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Lynx 16-05-2007 03:19

OK, it can be done, BUT I think that you would have a better/safer time just cruising Florida. A good handheld chartplotter will handle your navagation woe's and a good VHF will help you get out of trouble.

The Keys are very nice, So is the Everglades and the ICW and waterways. You could spend 3 seasons and not see everything.

You would not be the first to cross in such a boat and will not be the last. 5 months of 15 to 25 mph winds would be hard on you and your boat. Do Florida instead.

If you want some place to store you truck and trailer in Florida, I do know of a very secure yard, next to the water at $ 2 per foot/per month for trailerables.

cat man do 16-05-2007 05:10


Originally Posted by Desert Sailors
The only thing that has come from the "metric convesion" is confusion,

Yep, that multiple of ten thing is just so confusing.:D


rtbates 16-05-2007 06:59

Gotta a death wish? IF you were an experienced skipper I'd say, well, actually IF you were an experienced skipper you would know your capabilities and wouldn't be asking the question. Anyhow, IF you were experienced, I'd say it could be done. The gulf stream in a 16 footer is not the place to gain experience, except maybe in how to drown. Having said that, I have a sailed a San Juan 21 across from Miami to Cat Key way back in 79. It's true god does take care of babies and fools. Even with a weeks worth of good weather we had 8 footers out there and it was hairy. I wouldn't do that again in a SJ21 for sure.

There are old sailors and bold sailors, but NO old, bold sailors!!

Pura Vida 16-05-2007 07:49


Originally Posted by cat man do
Yep, that multiple of ten thing is just so confusing.:D


"There is not a streetwise kid in North america that can't tell you there is 2.2 pounds to the kilo and 28 grams to an ounce." anon

hellosailor 16-05-2007 09:07

There's also a "ten thousand islands" area on the SW Florida coast, two guys with a small open boat could have a blast there too--without worrying about taking the boat into open offshore waters.

Boat rentals in Florida tend to be, ah, stiff. But then again, trailering anything down these days wouldn't be cheap either. Compared to two airfares though, it might be worthwhile to bring yours down and enjoy it if you have the time for a long vacation.

Low Country Home Builder 16-05-2007 16:43

If you do go carry an EPIRB and a survival suit for each person on board. I have a feeling you will need them.............

Don't go in the ocean with that boat.

muskoka 16-05-2007 21:47


Originally Posted by harpoon5.2
wow thanks for the tip. I google earth'd it and it sent me to the great lakes. It that what you are talking about? Looks cool.

Check out Pointe-au-Baril on the east coast of Georgian Bay. You'll have stunning scenery and 30,000 Islands to gunkhole around.

Georgian Bay Country

If you're more inclined, pop a 5hp on the back and head down the Trent Canal - this winds all the way through Cottage Country from Georgian Bay to Kingston (the 1000 Islands). It passes through dozens of beautiful lakes.

Parks Canada - Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site of Canada - Visiting by Boat

I've only done it by Canoe, but there's no reason why you couldn't do it in a sailboat. That whole area is Canadian Shield territory so the lakes are bordered by granite shorelines, deep and clear.

I took my wife there about 5 years ago (she's from the UK) and all she could say was 'Wow! Now I get it!". This was after I'd spent about 5 years boring her with stories about how beautiful the area is...and hence the name of our boat.


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