agile..?

Then.. if w'ere going there... Tea, What age, how tall / short.. Or do you fit thru the companionway.??

And which way do you grind a wench..??

Those are relevant questions.... ;p

lookoutnw 23-06-2012 15:19

Re: A Girl and Her Dog
Elliminate? You mean if someone gets you angry, they are no longer on board? or Just eaten maybe? 'Scrap The Caddy Clyde' comes to mind...
ANy way, tell more about you and the dog you want to bring on to someone elses boat. Many don't like large dogs, and many, no dogs at all, Canine or Human...
But seriously, get a resume concocted, and send it to those you think may be of interest.
I am headed south later this summer and will be trying to Join up with the Baja Ha Ha group for that feather in the cap... Then who knows...

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