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dominiccc 16-04-2012 00:22

Lagoon 380 S2 owners
Hi all

Any 380 owners out there? I'm looking for an 'affordable' cat (read c. Euro 150,000) to take my family (2 x adults / 3 x under 6 yr olds) on a slow, lazy circumnavigation via the standard routes. In terms of space and performance would a 380 be up to the job? I know there's an element of subjectivity in the answer but am hoping for some general views on the subject.

The alternative is to stretch (or bargain harder!??) for a 410 - does the 410 sport major advantages over the 380?

Many thanks for any help you can offer.


POH 16-04-2012 05:08

Re: Lagoon 380 S2 owners
If you haven't already, check out the Honeymoon blog - somewhere in there is a pretty honest appraisal of the owner's views on his Lagoon 380S2 - pluses & minuses.

SvLetitgo 16-04-2012 14:38

Re: Lagoon 380 S2 owners
We have two teenager and 2 adult not a problem on a 380, but like everything it's in your idea of what you think you need.

rabbi 16-04-2012 19:52

Re: Lagoon 380 S2 owners
Hi again,

I think the L380 is up to the task. Many are cruised all over the globe, many do serious ocean crossings, some have circumnavigated or are underway.

The L410 offers a bit more payload, maybe a bit better sailing, more space in the Salon and cockpit area. If you are not planning to be the party barge of the anchorage this is nice but not important, the L380 has enough space to comfort a family of 5. In the cabins there is no real difference.
The L380 owners has one nice head, the other is too cramped. The L410 has two nice heads even with the standard 4 cabin / 2 head version, no need for the owners version from that point of view.

Both have a different engine setup (under bunks & ahead of rudder or outside & behind rudder) decide for yourself which is better for you as there are many different opinions. I'd prefer the under-bunk version for long term cruising as engine access at sea is more secure. For local cruising I would not bother. If you are worried about the potential need to remove the engine on the L410: This will take the mechanic about half an hour if you do the simple preparation work (carefully removing headlining & access panels without leaving your fingerprints).

Speed difference on downwind is noticeable but not really important, we are not talking about a knot or so but only a fraction, and also depends on the sails. A L380 with a good parasailor competing against a standard L410 I bet the L380 will be first at the rum punch!

The L410 is just over 12m / 40ft which seems to be the magical line where you pay more in marinas. Like Las Palmas / Gran Canaria where I had to pay some 70 EUR tax because our boat was over 12m and under would have been free. We had similar things happen again and again like my buddy on a L380 paid 20 EUR and I paid 30EUR. Not always but frequently.

Overall I would say if you think you can live with the salon / cockpit space it doesn't matter much if it's a L380 or L410. Get the better deal.

I have some sailing buddy (french family but english speaking) we met in Spain and sailed along with until recently when they went down the island chain and we went up. They have a 2005 Lagon 380 owners version, ready to go with cruising equipment (solar, wind, watermaker) and they are also about to list her for selling. Second owner, very nice condition, after some cleaning & polishing she will look like new. If you are interested I can forward your email address to him, just PM me.

dominiccc 17-04-2012 02:25

Re: Lagoon 380 S2 owners
Thanks all for your considered views - most helpful as usual.

Rabbi - double thanks to you. I will PM you .


careka 17-04-2012 13:59

Re: Lagoon 380 S2 owners
Her is also one thats sailing now.......


eve 18-04-2012 04:37

Re: Lagoon 380 S2 owners
hi hi 5 year ago when i was with my lagoon in marmaris in the marina there was a family with tow children and two big dogs live on the lagoon 380 and it was very comfterbel for them.eve

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