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Tom Hildebrandt 11-04-2012 13:54

East coast
Hi folks!

Juno and I are currently in St Augustine, and will be slowly working our way up the east coast during the next several months. I do not need crew but it would be nice to have some company to enjoy the many lovely anchorages and for the wide ranging discussions that always accompany such experiences, so if anyone would like to learn a bit about the cruising life style or gain experience, this would be a good opportunity.

I would expect crew to share food and operating costs, historically these have averaged around $20 per day but this is negotiable. Crew would be expected to assist in all chores that are associated with day to day cruising, such as watchstanding, cooking and cleaning, etc but would not include any major repairs/refits should such items be required. Two single semi private berths are available.

Juno is a 40 foot sloop which I have sailed from Australia. I have often taken onboard such volunteer crew of all genders (are there really more than two?) ranging in ages from 18 to 68, so references are available should anyone wish them. I prefer singles to couples, but...

Next year the broad plan is to return to the Caribbean, then down to South America and into the Pacific.



ekizzie222 12-04-2012 00:55

Re: East coast
Hi Tom,

I'd be interested in joining if a 2-week travel is possible. I'm free anytime from April 25 - May 20. Please let me know if this time frame works! Here's my email:


michaelbeck 12-04-2012 17:47

Re: East coast
PM on the way Tom!

SirParry 12-04-2012 19:47

Re: East coast
I am a middle-aged NY singer/dancer/actor who is just getting into the sailing world. Am writing a book that includes a sailing trek and need to learn the ropes to be able to portray it properly. Interested in hearing more and hopefully figuring out a time to connect for a week or two. Please contact me at parry zero zero seven at gmail.

seasoul 13-04-2012 06:32

Re: East coast
Hi Tom,

If you get to Maine and would like some company, let me know. I'm currently in FL but will be home in a few weeks. I'm an experienced lady sailor with some time offshore and would like to do a So Pacific crossing. I'm well-traveled, adventurous, easygoing, and a very young, attractive sixty-something.


Tom Hildebrandt 16-04-2012 17:15

Re: East coast
Got it Linda, thanks for the interest! My email is! Lets keep in touch and if I get to Maine for sure I will look you up!


kremerk 21-04-2012 14:18

Re: East coast
Kevin here. Live near annapolis. I'm ASA 101/3 certified. I'm looking for an adventure like this. I could probably spend a week with your team. Interested? E-mail me back at kremerk*at*earthlink*dot*net

Shannon23 08-07-2012 19:11

Re: East coast
I would love to meet up and help you out as crew, or just enjoy the company. I am in Newport, RI. Hope you make it up here, it's great in the summer! Safe travels.

Skipper Tobler1 15-07-2012 08:25

Re: East coast
Hej Tom ..I would be very much pleased to join you ! ..i just got my offshore licence and now I am looking for a sailing adventure later this year (October/November) ..where are you right now? ..pls reply to michael dot tobler (at) bluewin dot ch ..cheers michael

remesnab 15-07-2012 09:27

Re: East coast
Good afternoon (your time), Tom. You certainly are talking about a "friendship". Certainly interesting and creates enthusiasm on my side. My member name is "remesnab", on this site. That will refer you to a video of which tells more. I am looking for the long cruise if you will.

Hopefully we may explore this possibility further. I look forward to hearing from you. This interview process takes quite bit of communication before we meet at airport or on a dock somewhere. I look forward to your response.


Skipper Tobler1 15-07-2012 09:34

Re: East coast
thx for the prompt reply.. how can I see your video? ..cheers michael

remesnab 15-07-2012 15:43

Re: East coast
Hello Michael. Thought I had mentioned it in resume. Go to "You Tube", search video.
Enter "security gold exchange". It is in Grass Valley Ca. I am just speaking as to the subject mentioned. Hope you enjoy it. It seems to me to be a decent way of conveying who I am to someone else. Thanks for the inquiry.


hellosailor 15-07-2012 17:02

Re: East coast
"all genders (are there really more than two?)"
Actually five genders, Tom. The other three are hermaphrodites, split in three dpeending on which equipment prevails and functions. And then I suppose, if you start with five natural genders and add transgender surgery, there would be 25 possible genders now?
I've seen numbers tossed around that the odds are possibly 0.05% or 1:25,000 are hermaphrodites but have to wonder, how anyone gets those statistics for what population group.

Tom Hildebrandt 15-07-2012 17:34

Re: East coast
October/November time frame is fully booked with long term crew!

Thanks and good luck in your sailing adventures

Tom Hildebrandt 15-07-2012 17:41

Re: East coast
I suppose one can define genders as one will, and of course, as goes the definition, so go the numbers.

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