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s/v Beth 08-04-2012 21:36

The Cruisers Essentials List
OK guys, now we are really going to have some fun. I took a list of essential cruising equiptment from “Cost Conscious Cruiser” by Lin and Larry Pardey. I hope to define the essential equiptment for a 30- 35 foot ocean going cruiser. No backups will be mentioned unless they are different from the primary. For example a GPS handheld is primary, the sextant is backup. Nav. Lights primary, lamps that can be used as nav lights secondary.

Also I want to catagorise the equiptment into 3 classes for complexity. Class 1 is portable without the need for electricity. Hand tools is a good example. Class 2 is either electric portable or nonelectric and intergrated into the boat. An example would be a handheld GPS and or a head without a macerator. Class 3 is electric and intergrated into the boat. A chartplotter with digital radar comes to mind. A electric windlass also meets the requirements. When all else is equal, the simplier option ( and usually the lower class) would be where we would go to get to the bare essentials. Enough of the ground rules, here is the starting list:

Handheld GPS
Shortwave receiver
VHF, handheld
Windvane self steering
Depth Sounder
Distance log and knotmeter
Bilge pump
Emergency watermaker (hand held?)
Emergency Harness and tether (per sailor)
First Aid Kit
Fire extinguishers
12v Spotlight
Radar Reflector
Navigation lights, electric
Ships Batteries
Foul weather gear (per sailor)
Hand tools
Lifesling hoisting tackle
Whisker pole
Water cans
Fuel cans
Bosun's chair
Swim ladder or rear step up
Snorkling gear
Oil Lamps with red and green paper.
Anchor roller
Anchor ready
Anchors (3)
Hand bearing compass
metal sextant
Charts, nav tables, cruising guides
Sails, including storm jib, storm trysail, drifters and MPS
Awning, cockpit canvas
rain catcher
Chain for anchors
Anchor windlass (mech vs electric)
Abandon ship bag
Sailing rig for dinghy.

Optional Items: a must for some but not for others.
Fuel Filter (must for jerry cans)
High output alternator
Outboard motor
Solar panel
Cabin fans
12 volt vacuum cleaner
Sewing Machine
SCUBA gear
Weather Fax
Towing generator
Computer (must for's)
Video Camcorder
Folding Bike
Roller Furling Sails
Underwater Camera?
Fully Battened main and Batt-cars.

OK- let the debate begin. In order to have something removed from the essentials list, you must have cruised over a few months and did not need it at all and did not believe you will ever need it.

Pelagic 08-04-2012 21:57

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
Please please Mr. Newt..... could I please have some charts?...:D

Sorry missed it on first read

gjordan 08-04-2012 23:01

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
This should be a great thread, with opinions flying every direction. Here goes! Out of your primary list I would not argue with anything but the oil running lights, and the trysail. There are cheep D cell powered running lights to get you into port, and out at sea just keep a better watch and a flashlight handy. The trysail is on my almost useless list. (Refer to 2 reefs or 3 thread). Now I get to the optional list! I am glad someone else sees the usefulness of a 12 volt vacuum cleaner. I bought a 12 volt canister vacuum from an auto parts store and used it for years. Loved it. I also had a 12 volt drill and an extension cord that I bought from Radio Shack, so I could reach anywhere on the boat with either. Had a folding bike that turned into a ball of rust and was tossed. Carried scuba gear for the wife and I for a couple of years and used it so seldom that I left it home on the next boat. I got very good at free diving, but now that I am older I would consider carrying a small tank just for emergencies. I think I would move the sewing machine up to the primary list. Enough for now. (LET THE OPINIONS FLY.)____Grant.

Katiusha 09-04-2012 01:55

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
Why not "sailing rig or oars for dinghy" in the first list?

And what about "fishing tackle", whether it's a hand reel or a full setup?

I would think "cooking supplies" should be added as well, but considering that some people live off canned goods, maybe to the Optional list.

atoll 09-04-2012 02:44

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
anti fouling paint
epoxy glue
teak offcuts
ss flat bar,alloy plate
ss thread bar,nuts
ss self tappers

Doodles 09-04-2012 02:56

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
Lots of people cruising without dodgers or life rafts so I'd have to say non-essential. Same for the Lifesling hoisting tackle, metal sextant and watermaker.

David_Old_Jersey 09-04-2012 03:56

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List

Originally Posted by s/v Beth (Post 926944)
OK- let the debate begin. In order to have something removed from the essentials list, you must have cruised over a few months and did not need it at all and did not believe you will ever need it.

That's me kinda out :(.

I would suggest some sort of food cooking device would be useful.

But I am willing to defer to those with greater experiance than me........

.....would also be nice to hear a few of those stories that made an EPIRB and / or a liferaft essential (a seperate thread?).

jmackay 09-04-2012 04:18

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
Three things that I have never used, and never hope to use. EPIRB, Life raft, PLB. Essentials for my wife's nerves as she stays at home and I single hand.

mbianka 09-04-2012 04:20

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
I did not see crash blanket on the list. I'd like to have one rigged, ready and handy rather than trying to improvise on an ocean passage.

s/v Beth 09-04-2012 04:26

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
I see this is going to be labor intensive- thats OK, I asked for it. Gjordan: The lights are now D-cell or oil on the list (I will publish an updated list occasionally) Flashlight is back on as a alternative to 12v Spotlight.(I use that one a lot, don't see how it got left out) Unless anyone objects, I will take the trysail out and replace it with a 3 reefed mainsail.

Question: Can somebody get by with a hand sewing setup instead of a machine? Are either consider essential?

Kat: oars I just thought were part of the dingy. Will put them on essentials. Fishing setup I use a lot, but I think it is optional. May be some vegetarians out there that get by just fine without meat. Will put in. Same with crab pots and shrimp nets.

Atoll: Don't know what to do with your raw supplies. Can you really machine things on the open seas? Paint and metal I think you would use at port. I guess what I am asking is: Can you plan ahead and get those things in say New Zealand or do you use your stock often enough that you have to have it aboard? I'm listening.

Doodles: now you have opened up a can of worms. Dodgers- Ok not needed- will move to optional list. Life raft- huge debate. If it is OK with everyone- will combine the dingy and make it "unsinkable" like the portland pudgy and just make one item out of two. Instead of saying Lifesling, what if I just called it MOB hoisting tackle. Would you agree that some kind of tackle is needed, and that same tackle can be used as a preventer of the boom (or a vang for that matter)? Metal sextant is also a huge debate, I will put a question mark next to it. More people say they never use it and it's gone.

s/v Beth 09-04-2012 04:33

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
3 more people posted while I was writing. Good to see many people on board, the list will get better and better. Capt. Mike- a crash kit is a good idea, as well as some sort of sea anchor/drogues. But how many people cruise without them? I will move them to the optional and if I get more votes, up they go to the list.

Wotname 09-04-2012 04:50

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
Never had a Emergency watermaker (hand held?), nice to have IMO but not essential.

RabidRabbit 09-04-2012 04:59

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
I carry a 18' paratech, even used it last winter. I put it out and got some sleep. Weather and waves I didnt want to deal with all night. Now though I have a Raymarnie wheel pilot so same weather and i might keep on going. In hindsight I shoulda spent $2000 more and got a below decks unit. I view my boat like a rally car it needs to be tough and go forever. The X-5 works but its not super bad ass, its lacks in the strength department.

s/v Beth 09-04-2012 05:08

Re: The Cruisers Essentials List
Wot- noted although I would not want a ditch bag without one. Rabid- they are on the optional list. I will put a ! for all votes to go on the essentials list. Enough votes as seen by "!" and they go up OK?

svpattyd 09-04-2012 05:12

Bimini or other sun protection. A boat cover that could b used to collect rainwater while at anchor

Not essential: wash down for anchor chain

cockpit shower ability, either a solar shower or hot and cold fresh water shower.

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