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Svdestiny 26-03-2012 21:06

Roatan Bans Anchoring
Noonsite: Honduras, Roatan: Mayor Calls for No Anchoring, Marina Berthing Only

And I was JUST Thinking about going there.

Thumbs Up 26-03-2012 21:17

Re: Roatan bans anchoring
-I have heard rumors of this for the last few days. Was hoping that it was just gossip. We just left there one month ago. Roatan still has some nice anchorages but West End was a fun place to stay. Maybe it will get reversed.

Svdestiny 26-03-2012 21:23

Re: Roatan bans anchoring
Evidently anchoring will eventually be banned over the ENTIRE island of Roatan, not just West End.

bobconnie 26-03-2012 21:32

Re: Roatan bans anchoring
:banghead:What a waste !! and we loved it down there !! O well theres still a few good places left in that area ! The way its going we are gonna run out some day:( !! MONEY MONEY thats the name of the game !!

captsam54 28-03-2012 11:26

Re: Roatan bans anchoring
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Originally Posted by Svdestiny (Post 916911)
Evidently anchoring will eventually be banned over the ENTIRE island of Roatan, not just West End.

That is a misnomer.... West End only.... (The Mayor here is not in charge over on the other side of the Island past Parrot Tree Resort)
And a bunch of business's have banned together and hired a Lawyer to fight it... I am looking out over the anchorage and see boats out there now...

Svdestiny 28-03-2012 12:10

Re: Roatan Bans Anchoring
Excellent! Thanks for the more accurate info. Keep us posted.

captsam54 31-03-2012 07:34

Re: Roatan Bans Anchoring
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Update.... The Boats are still here... They have been removing some of the Mooring Balls when a few of the boats moved off them and anchored in the nearby sandy bottom areas...

ALSO I heard thru the Coconut Telegraph that the AMERICAN CONSULATE may be getting involved due to the possible infringement of American Vessels rights to safe passage and or safety in Honduran waters....

I have talked to some of the boat owners here and hear most plan to wait it out and stay in the area anchored and see what develops...

New pic from yesterday.. Boats still There..!!!

captsam54 04-04-2012 06:03

Re: Roatan Bans Anchoring
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Picture from yesterday... We're at a standstill.... They are not charging anymore for the moorings.. or kicking anyone out... Near as I can figure out... They are leaving the moorings intact... I

funjohnson 04-04-2012 06:28

Re: Roatan Bans Anchoring
Awesome! Keep-up the good fight!

S/V Alchemy 04-04-2012 06:44

Re: Roatan Bans Anchoring
Ban anchoring and you will not see us in most cases. I wouldn't anchor over a coral sanctuary, obviously, but that is not the case here, as far as I can tell.

Lubbers need to understand what will and will not bring yachtie dollars to their shores.

captsam54 04-04-2012 07:30

Re: Roatan Bans Anchoring
There are still moorings in place, and there are sandy spots to anchor in.. Plenty of room right now w/ 10 boats here..
A standstill is better than an outright ban.. Don't actually think he really (the Mayor) has the power to do this.. Lawyers are working on it I hear.. He has stirred up a hornets nest.. He does have big ties to the Mainland Gov they say.. That's why his attempt is possible, Here... (that and he is building his own marina etc.) He is hurting the Roatan Marine Park most of all now w/ no income for patrols, education, etc. And West End, where cruisers spend their $ locally....

captsam54 07-04-2012 10:39

Re: Roatan Bans Anchoring
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Good Friday, April 7th.. Boats at the Marine Park... Roatan..

Panamajames 08-04-2012 14:37

Re: Roatan Bans Anchoring
Greedy basta**ds

Panamajames 08-04-2012 14:43

Re: Roatan Bans Anchoring
I kind of saw this coming when last season I witnessed one of the cruisers have a confrontation with the owner of Fantasy Island. Cruiser was a little out of line and I saw the writing on the wall something was coming back on the cruisers. Well here it is. Rich people drink coffee together and talk and share. This ban on cruisers is one of the phoniest things I have ever seen. Too bad. Their is alot of cronyism on this island. You do not piss off the people with money. This is what you get.

POH 08-04-2012 15:34

Re: Roatan Bans Anchoring
Is there a blog or something (aside from this forum) about protecting cruisers rights/anchoring?

We are going cruising in September for 18 months, and plan to again later in life with kids. I'm scarred that by the time we do our second trip, it will all be mooring balls and marinas only!

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