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MylesK1 20-02-2012 19:11

Changing Table Tops
OK, I feel like an idiot, but I've got to ask...

To change the table tops, do i remove all of the screws from the mounts from the under-side of the table-tops?

Please don't laugh. I just need some advice on what's probably the obvious.



PaulinOz 20-02-2012 23:34

Re: Changing Table Tops
The Aluminum legs just push into the deck and push into the underside of Table on my 421 first time I moved them the where very tight cleaned the surfaces and lubricated with a small wipe of CRC and remove/insert easy now.

MylesK1 21-02-2012 05:32

Re: Changing Table Tops
Hmm... tried pushing it down and pulling it up but no luck. I tried spinning the legs but they wouldn't budge.

Not sure how these detach. Ugh.

Poco Loco III 23-02-2012 04:28

Re: Changing Table Tops
Hi Myles,

had same problem, believe me .. they wil come loose in the end, what really helped was gently hitting the top of the mounts with a hammer , the vibrations will free it.

while you're at it...get a nice square teak table....the difference is amazing :-)

regards patrick

MylesK1 23-02-2012 05:00

Re: Changing Table Tops
Thanks, Patrick. I'm going to get some WD-40 and a rubber mallet and see what shakes loose. :)

dirkdig 23-02-2012 05:34

Had to use big plumbers grips around the pipe to get ours loose, once done i keep them now with a bit of grease.

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